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May 2011

             Guest Speakers at this Month's Meeting: Council Members Whibley and Winn

CIVIC LEAGUE MEETING, Monday, June 13, 2011, 7:00 pm, Knox Presbyterian Church, Colonial and 37th Street.

NEXT BOARD MEETING will be Monday, June 20, 2011, at 7:00 pm.

DEADLINE for the June issue is Friday, May 20, 2011.

THIS MONTH'S MEETING AGENDA:   Monthly police report - Council Members Whibley and Winn will speak - Knitting Mill Creek bulkhead.

Dave McDonald, CPRV Civic League President

The 1st annual RiverFEST is in the record-books. I must say, and attendees will agree, that the RiverFEST was a huge success. We made certain to park our Colonial Place – Riverview table next to the Showmobile and the Learning Barge, so we enjoyed plenty of great music and saw hundreds board the Learning Barge for activities and education about the River.

With the exception of announcements and set up time, the music was indeed non-stop. The Delvers were four guys with a violin, stand-up bass, and two guitars. They had a nice blend of country rock and folk music. The Zen Monkeys were three talented women with two guitars and a vocalist. They played a variety of tunes with excellent harmonies. Julie Clark and company (which included volunteer extraordinaire Katie Duckett on guitar and back-up vocals), played hits from her two CDs and some favorite covers. However, probably the coolest song was the one Julie wrote and sang about the Lafayette River! Julie, when is your next CD?

Lots of Norfolkians rode their bikes to the RiverFEST, and East Coast Bikes and Bike Norfolk did a brisk business with the unique bike valet. The costumed dogs were also a hoot.

There were boat tours, along with kayak and canoe river tours. They actually caught plenty of fish during the catch and release tournament on the Lafayette. Look out Bass Masters!!! The award winners did not win a boat or $1,000s, but they did receive some nice gift certificates. Good food, artwork, plenty of activities for kids and adults, and a chance to meet your neighbors on a super day weather-wise. I’m not sure who won the “Scoop the Poop” relay, but all the kids had a good time participating.

Special thanks to Fleta Jackson and her daughter Erin and all of the folks helping to put this together. Amry Cox beat the bushes to the other Civic Leagues to increase attendance. Marjorie Mayfield of the Elizabeth River Project and HRSD were major players here as well. Thank you to all the neighbors in the 500 block of Mayflower, especially Mike D’Orso. Mike helped to sponsor the fine music and hosted the reception the night before. (Mike and co-Author Ted Danson will be discussing and signing their collaboration, OCEANA at Prince Books on May 14th.)

This event left a positive impression with our visitors, and its theme: making the Lafayette swimable and fishable by 2014 a viable goal, which takes everyone’s commitment along the watershed.

It does not stop here: Sign up for River Star Homes. You don’t have to live on the Lafayette to have an impact on the River. Contact the Elizabeth River Project (399-RIVR), or to learn how you can become a River Star Home.

Also, if you missed your opportunity to tour the Learning Barge stay tuned for a bon voyage “Rockin’ on the River” party on the barge before it sets sail back home to Portsmouth. We will be hosting a party for the Elizabeth River Project later this month.

A few extra notes: yes, the small trash cans and bags provided by Doody Calls ( will be permanent improvements along Mayflower Road. Thank you Doug Barnhart!

Update on the bike path from Wayne Webster, Structural and Waterfront Engineer with the City: “The rock sill that will protect the living shoreline from boat wake and wind driven waves is almost complete. The living shoreline will run from just north of New York Avenue to just north of Rhode Island Avenue and the next step will be to bring that area to the proper elevation so that the wetland vegetation will grow properly. The area will be stabilized with an erosion control mat until the vegetation can be planted this fall.

Within the next week or two, the Contractor will begin driving the timber piles which will support the elevated pathway through the living shoreline area, and then construction of the elevated pathway will begin. Fencing will be installed between the living shoreline area and the adjacent properties from just north of New York Avenue to just north of Rhode Island Avenue. The fencing installation will occur probably toward the end of the project in so that the fence panels will not be damaged by construction equipment.

After the living shoreline has been brought to the proper elevation, the work will begin to replace the existing asphalt pathway with a new concrete pathway between Rhode Island Avenue and New Hampshire Avenue. Final grading and seeding on the sides of the pathway will take place after construction of the new concrete pathway is complete.”

Come and share your ideas and vision for our neighborhood and Norfolk to Council Members Whibley and Winn this Monday night. We will also discuss more ideas on the Knitting Mill bulkhead.

Our June Civic League meeting will discuss potential traffic changes in our neighborhood. These changes will impact you, and your input and voice may make a difference. The meeting will be on June 13 at 7:00 p.m.

CPRV Civic League April 2011 General Meeting Summary
James Gregg, Secretary

The meeting was called to order at 7:07 p.m.

Pace Officer Report:
There were nine incidents last month, which includes a few break-ins during the day. Several people asked about what to do when people come to your door claiming to be selling magazines. The officer suggests calling the police non-emergency number, if you feel threatened, and let the police come check them out. In rare cases, the person could be checking your home for a possible robbery target. So don’t hesitate to have them checked out.
A representative from the Norfolk Department of Utilities reported that the sewer project on the north end of Newport Avenue is almost finished. He also reminded us that the new sewer lines in Riverview will be put in beginning this summer. Same for the major sewer transit line across Riverview and Colonial Place.
Chris Casnelli presented the issue of protecting the children from sexual abuse.
Other Issues:
The Sykes family mentioned that they have contacted the City over their bulkhead that is falling in disrepair. Several representatives from the City have told them that there is no money in the budget to help them, even though the bulkhead is the City’s responsibility. The Sykes offered to repair it themselves if the City would deed the property, next to the bulkhead, over to them. The City is not likely to do that either.
Several people have asked about what is happening with the shore line along Knitting Mill Creek. Dave McDonald mentioned that it will take a lot of research on how to get the government to allow the construction of any kind of preserving structure along Mayflower Road. Someone suggested large rocks to help cut down shore erosion.
Beautification Committee Report:
Audrey Webb mentioned that the Clean Up Weekend went well, many thanks to all who helped.
Treasurer’s Report:
Balance - $3,406.22; Deposits - $265.25; Expenses - $612.14; Ending Balance - $23,059.33; CD Amount - $5,130.67.
Special Vote to Remove Previous Motion on Small Dog Park
The motion to rescind a motion made last year to make a small dog park was made by Dave Spriggs, because the project couldn’t be done, due to the extra cost required by the City’s Parks and Recreation Department. So the solution was to rescind the motion for the project and give the donations back to the givers. The motion was made and seconded and passed. 15 to 3.
Large Dog Park Association Report:
Kathleen Moore, who is piloting the building of the Large Dog Park, reported that her association would be working toward building a long large dog park along Lewellyn with the raising of funds to support that separate organization. Her committee would also carry on Buffy Masten’s work on building the original dog park by maintaining the original dog park. Once the Large Dog Park is finished, the original dog park will be available for just small dogs.
Riverfest will happen on Saturday, April 30, along the water on Mayflower Road.

The Nominations Committee needs nominees for the Vice-President Position for July 2011 - June 2012, since Sharon McGlone won’t continue for next term. The other three officers have agreed to run again.
The meeting ended at 8:36 p.m.

CPRV Traffic Committee Seeks Your Input
Daniel O’Leary, CPRV Traffic Committee Chair

Concerned about the increasing high-speed and pass-through traffic in CPRV? We are too! Mark your calendar for the CPRV civic league meeting on Monday, June 13th where we will discuss these issues in earnest.

A group of CPRV residents have been working on an ad hoc traffic committee since August 2010. We have been discussing options for addressing these concerns and have developed a proposal for CPRV civic league members to consider and approve before bringing it forward to the City of Norfolk traffic-engineering department for review and action.

Please join us for this presentation and to offer your further suggestions so that we can diminish these traffic concerns and continue to live well in the best neighborhood in Norfolk.

Newsletter Advertisers
David A. Spriggs, Treasurer and Riverview Representative

The businesses owners, who place the advertisements which appear monthly in the back of the Newsletter, create a revenue stream which sustains the publishing of that Newsletter. As the same advertisements appear each month, it becomes easy to ignore them.

However, I would ask that you take every opportunity to give your business to them. And, when you do, please mention that you did so, because you saw their advertisement in our Newsletter. Times are tough, and our sponsors need to know that their advertisements are generating business or they may consider reducing their costs by withdrawing their support. That would be a lose-lose for everybody.

Colonial Place/Riverview Clean-Up
Audrey Webb, Beautification Committee Chair

This year 63 adults and seven children, including the Sheriff’s crew and Tanner’s Creek Garden Center, volunteered to clean-up the neighborhood. The result was 1,320 pounds of trash collected plus tires, wood and other assorted debris not included in the trash count. ‘Thank You’ to everyone who helped not only our neighborhood but also The Great American Clean-Up.

Top 10 ( or 12) Reasons That Colonial Place/Riverview is The Best Neighborhood in Hampton Roads!
Rose Thornton

  1. Architectural diversity. Our neighborhood has a dazzling array of architectural gems, from grand manses sitting in the midst of spacious, manicured gardens, to modest worker cottages on 25-foot wide lots. We also have an abundance of mail-order kit homes from the early 1900s. These 12,000-piece “kit houses” arrived by boxcar, and came with a 75-page instruction book!
  2. Community garden. Located behind Fellini’s Restaurant, we have a spacious lot devoted to growing green things that are tasty and beautiful, and sometimes both! Stroll through the gardens during your evening constitutional, or don your gardening gloves and dig in.
  3. Crime Prevention. Our civic league, together with an active list-serv, two dedicated PACE officers (Police Assisted Community Enforcement), and watchful neighbors, all work together to reduce crime in our neighborhood.
  4. Environmentally friendly. Our neighborhood has more rain barrels per household than any other Norfolk neighborhood, and if you want a rain barrel of your own, you can attend “Rain Barrel 101” classes offered occasionally by our Civic League.
  5. Prestigious address. Colonial Place/Riverview is on the National Register of Historic Places.
  6. Progressive thought. Our neighborhood has one of the largest collection of Toyota Priusses in Hampton Roads!
  7. Practical Economy. With the cost of gas climbing each day, there’s no better place to be. Colonial Place and Riverview were built in the early 1900s as street-car suburbs, and that means our neighborhood was designed to be close to work, schools and shopping. We’re three miles from downtown Norfolk, and less than one mile from ODU. Military bases are also close by.
  8. Natural Beauty. Breathe deep and enjoy the sea breezes blowing in from the Lafayette River. Bordered by estuaries and waterways, Colonial Place and Riverview provide a walker’s paradise. Stroll alongside the riverfront and enjoy the crepuscular rays of the gloaming!
  9. A Safe Place for Your Best Friend. Within easy walking distance of both Colonial Place and Riverview, the CPRV Dog Park has fresh water on tap for Fido, and comfortable shade for his two-legged companion.
  10. A Place to Honor and to Ponder. Situated on Mayflower Road is a simple, elegant memorial, dedicated “to the sons and daughters who serviced in WWII,” together with a granite bench.
  11. If They Knew You Were Coming, They’d have Baked a Cake. Where else can you find a community that does a once-a-month potluck vegetarian dinner for whomever happens to happen by? Hosted by a different family each month, the only requirement is that you bring one edible entrée.
  12. Good Dining, by Foot. Scattered at the outlying edges of our neighborhood, you’ll find an impressive collection of family restaurants. If you’re a patron with a palate pining for pizza, pasta or pork, you can get there from here – on foot.

Rental Properties
Rose Thornton, 615-7144

Residents of Colonial Place and Riverview are urged to contact the city when they become of aware of properties being offered for rent within our neighborhood. Call Rusty Masten at 664-6527 (City of Norfolk) and request an Occupancy Permit Inspection for the vacant or soon-to-be-vacated rental property.

CPRV Vegetarian Potlucks
Joanna Jenkins

Once a month, open to everyone! Day and time may vary depending on who is hosting. Join the Veg Club listserve by going to: Or send an email to: CPRV_Veggies-sub¬ If you would like to join us or have any questions, contact Joanna at joannajenkins@

Thank You!
to Knox Presbyterian Church
From the Colonial Place/Riverview Civic League and residents, for their generosity in allowing us to meet there for our monthly meetings.

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