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November 2001

             October Was A Great Month

CIVIC LEAGUE MEETING, Monday, November 12, 2001, 7:00 pm, Stuart Center, 411 Virginia Avenue. Use cafeteria entrance at school parking lot.

NEXT BOARD MEETING will be November 19, 2001, at 7:00 pm, 710 Georgia Avenue.

DEADLINE for the December issue is Tuesday, November 27, 2001.

THIS MONTH'S MEETING AGENDA:   Monthly reports - Discussion and vote to support a donation for the EcoGarden (see Buy a Brick below) - Open format meeting for new business and fellowship.

Buy A Brick
Audrey Webb

The Norfolk Environmental Commission needs our help to educate the future stewards of the environment. A new Environmental Education Garden is being constructed, surrounding the Environmental Action Center in Lafayette Park. This new "EcoGarden" will feature demonstrations of native plants, low-impact gardening methods, water-conserving irrigation methods, pervious pavement to reduce stormwater runoff, a backyard composting demonstration area, and an outdoor classroom. Funding is needed to complete the garden, scheduled be dedicated as part of a national "Liberty Garden" ceremony in May of 2002.

For the Civic League's tax-exempt donation of $100 to the Friends of Norfolk's Environment, a brick in our name will be placed in the new Liberty Garden section of the EcoGarden. This donation will support new environmental education programs and exhibits at the EcoGarden.

As a member of the Civic League, how do you feel about making a donation towards the EcoGarden? Let's discuss at the November meeting.

President Notes
David Block

What a wonderful weekend we had for neighborhood fun, food, and fellowship. If you missed the goings-on, you sure missed a great time!!

On Saturday, October 13, the River Raft Up along Knitting Mill Creek and the neighborhood cookout at the home of Dave and Sharon McDonald were both loads of fun! Then on Sunday, October 14, our outstanding neighborhood artists shared their works of beauty at our very own "Third Annual Front Porch Art Walk." Not to be outdone, our resident dog lovers dedicated the first fully fenced Dog Park in the City of Norfolk! Members of City Council, Daun Hester and Barclay Winn, were present to conduct an official dedication of the Dog Park.

A special thank-you goes to Sharon McDonald, Commissioner of the Revenue, for bringing useful information about how her office functions to last month's League meeting. I also wish to thank the candidates for sheriff, Mr. Bob McCabe and Mr. Ottis "Rusty" Bishop, for sharing with us why they should be the next sheriff for our fair city.

WARNING!! Please remind your neighbors, especially those new to our neighborhood, not to park motor vehicles off their driveway, in the front yard, or block sidewalks. A relatively new City ordinance requires Norfolk Police Officers to write parking tickets for these offenses. The fine is about $30 per ticket. Be careful... don't earn any tickets!!

The Dog Park Needs You
Elizabeth Masten

Please save your newspaper's plastic sleeves for the dog park bag dispensers. Bring them to the Civic League meeting or drop them off at 4213 Gosnold. Thank you.

Front Porch Art Walk
Sheila Robinson

Many thanks to a great committee for all their help with the Third Annual Front Porch Art Walk! Those who helped as official committee members are:
        Ann Fitzgibbon
        Penny Bradbury
        Leslie Plasterer
        Betsy Rivers-Kennedy
        Artemis Stoll
        Linwood Robinson
        Sheila Robinson

There was additional volunteer help from Michael Fitzgibbon, Jack Kennedy, and Pete Stoll. Thanks also to the participating artists and others in the community for spreading the word about the Art Walk - always so important!

We had 23 artists on 21 porches this year and a great turnout of folks from all over Tidewater, who came to stroll through our neighborhoods. This was the best attendance yet.

An additional note of gratitude goes to our own Betsy Rivers-Kennedy who honored us as this year's featured artist, displaying her work on the porch of the Lydia Roper Home. Not only did she donate a piece of her art, but she also presented one of her works to Ms. Ann Miller at the Roper Home as a thank you for their help. Betsy's generosity is greatly appreciated!

Ann Fitzgibbon was the official "fire starter" to make the Art Walk happen again. And she contacted the media for publicity. Artemis Stoll did a wonderfully tenacious job designing the tour guide, in spite of her old Mac! Leslie Plasterer literally plastered the area with posters to advertise the event, as did Linwood Robinson, who even traveled to Portsmouth and Virginia Beach to do some posting.

Linwood gets the "Arty" award for almost single-handedly making the Art Walk the great success that it was. He constructed signs and placed them in strategic places in the neighborhoods to get the attention of new artists and to advertise the event. He also used his computer expertise to assist Artemis Stoll with the design and layout of the tour guide. Together with Pete Stoll and Michael Fitzgibbon, he distributed the signs, name tags, and brochures to all of the artists on the morning of the show, and with help from David Shily, he went around after the show to round up all the signs.

Again, many thanks to everyone who helped.

Haven Creek Walking Path
Ann Fitzgibbon

Some residents of our community are interested in doing something about improving the walking path along Haven Creek. If you're interested in being part of a task force to work on this project, please call Bill Nusbaum at 622-4226.

What's Up At
Jeanne Ullian

Photographs. We've got photographs. Are you in one of the thirty-six new photographs taken the weekend of October 13-14, 2001? I would certainly appreciate help with identifying the people and locations in these photos. Some clever captions would be appreciated as well. Eventually most of these photographs will be integrated into the web site to show we have more than houses - we have great people. Access is available by a link from the home page or through the Site Index under Photographs, October 2001.

E-mail can now be sent to "". This mailbox will be checked on a weekly basis, so continue to use phone numbers and personal contacts for business that must be conducted in a more timely manner. E-mail can be forwarded from this address to all Board and Committee members.

Neighborhood Playgroup information is now available on the Neighborhood Information page of our web site.

Evolution of an Urban Neighborhood: Colonial Place, Norfolk, Virginia. Some of the older residents of the neighborhood may recognize this as the title of a book written about Colonial Place in 1975. One of the sections was authored by Dr. Norman Pollock, long-time resident and ODU professor. His chapter is now loaded on the web site and can be accessed through the Site Index under the title of the book (Evolution……). Note, however, this work is under copyright, so observe the law when making copies. You can always make one copy for personal use.

Veterans Day Memorial
Ann Fitzgibbon

There will be a remembrance ceremony held at the War Memorial on Mayflower Drive at Newport Avenue on Veterans Day, November 11, at 1:00 pm. We invite all veterans of military service to stop by and share your memories with your neighbors, and we encourage the young people of our communities to stop by and hear these memories.

The BOB Committee
Kathryn Stark

The second Beautifying Our Borders (BOB) Committee meeting will take place on Thursday evening, November 15, 7:00 pm, at 524 Pennsylvania Avenue. The meeting will last approximately one hour. We need residents with landscaping expertise, fund-raising capabilities, gardeners, and anyone willing to help us make this project happen. If you would like to participate, please give me a call at 640-8938, or Audrey at 623-1197.

Recording Secretary Needed
David Block

Thank you, Jack Kennedy, for stepping in to help with Secretarial duties for the past few months. But a permanent Secretary is now needed. Contact me, David Block, at 624-1749 if you are interested.

Membership Committee
Bob Reardon

The Membership Committee needs help. If you are interested in this committee, please call me, Bob Reardon, at 623-2478, or e-mail Help is needed to put together the membership renewal effort in December and to attend some meetings to enroll people. Also, the Committee is looking for a new chair.

Dog Park Grand Opening
Elizabeth Masten

The October 14 Grand Opening of our new fenced dog park was a resounding success. We are well on our way to putting in a water source for both dogs and people. We are proud to be the first community to fence our dog park area for the safety of our four-legged friends. We wish to thank the following businesses for their donations to our raffle:

Coastal Import
Daniel's Lawn & Garden
O'Sullivan's Wharf
Seeley Florist
Omar's Carriage House Restaurant
Mi Hogar Restaurant
Tabb's at Riverview Restaurant
Enrico's Ristorante
Colley Ave Grill
Bernstein's Gallery
Fellini's Restaurant
Granby Mobil
Mary Barnett Gifts

We encourage everyone to support these businesses.

We also wish to thank Tamara Olive for her donation of two hand-painted dog dishes to our raffle. Special thanks go to Howard Webb and Peter Decker for their incredibly generous donations. Their help and support of our project made it all possible. And finally, thanks go to my helpers Debbie Webb, Glen Sussman, Dave Davies, and Les Parks for their time and hard work. I could never have done this without them.

The raffle winners are as follows:

Enrico's Ristorante - Lynn Earle
Daniel's Lawn & Garden - Debbie Block
Tabb's at Riverview Restaurant - Kathy Stark
Coastal Imports - Susan Swanson
Seeley Florist - Sue Blythe
O'Sullivan's Wharf Restaurant - Abigail Matthews
Omar's Carriage House Restaurant - Michael Koceja
Colley Ave Grill - Vicki Holden
Fellini's Restaurant - Gerri Webb
Mi Hogar Restaurant - Debbie Webb
Bernstein's Gallery - David McDearmon
Mary Barnett Gifts- Glen Sussman
Large dog plate - Barclay Winn
Small dog plate - Ann & Mike Fitzgibbon
Large planter - David McDearmon
Small planter - Amanda Minton

Please take time to visit our new dog park on Delaware Avenue in the Colonial Place Greenway. Read the posted park rules, make sure your dogs have their rabies tags and city licenses, and don't forget to pick up your dog's deposits. Disposal bags and trash cans are available at the park.

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