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November 2010

             Prime Plus, Sustainable Living and Norfolk Public Schools at This Month's Meeting

CIVIC LEAGUE MEETING, Monday, November 8, 7:00 pm, Knox Presbyterian Church, Colonial and 37th Street.

NEXT BOARD MEETING will be Monday, November 15, 2010, at 7:00 pm.

DEADLINE for the December issue is Friday, November 19, 2010.

THIS MONTH'S MEETING AGENDA:   Monthly police report - Prime Plus - Sustainable Living - Norfolk Public Schools

Sustainable Living at November Civic League Meeting
Audrey Webb

Robert Berz, RA, LEED, AP and architect with RRMM Architects, will be at the November 8 meeting to discuss “Sustainable Living.” Sustainability helps you to reduce your impact on the environment and save money, without compromising your lifestyle. Doing smart things like switching off the lights, walking to errands and installing insulation saves money, improves fitness and protects our environment. If at least 30 adults attend the November 8 meeting to hear this presentation, additional points will be added to CPRV’s EARNN cash. So let’s show our support for the EARNN program and our speaker.

The EARNN program stands for Environmental Awards for Recycling in Norfolk’s Neighborhoods. EARNN rewards civic organizations for specific “GREEN” practices. These include recycling. litter prevention, energy conservation, storm water management, graffiti removal and others. The City of Norfolk sponsors EARNN through Keep Norfolk Beautiful (KNB) in an effort to encourage responsible environmental stewardship throughout the city. EAARNN provides Colonial Place and Riverview with an opportunity to make a difference in our neighborhoods and earn cash awards! We receive monthly awards by collecting points in different green neighborhood categories.

Charity Begins . . . in Colonial Place and Riverview?
Chris Casnelli, Crime Prevention Chair, 651-3273 or

After Roman playwright, Terence, wrote the script for Andria, the most enduring line became “Charity begins at home.” CPRV is home to many charitable folk, but apparently, we are charitable to a fault. Norfolk Police Officer Randy Brann noted at last month’s Civic League meeting that residents of CPRV are “giving away” our belongings. Worse, would-be thieves already know the neighborhood’s reputation as an easy target.

From October 1 through 21, 2010, two crime-reporting databases, both of which cite the Norfolk Police Department as their source, list at least 15 incidents of theft and burglary in CPRV. We CAN be better at protecting our homes and our belongings. Consider employing the tips below to help reduce the likelihood that your home will become a target for thieves.

Charity may begin at home, but when theft of personal property is concerned, home is where charity should end!

Excerpted in part from the Norfolk Police Department pamphlets entitled Crime Prevention and Reduction Tips and Residential Burglary.

October 2010 CPRV Meeting Summary
James Gregg, CPRV Secretary

Pace Officer Randy Brann, reported on last month’s criminal activity. He pointed out that our neighborhood has much better crime stats than many other neighborhoods in Norfolk. We had 12 incidents of robbery; from unlocked cars, homes, and stolen bikes, which were recovered. He mentioned that he is always proactive and has no problem with asking anyone in our neighborhood why they are there and where they live. This form of informal information gathering is what helps to solve cases. He stressed to keep your valuables out of your car to reduce vehicle break-ins. Also he stressed us to call the police if we see anything suspicious going on.
Chris Casnelli, 651-3273 or, Chair of Crime Prevention Committee, talked about our Neighborhood Watch Program and how important it is to have block captains on every block, to keep our neighbors aware of how important it is to look out for each others security. She is asking for neighbors to contact her to be block captains so our neighborhood watch program can be fully staffed and more effective.
Jack Kennedy, a Riverview resident, made a presentation of his proposal to clean up the vegetation at the end of 39th St. and 41st St. as they reach the water, so that people walking along Holly Avenue can see the Lafayette River. He wants to enhance the river view. If the CPRVCL backs this project, then the city of Norfolk will cooperate with us. Some people asked for more details, which he provided. A few property owners, that lived next to the 41st St. location, objected to the project and then emphasized the cases of vandalism that they have suffered, due to too much pedestrian traffic near their property.
Dave McDonald, our President, mentioned that the CPRVCL Traffic Committee met in September and is working on ways to make the traffic going through the neighborhood safer. This committee will meet once a month to see what can be done. If you want to be a part of this committee call Dave at 624- 6666.
Dave Spriggs, our Treasurer, handed out copies of the treasurer report and it was approved. Our current balance is $6,575.86.
Buffy Masten, Chair of Dog Park Committee, mentioned that she is waiting for a donation of only $140.00 to have enough money to complete the small dog park project. So she asked everyone to give generously to make this small dog park happen soon.
Kristin Bourcier, 622-5324, Chair of the Art Walk event, wants to thank all who made the event such a success. Good planning, good artists, good weather, good neighborhood, and lots of people made it a rousing success. Several members echoed that sentiment in their comments.
President Dave McDonald continued, from last month, a positive discussion about using free labor from the Sheriff’s Labor program to clean up the public spaces around Colonial Place and Riverview. Dr. Lauren Cogswell Ramseur, a Presbyterian Minister and resident of CPRV, asked about the treatment of the Sheriff’s inmate work crews. Were they forced to go out on these projects? She was assured by several members, that the Sheriff’s Department set up this voluntary program for low risk inmates so they could get out of the jail setting for a while and do something useful with their day. It was a win - win for both the inmate and the community. There will indeed be a speaker at the November meeting from the Norfolk Sheriff's Office to explain more details on the Norfolk Sheriff's Work Force Crew. Dr. Ramseur also gave the positive suggestion that residents in CPRV also come together to do these projects in our neighborhood as a team effort to promote neighbor interaction. Several others thought that was a good suggestion.
A CPRVCL Member mentioned that he had heard that there were going to be major changes to the Retro Diner property, according to word he had heard. So he asked Pres. Dave McDonald to write to Peter Decker asking about the future plans for his property. Dave said he would do that.
Vice President Sharon McGlone mentioned the speakers for the Nov. 8th meeting. We will have representatives from the following: Prime Plus, Norfolk Environmental Commission, and several from Norfolk Public Schools.
CPRV Board meeting was announced for Monday Oct. 18, 7 pm at 111 Art.

Book sale Fundraiser

REACH is having a Book Sale Fundraiser at Riverview Coffee on November 20, 10 a.m.- 2 p.m. Live music and some give-a-ways as well. Folks can choose the price of their purchase. They have kids selections as well.

Vehicle Sidewalk Obstruction
David A. Spriggs, Treasurer and Riverview Representative

I have begun to notice an increasing number of residents who park their vehicle in their driveway in such a manner as to partially or completely obstruct the sidewalk. I would ask that each resident be considerate and park so that their vehicle does not block any portion of the sidewalk for the following reasons:

Second Annual Community Garden Leaf Drive
Sue VanHecke,

Got leaves? We’ll take ‘em! On November 27 and 28, drop off your bagged leaves anytime at the Knitting Mill Creek Community Garden’s Michigan Avenue entrance. They’ll go to good use as we put the garden to bed for the winter with a thick layer of leaves over all the plots. It’s a natural, organic way to keep weeds away, plus nourish the soil when the leaves are dug under in the spring. Please, leaves only – no pine straw, branches, or brush.

With hundreds of square feet of growing space to blanket, the Community Garden needs loads of leaves. We’ll be grateful for yours!

Thank You!
to Knox Presbyterian Church
From the Colonial Place/Riverview Civic League and residents, for their generosity in allowing us to meet there for our monthly meetings.

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