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Fundraising continues to amass funds to build a small dog park in CPRV.

The City of Norfolk will cover the cost of the fence installation; we need to raise $1500 to pay for the materials. Please

Look for donation envelopes in the kiosk at the dog park or send your donation (check made out to CPRV) to:
CPRV Small Dog Park Fund
PO Box 6130
Norfolk, Virginia 23508

The current plan is to have the small dog area located in the northwest corner of the current dog park. Measuring 48' x 37', it will have its own entrance and holding area as well as a gate to the remaining dog park so that small dog parents can get to the water pump.

I would like to encourage ALL dog park users to help with this project. The dog park is a wonderful place to let our dogs off their leashes so that they can run and play. Many small dogs find the large dogs too big and rough, and this is why we need a place for the little ones to run and play safely.

Thank you all in advance for anything you can give toward this project.

Buffy Master
Dog Park Coordinator
elizabethmasten111 (at) cox.net

Doggy Portraits commissioned by dog park users line the fence of the dog park. Artist Lynn Hembree painted the silhouettes based on photos and then had them printed on large metal signboards.

May 2009 Doggy Birthday Party

Colonial Place/Riverview Gold Star Dog Park

Colonial Place and Riverview - Home of the first fenced dog park in Norfolk - Dedicated Sunday, October 14, 2001

Within the fenced area dog owners will not be required to have their dog on a leash as long as certain other rules are obeyed. All dogs must have rabies and city registration tags as the Norfolk Animal Control Department will give tickets if they are absent. Rabies vaccinations are given by any veterinarian, Petsmart, or the SPCA. Licenses are available at Meadowbrook Hardware at 1215-d W. Little Creek Rd, 489-7293. Cost is $5.00 per year for neutered dogs, $25.00 if not neutered, and $2.00 for senior citizens' dogs. Remember, all license fees go to help the Norfolk Animal Management Center. Neutered male and female dogs get along better at the dog park, too. And, any dog in heat cannot be allowed into the park.

Norfolk's Dog Park Rules

  • Owners are responsible for any bodily injury and property damage caused by their dog.
  • Owners must clean up waste left by their dog.
  • Owners must remain with their dog and keep it in sight at all times.
  • Dogs must wear valid rabies vaccinations and city license tags.
  • No dogs in heat are allowed.
  • Puppies must be older than 4 months.
  • Dogs must be leashed while entering and leaving dog parks.
  • Dogs showing agression towards people or other dogs must be immediately leashed and removed.
  • Maximum of three dogs per owner is allowed at any one time.

Code of Virginia

State code 15.2-1809 - Liability of localities in the operation of parks, recreational facilities, and playgrounds: No city or town which operates any park, recreational facility, or playground shall be liable in any civil action or proceeding for damages resulting from any injury to the person or from the loss of or damage to the property of any person by an act of omission constituting ordinary negligence on the part of any officer or agent of such city or town in the maintenance or operation of any such park, recreational facility, or playground. Every such city or town shall, however, be liable in damages for the gross negligence of any of its officers or agents in the maintenance or operation of any such park, recreational facility, or playground.

In other words, it is up to each dog owner to be responsible for his or her animal. Please keep an eye on your dogs while you are in the park. If a fight should break out, pull the dogs apart from the back to avoid being bitten. If your dog should be injured, either in a fight or by just general rough play, the city is not liable. Get the name of the owner of the other dog to verify that the dog has been immunized against rabies. If your dog should need veterinary care, the two of you will have to work out payment for this care. If your dog is deemed too vicious to play with other dogs, you will be asked to refrain from bringing your dog into the park. If we all work to be good park users and watch our dogs while in the park, we should, hopefully, be able to avoid such problems.

Map Showing Site of Community Dog Park

Dog Park site is in upper right hand corner, highlighted in orange, and entitled "Resident's Proposed Dog Park"

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