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June 2001

             Guest Speaker, Councilperson Barclay Winn, at this Month's Meeting

CIVIC LEAGUE MEETING, Monday, June 11, 2001, 7:00 pm, Stuart Center, 411 Virginia Avenue. Use cafeteria entrance at school parking lot.

NEXT BOARD MEETING will be June 18, 2001, at 7:00 pm, 710 Georgia Avenue.

DEADLINE for the July issue is Tuesday, June 26, 2001.

THIS MONTH'S MEETING AGENDA:   Guest speaker, councilperson Barclay Winn - Election of Civic League Officers - Monthly crime and code enforcement reports.

President's Notes
David Block

Your president goofed at the May meeting of the Civic League. I neglected to have the Nominating Committee put forward the slate of officers for 2001-2002. So without objection at the June meeting, we will conduct the election for League officers. Craig Reilly (VP), Jack Kennedy (Secretary), and I have agreed to continue to serve the League if reelected. The Nominating Committee has a couple of hopefuls for the office of Treasurer. Please contact any of the Nominating Committee members if you would like to serve in any League leadership position: Audrey Webb, 623-1197; Tom Prassa, 625-5137; or Luellyn Leonard, 626-1772.

Free tickets to the Bayou Boogaloo and Cajun Food Festival (Friday 6/22 through Sunday 6/24) will be available at the League meeting on June 11, 2001, while supplies last.

A heartfelt THANKS and CONGRATULATIONS to all the volunteers and homeowners who helped make the Backyard Garden Tour a huge success. I hear that several more gardeners will open their little slice of paradise for spring, 2002. Even if you think your garden is not quite ready to share... let Ann Fitzgibbon or Audrey Webb take a peek. You'll have lots of fun and we'll enjoy the beauty you've created!!

This Month And Last
Craig Reilly

Gosh, I know everyone had to learn quite a bit about "Our Trees" from last month's speaker, David Sivyer. He has a wealth of knowledge about every kind of tree in our city and the care that it takes to keep them healthy. If there is one thing we took from the meeting it is to not lose sight of the forest for the trees, even in our urban area! Thanks, David!

This month's meeting has in store a visit from our newest Norfolk Councilperson, Barclay Winn. Mr. Winn is excited to attend our Civic League Meeting as our Super Ward Representative. He was here previously as a candidate. Now he has had a year to acclimate himself to governing our great city, and he continues to want to hear about the issues that are important to us and how he can help our neighborhoods.

Topics that we may hear about are Law Enforcement, Codes Enforcement, Street Repairs, Sewer Replacements as well as the Ward Restructuring. So everybody (that's right even you) come to our next meeting! And bring any questions you have for Mr. Winn. Remember this is our City Government at work! See you there.

Ice Cream Social In July
Ann Fitzgibbon

Be sure to circle Monday, July 9, on the calendar and plan to attend the regular civic league meeting that evening. We're planning an ice cream social in addition to the regular meeting. Be sweet and be sure to bring the kids! All are welcome. The regular meeting starts at 7:00 pm, but come early for the ice cream and fellowship.

Lovelier Than A Tree ... Continued
Audrey Webb

At the May meeting, Norfolk's City Forester, Mr. David Sivyer, presented us with some opportunities in which we, as residents of Colonial Place and Riverview, could not only enhance our neighborhoods, but at the same time assist the City in their endeavors to beautify Norfolk through their forestry program. A tree committee is being formed. If you would be interested in participating, please call me, Audrey Webb, at 623-1197.

Wonderful Wednesday, Wonderful World
Ethel Pollock

Knox Presbyterian Church will have a weekly program for children (rising kindergarten to 5th graders) exploring God's world with story telling, arts and crafts, outdoor activities, singing, and refreshments. It will be held from 1:00 pm until 4:00 pm each Wednesday from June 20, through August 8, (excluding Wednesday, July 4) in the church building at the corner of Colonial Avenue and 37th Street. There is no charge, and all are welcome to come. For more information or to pre-register, call 627-0915 (the church phone) or 622-7475.

Support The Porcelain Project
Ann Fitzgibbon

Give us your tile, your toilet, or your old porcelain sink taking up room in the garage. Did you know that old porcelain toilets, sinks, and tiles are crushed and combined with oyster shells to create an oyster reef and restore oyster beds? Currently, state and local authorities are trying to create an oyster reef near Langley Air Force Base. Oysters contribute to the life of our waterways and help to clean the water.

One of our Colonial Place neighbors, Cheryl Copper, works with the City of Hampton, and she is involved with the Porcelain Project. Besides looking for old porcelain, Cheryl could also use some help with the logistics - collecting and transporting the porcelain from the Southside to the Pennisula. If you have old porcelain you'd like to donate or if you'd like to help with this project in any way, call Cheryl at 727-6325.

Did We Forget Memorial Day?
Ann Fitzgibbon

An article in a past edition of the newsletter mentioned that we were going to organize a Memorial Day ceremony to rededicate the World War II Memorial on Mayflower Road, since the memorial has been relandscaped and a new bench will be purchased by the civic league. But the ceremony had to be postponed. The new bench, which has been ordered, won't be delivered for several months, and it didn't seem proper to have the ceremony with part of the memorial missing. So we'll wait for the new bench and try again later.

1st Backyard Tour An Upfront Success
Ann Fitzgibbon

The first Colonial Place/Riverview Backyard Tour proved to be a big success, raising almost $600 for the civic league and the community garden. A very positive article in the Virginian-Pilot contributed to the healthy attendance for this first time event. Visitors from Norfolk, as well as our neighboring communities, like Virginia Beach and Chesapeake, found their way to Colonial Place and Riverview. Even a few far-away visitors from Richmond, Northern Virginia and New York spent the afternoon wandering through the nine backyards featured on the tour. Most of all, everyone enjoyed meeting new people and sharing information about gardening and our neighborhoods. Many thanks to all the people who helped make the event possible, especially those neighbors who opened their garden gates and participated in the event by sharing their backyards. We heard nothing but positive comments about your creativity and talent as gardeners! And to all those of you who said, "My yard will be ready next year," we're counting on you to help make next year's event even bigger.

Just A Reminder
Kathy Stark

While walking through our community, I've noticed that there are many homes that lack street numbers. In addition to being in violation of city code, there are compelling reasons to add your street address to the exterior of your home so that they are visible from the street.

If there is a medical emergency at your home, it makes it so much easier for emergency personnel to find you. Minutes add up, particularly when there is an immediate need for assistance. If your house is on fire, fire personnel will know which house to come to. If the fire begins on the interior, it may not be apparent from the outside that a fire exists until it becomes larger.

These are just a few of the many reasons why it makes sense to have a visible street address attached to the exterior of your home. Please take the first opportunity you have to buy the address numbers and secure them to your house. If you've already done this, take a look at the numbers from a distance to make sure they are readable.

Bulkhead Walking Path Defeated
Wayne Johnson

A proposal requesting league support to lobby for funds to construct a walking path near the bulkhead was voted down at last month's meeting. Although civil engineer Chuck Joyner confirmed that the bulkhead renovation was designed to accommodate the possibility of a paved pathway, one Mayflower resident expressed a concern that a paved walking path would take up too much of the narrow green space along the bulkhead. Another Mayflower resident expressed a concern that funds should not be used for a walkway but instead would be better utilized to repair the bulkhead surrounding Nichal Court, which has badly deteriorated. At the meeting, however, Chuck Joyner, reconfirmed a long-standing city position: the city will not fund the repair of that portion of the bulkhead.

Because of time constraints, the meeting did not allow sufficient opportunity for discussion of other proposals relating to the bulkhead landscape, even though some residents came prepared with displays and information. One resident brought photographs of trash cans, debris on the ground, and people sitting on park benches - all mounted on a poster board. But with no opportunity, the display received no explanation or discussion. Nor was there an opportunity for Glen Coats to present results of his neighborhood poll, which had been previously reviewed and received by the Bulkhead Greenway Committee.

Last month, I ran an article submitted by Glen Coats. It was intended only to introduce his opinion poll and provide some information for thought before his presentation at the meeting. Since the agenda was packed and no presentation occurred, residents have (at least temporarily) been left to draw conclusions from the article alone. This was not my intent as newsletter editor. It became apparent to me in a conversation after the meeting that there clearly needs to be an opportunity for a presentation of the opinion poll, followed by ample opportunity for deliberation. I'm sure many of us would like to hear about the poster as well.

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