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Civic League
Colonial Place/Riverview Civic League:
P.O. Box 6130, Norfolk, Virginia 23508
Email: dave (at) mediationhamptonroads.com (current president)
July 2011 Newsletter

[July 11, 2011] July Civic League Meeting: Monday, July 11
In lieu of a formal meeting for July, the Civic League would like to invite all residents to the Riverview Coffee Parlor (4117 Granby Street) on July 11th, at 7:00 p.m., for an Ice Cream Social. There will, of course, be plenty of ice cream, beverages and good conversation with your neighbors. This event is hosted by Alice McCoy, owner of the Riverview Coffee Parlor and President of the Riverview Business Association.

[August 8, 2011] August Civic League Get-Together: Monday, August 8
The Civic League does not typically meet in August, but since many have expressed interest in checking out O Jardim Brazilian Cafe (the new restaurant between the 7-11 and the Eggleston Center (110 La Valette Avenue - across from the tennis courts at Lafayette Park) we decided to have a neighborhood get-together on August 8th, at 7:00 p.m., at the restaurant. There will be lots of good things to eat and drink and a chance to meet Trista Soave (and your neighbors).
Top 10 Reasons That Colonial Place/Riverview is The Best Neighborhood in Hampton Roads!

CPRV Crime Prevention: Volunteer to serve as a Block Captain in the CPRV Neighborhood Watch Program or volunteer to help out on special projects. Contact Crime Prevention Committee chair, Chris Casnelli, at 651-3273 or camarsh56@aol.com for more information.

See the new playground equipment at the Colonial Place Greenway Playgound.

CPRV WELCOME COMMITTEE: Michelle Aragones has agreed to chair the new CPRV Welcome Committee. Please notify her when new neighbors move in. CPRV entities are encouraged to promote themselves by contributing items (fliers, coupons, etc.) to the welcome bags that will be distributed by the committee to new residents. Contact Michelle at love2wah@yahoo.com for details.

Colonial Place and Riverview: One Hundred Years of History
This elegant hardcover volume is a treasure trove of pictures and stories recording the places, people, and events of a century of life in our two fascinating neighborhoods. Colonial Place residents Susan VanHecke and Artemis Stoll have co-authored this "gift" to the neighborhood. Be sure to visit their new web site (designed by Susan VanHecke) to see historic photos they were unable to include in the book.
Pick up your copy of this limited edition pictorial for only $24.95 at one of the following locations:
  • Mary Barnett Gifts, 4122 Granby Street
  • Riverview Coffee Parlor, 4117 Granby Street
  • Prince Book, 109 East Main Street
  • Amazon.com
  • Call Dave Spriggs if you live in the area and he will personally deliver your copy (627 1441)

Advertise in the CPRV Newsletter - If your business is near Colonial Place and Riverview consider advertising in our newsletter, which is delivered monthly to all residents of our community. A "business card" size ad costs only $45/month. Groupings of 3, 6, and 12 months are available to simplify your bookkeeping. Contact James Gregg (phone: 757-489-8968 or email: jamesrgregg@aol.com) to schedule your ad. Final copy must be in the hands of the newsletter editor by the 4th Monday of the month.

If you spot suspicious activity or a crime in progress, DO NOT WAIT! Call for police assistance IMMEDIATELY.
Non-emergency number: 441-5610 when you see suspicious behavior.
Emergency: 911
Word Processing: 664-7038 when a police officer is not needed. Reports to this number add to evidence that may be used to convict a criminal.
Effective October 6th the 3rd Patrol Division Boundaries and Car Districts will be changed. The CPRV area will now be part of the Gold Sector. Here is a map illustrating the change.
PACE Officer Carrie Maglalang: phone 823-4477 or email carrie.maglalang@norfolk.gov
PACE Officer Randy Paschal: phone 823-4477 or email randal.paschal@norfolk.gov

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