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July 2011

             Ice Cream Social

CIVIC LEAGUE MEETING, Monday, July 11, 2011, 7:00 pm, Riverview Coffee Parlor, 4117 Granby


4117 Granby Street
Come On Out And Meet Your Neighbors!

In lieu of a formal meeting for July, the Civic League would like to invite all residents to the Riverview Coffee Parlor (4117 Granby Street) on July 11th, at 7:00 p.m., for an Ice Cream Social. There will, of course, be plenty of ice cream, beverages and good conversation with your neighbors. This event is hosted by Alice McCoy, owner of the Riverview Coffee Parlor and President of the Riverview Business Association.

The Civic League does not typically meet in August, but since many have expressed interest in checking out O Jardim Brazilian Cafe (the new restaurant between the 7-11 and the Eggleston Center (110 La Valette Avenue - across from the tennis courts at Lafayette Park) we decided to have a neighborhood get-together on August 8th, at 7:00 p.m., at the restaurant. There will be lots of good things to eat and drink and a chance to meet Trista Soave (and your neighbors).

Hope to see everyone there!

Bulkhead Improvements
Brian Sykes, 451-3435 or

Dear Neighbors: My name is Brian Sykes, and my family and I live at 417 Mayflower Road. Previously, we’ve mentioned in the newsletter that the bulkhead abutting our property is quickly degenerating. In the six years that we’ve lived here, there have dramatic changes in the size of the holes in the grass next to the bulkhead, and the bulkhead itself has been dropping piece by piece into the Lafayette River.

As far as we know, the section of the bulkhead in this area (which starts at New Hampshire Avenue by Nichal Court and runs around the point to Knitting Mill Creek) has never been repaired or replaced despite the fact that the majority of the bulkhead in Colonial Place has had major restoration.

At the present time, the City has a right-of-way on the bulkhead and the sixty feet of grass abutting the bulkhead in front of our property. This right-of-way was originally intended to be a road similar to that on other parts of Mayflower Road, but the road will now never be built. The City provides absolutely no maintenance or repairs of the property or bulkhead in this area.

We spoke with various City officials, who informed us that the City has no plans to improve the bulkhead in this area. According to the City officials to whom we spoke, there are multiple other projects that will benefit many more citizens of the City that take precedence over this project. We feel strongly that we have a limited period of time to protect this property before it becomes irreparably damaged.

As a result, we would like the City to allow us to own the property and bulkhead so that we have an incentive to improve them. We also understand that the people of the neighborhood have an interest in maintaining the ability to transverse the land to enjoy the waterfront in this stretch of land. Therefore, we intend to the propose to the City that we have the ability to own the property and bulkhead, but that the City grants an easement for pedestrians to walk across the property (and we would not place any obstacles on the grass easement). This would provide an incentive for us to improve the property while allowing the people of the neighborhood to walk on the property.

We would appreciate the support of the Civic League members in achieving this goal. Thank you for your consideration in this matter. Please feel free to contact me at home at 451-3435 or by email at should you have any questions or concerns.

Kind regards,
Brian Sykes

CPRV Civic League June 2011 General Meeting Summary
James Gregg, Secretary

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m.

Pace Officer Report:
Officer Paschal reported minor crime is ongoing and some of it is very preventable. The thefts from unlocked cars, from open garages and sheds, items left in yards, etc. Most criminals go for easy targets.
Joe Rieger, from the Elizabeth River Project, explained how there are plans to install oyster beds in the Elizabeth River near the Granby Street Bridge. He is the Director of Watershed Restoration and is working on grants to pay for this project. He is also concerned with runoff from our streets and is proposing to use filtering boxes to reduce pollution in the runoff. This is a separate project under his direction. Joe can be reached at 399-7487 or jreiger@ . Bill Nusbaum suggested that the Dog Park Association coordinate with Joe to mitigate runoff from the proposed large dog park along Lewellyn Avenue.
Restaurant Proposal:
Attorney Callahan presented the plans for the current owners of the Red Dog Restaurant on Colley in Ghent to open another restaurant where Enrico’s is located. They plan to do a lot of renovations with an opening in October of 2011. They will ask for a beer and wine license, have dancing, and will close around 1 a.m. They plan to police their location as they do in Ghent now. They plan to play Top 40 music just as they do in their Ghent location. They are looking for input from our residents and league members. Several members spoke about the need to control student noise, and general late night disturbances. The current zoning for that location is for dining without entertainment.
Traffic Improvement Committee Report:
Daniel O’Leary made a presentation about what has been suggested by his committee to improve the traffic pattern through Colonial Place, which has been a short cut for ODU students for many years. The ease at which people rush through has caused some concern by our residents. Cars damaged and pets run over are becoming more frequent. There were several proposals to make traffic go down to 35th Street instead of cutting through Colonial Place. These could include more one way blocks, no left turn from 4-6 p.m. going south on Colley, traffic light timing changes and removal of a right turn lane. There was a lot of discussion on this topic. Then there was a motion passed which authorized Daniel and his committee to ask the city traffic department what would be workable and then come back to our league to present a list of workable changes in traffic pattern to make Colonial Place safer.
Treasurer’s Report:
Dave Spriggs reported a previous checking account balance of $2,945.77; receipts of $774.25; expenses of $693.91; a current checking account balance of $3,026.11; and a CD balance of $5,143.60. The annual budget was presented, on time, with the board revisions. The membership accepted it as presented.
Election of Officers for 2011/2012 for CPRV:
The slate of officers was approved through acclamation, since there were no opposition candidates. There were approximately 40 persons attending this meeting. The slate is: President Dave McDonald, Vice President Angel Endicott, Treasurer Dave Spriggs, and Secretary James Gregg. Dave McDonald mentioned that we are open to anyone and everyone participating in CPRV procedures and activities.
Other Business:
President Dave McDonald mentioned the success of the learning barge and the send off as the barge left for Portsmouth. He also emphasized the benefit of people signing up for River Star Homes. He also mentioned concern about the closing of the Fleet Park and the need for reestablishing new ball fields for the baseball leagues when the old fields close this year. The proposals from the city of Norfolk have been not workable so far.
Richard Brown mentioned the problem of flooding along the river and creeks due to defective stopper valves. He was made an ad hoc committee of one, to see what could be done to get the city to correct this problem.
Meeting ended at 9:03 p.m.

Newsletter Advertisers
David A. Spriggs, Treasurer and Riverview Representative

The businesses owners, who place the advertisements which appear monthly in the back of the Newsletter, create a revenue stream which sustains the publishing of that Newsletter. As the same advertisements appear each month, it becomes easy to ignore them.

However, I would ask that you take every opportunity to give your business to them. And, when you do, please mention that you did so, because you saw their advertisement in our Newsletter. Times are tough, and our sponsors need to know that their advertisements are generating business or they may consider reducing their costs by withdrawing their support. That would be a lose-lose for everybody.

Thank You!
to Knox Presbyterian Church
From the Colonial Place/Riverview Civic League and residents, for their generosity in allowing us to meet there for our monthly meetings.

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