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October 2001

             Third Annual Front Porch Art Walk

CIVIC LEAGUE MEETING, Monday, October 8, 2001, 7:00 pm, Stuart Center, 411 Virginia Avenue. Use cafeteria entrance at school parking lot.

NEXT BOARD MEETING will be October 15, 2001, at 7:00 pm, 710 Georgia Avenue.

DEADLINE for the November issue is Tuesday, October 30, 2001.

THIS MONTH'S MEETING AGENDA:   Monthly reports - Meet Sharon McDonald, Commissioner of Revenue - Meet Bob McCabe and Ottis "Rusty" Bishop who are running for Sheriff - Vote to write a check for the Dog Park fence.

David and Sharon McDonald extend an open invitation to attend a cookout, Saturday, October 13th, 11:30 am until 2:00 pm at their home at 619 Mayflower Road. Stop on by for some fun, food, and fellowship. All residents of Colonial Place and Riverview are welcome.

For The Month Of October
Craig Reilly

What a busy meeting we had last month. We had candidates for City Treasurer, historic sign discussions, and a vote on our dog park. A hearty THANKS to all three of the candidates, Darden Gillette, Thomas Moss, and Robert Smith, for taking time out of their schedules to come to our Civic League meeting. We learned a lot about the Norfolk Treasurer's position and what it takes to run that office. I hope that by talking with the candidates, you were able to understand the office a bit more and gain some insight to help in your decision at the polls.

This month we will again be privileged to have candidates for two different constitutional offices at our Civic League meeting. The first candidate we will hear from is already known by many of us. We know her as a neighbor and a willing volunteer in our community and in our City. The candidate is our very own Sharon McDonald. Sharon is running unopposed for the position of Commissioner of Revenue and would like to address all of our residents at the meeting.

We will also have the candidates for Norfolk's Sheriff's Office. There are two independent candidates running for this office. Bob McCabe, incumbent, and Ottis "Rusty" Bishop. This is an important job in our City, and by attending this meeting you can further your knowledge about how it affects you. Come and listen to the vision each of these men has for the Sheriff's office. And don't forget to bring questions for them.

Mark those calendars for October 8, and I'll see you there!

Front Porch Art Walk
Ann Fitzgibbon

The Third Annual Front Porch Art Walk will be held Sunday, October 14, throughout Riverview and Colonial Place, when resident artists once again convert their porches into art galleries to display their works for visitors and neighbors.

This year's featured artist is our own Betsy Rivers Kennedy. Her work will be displayed on the porch of the Roper Home in Riverview.

The Front Porch Art Walk will run from 1:00 pm until 5:00 pm. A tour guide can be picked up at the Roper Home in Riverview or at any participating artist's front porch.

It will be an afternoon to enjoy and celebrate the neighborhood. Even if you don't have art to display, spend some time on your own front porch and say hello to neighbors and visitors. Stop by the new dog park or stroll through the community garden. Let's make it a Sunday afternoon of peace and brotherhood.

Crime Prevention Update
Derek Wagner

Neighborhood Watch Volunteers Needed: Throughout the 1990s, the Colonial Place/Riverview Civic League had a strong neighborhood watch program. This program contributed to the reduction of our crime rate, resulting in a safer and more enjoyable community. And a lower crime rate improves home values! Over the last couple of years, interest in the program has diminished. Yet the Civic League feels that a strong Neighborhood Watch Program is vital to help keep our crime rate low. We currently have openings for several zone coordinators and block captains. If you have an interest in joining the Neighborhood Watch Program, please call me, Derek Wagner, at 625-1199. Help keep the neighborhood safe by volunteering a small amount of your time.

Neighborhood Alert: There have been several incidents in which a man has come up to residences in the neighborhood and asked for money. He usually says that his car has broken down and that he needs money for repairs, gas, or bus fare. These incidents have all occurred after dark. If you find yourself facing a situation similar to this, there are several steps you should take. First, if you are inside your house, do not open the door. Speak to the individual through the door. Let him know that you are calling the police and that begging is illegal in Norfolk (Norfolk City Code Section 42-16). Ask the individual to leave your premises. If he remains, he will be committing a trespass as well. Second, you should call the police on the non-emergency number, 441-5610. Describe the individual to the dispatcher. Tell the dispatcher that you would like to have a patrol unit come to perform a field interview on the individual and check for existing warrants. Be sure to get the dispatcher's ID number and state whether or not you want to be informed of the outcome of the situation. Finally, you should try to keep an eye on the individual. Do not attempt to follow him, but watch him from the safety of your house.

Dog Park Update
Buffy Masten

The fencing of the dog park in the Colonial Place Greenway is right on schedule. The City has already started work and should be done shortly. But we still need donations to fund the installation of a water source. Letters have been sent to Paul Fraim, Barclay Winn, and Daun Hester to join us on Sunday, October 14, for the park's dedication to the city. Tables with information from PETA, the SPCA, and other animal-related concerns will be set up. We will also be holding a raffle with some really neat prizes. We want to thank the many people who have already donated funds and time. And many thanks to the Civic League for their continuing support.

Underwater Grass Restoration In The Lafayette River
Andy Wallach

Besides re-establishing oyster beds (a program your civic league participates in), the Chesapeake Bay Foundation is also planting grasses. Underwater Grasses in the Chesapeake Bay, or "bay grasses," are a critical part of the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem, serving as the nursery and feeding ground for fish and crabs. While water quality improvements have increased the acreage of bay grasses in recent years, the Chesapeake and its tributaries are still only at a fraction of historic levels. The grass-planting program jump-starts the recovery of grasses in areas where they once flourished. By studying the ecological importance of bay grasses and actively participating in restoration, volunteers gain a sense of stewardship of the Bay. Volunteers are needed to sort bay grasses to prepare them for planting (doesn't require getting in the water); ferry plants from shore to the planting sites (requires getting in 3-4-foot water); plant the bay grasses in the water (requires getting in the water and reaching underwater to plant the grasses - wetsuits a must, but will be available for folks to borrow).

When & Where:
Saturday, October 27th, about 9:00 am until noon. Site TBA - most likely near the Hermitage Museum in Norfolk. You will be contacted with site directions once you sign-up. Plans are subject to change due to winds and weather.

To sign up or for more information, please contact Christy Mills at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, 622-1964, Fax: 622-7861, or e-mail:

CBF's Website:

What's up at
Jeanne Ullian

A link off the home page will take you to Mayor Paul Fraim's July 17, 2001, reply to a letter from Kathy Stark, Chairperson, Community Improvement, and David Block, President, Colonial Place/Riverview Civic League. Issues addressed are codes enforcement and related personnel, the sewer system, street resurfacing, and refuse vehicles. Recent correspondence can also be accessed through the Site Index under Correspondence.

Our site is now included in and under Community / Neighborhoods. We have also made it into Yahoo. A search using the terms Colonial Place Riverview should bring up our site.

Neighborhood history? Civic League bylaws? Current or historic photos? Board member names? Newsletter archives? Community Garden? Oyster Float Project? Yes, these are all in our Web site. Just follow the links or use the Site Index if you prefer to navigate alphabetically.

Neighborhood E-mail List
Jeanne Ullian

Last spring when our neighborhoods were involved in the Blair Middle School busing issue, a neighborhood e-mail list was set up to facilitate communication. Hosted by, the list continues to be an effective method of neighborhood communication. Recent contributions have included a "heads up" on bike thefts, a lost dog report, the meeting time for a new playgroup, and offers of assistance to neighborhood families impacted by the recent terrorist incidents.

To subscribe to the Colonial Place/Riverview e-mail list, send an e-mail to with no subject line. In the body of the message type, "subscribe cprv." Send the message without a signature or any other text.

To unsubscribe send an e-mail to with no subject line. In the body of the message type, "unsubscribe cprv." Send the message without a signature or any other text.

Please note: The list is not an official activity of the Civic League. Its success and continuance depend upon responsible use. Observe rules of netiquette and remember we are neighbors, working together, to make Colonial Place and Riverview a better place to live.

Neighborhoods United for a Better Norfolk
Kathy Stark

On Saturday, October 27, 2001, there will be a follow-up meeting to the codes meeting held in July. The meeting will again take place at Uncle Louie's Restaurant, from 8:30 am until 9:45 am.

Mr. Curtis Randolph, Director of Norfolk Neighborhood and Leisure Services, will report on his review of existing processes for those departments that fall under his purview. We will also discuss what technological improvements have been made.

We would also like to get your feedback on the changes that have been made and what can be done in the future to improve customer service. Call me, Kathy Stark, at 640-8938 if you have any questions or would like a ride.

Beautifying Our Borders
Kathy Stark

As Dave Block mentioned in last month's newsletter, the league would like to organize a group of residents interested in improving the gateways into our communities. Audrey Webb, Beautification Chair, and I will co-chair this committee.

My vision includes adding some type of stone columns, improved signage, and landscaping to our entryways. We would like to hear your ideas for improvements. In order for this transformation to take place, we need your help. If you would like to participate, please give me, Kathy Stark, a call at 640-8938, or Audrey Webb at 623-1197.

Neighborhood Clean-Up Day
Audrey Webb

Please mark your calendars for October 27, from 10:00 am until noon, our next clean-up day. There will be one dumpster at the Haven Creek Boat Ramp near the corner of Llewellyn and Delaware Avenues and the second dumpster will be opposite 4608 Mayflower Road. PLEASE, no hazardous materials such as paint or garden chemicals. The City requires that all items be placed in the dumpsters. If you have any questions or would like to volunteer your services, please call me, Audrey Webb, at 623-1197.

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