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July 2001

             Ice Cream Social

CIVIC LEAGUE MEETING, Monday, July 9, 2001, 7:00 pm, Stuart Center, 411 Virginia Avenue. Use cafeteria entrance at school parking lot.

NEXT BOARD MEETING will be July 16, 2001, at 7:00 pm, 710 Georgia Avenue.

DEADLINE for the August issue is Tuesday, July 31, 2001.

THIS MONTH'S MEETING AGENDA:   Ice cream social - Membership approval of next year's budget - Monthly crime and code enforcement reports.

Ice Cream Social
Ann Fitzgibbon

Be sure to come to Monday's meeting. We're having an ice cream social in addition to the regular meeting. Be sweet and be sure to bring the kids! All are welcome. The regular meeting starts at 7:00 pm, but come early for the ice cream and fellowship.

Notices From Citylist
Kathy Stark

          Recommended Action: Authorize City Clerk to advertise for a public hearing on July 24, 2001.
          C-9 Letter from the City Manager requesting a public hearing be scheduled to hear comments on establishing new boundaries for the five wards and two superwards in the City of Norfolk.
          Recommended Action: Authorize City Clerk to advertise for a public hearing on July 28, 2001.
I receive e-mails from the citylist announcing ordinances, public hearings, etc., that are going to be scheduled. Anyone can sign up to receive this information by subscribing to

Historic Designation
Jeff Stark

We did it! After six long years and much work by many volunteers, the Colonial Place neighborhood is now on the State Register of Historic Places. Kathy and I attended the State Board meeting in Richmond on June 13th and witnessed this momentous event. I was proud to represent the neighborhood, and I was recognized as a recipient of an award for historic preservation along with the other coordinators of the Norfolk neighborhood historic districts - Pat Spriggs was recognized earlier for her efforts for the Riverview Historic District. Although I was the recipient of the award, it truly belongs to the volunteers who helped me gather and collate the information needed for the nomination. Thank you again for all who helped. You all deserve the award!

Treasurer's Report
Jeff Stark

Oops, I did it again! You would think after two years of doing this job I would be able to do things right. I forgot to put an article in last month's newsletter stating that the membership needs to approve next year's budget. Please plan on attending this month's meeting so we can do that.

The last item concerns the audit of the civic league's books. I have gotten a resident to volunteer to head up this effort, but our bylaws state that the books need to be audited by three members of the civic league. If you can help, please contact me at 640-8938, or David Block at 624-1749. The audit needs to be presented to the membership no later than the August general membership meeting.

The Granby Street Beat
Rosemary Zemanian

The Charmarie Sims Foundation retail store at 39th and Granby Street is officially open. The store carries a variety of unique children's furniture and specialty clothing. New items continue to arrive daily, and some exciting raffles are being planned for future dates.

Granby Texaco (gas and convenience) closed its doors several weeks ago. It had operated less than a year. No word yet on what is to become of the location.

The old Belo store has finally changed hands and the store is being cleaned and renovated. New businesses compatible with the neighborhood are being sought by the leasing agent.

The most significant news of the month is a bittersweet farewell to "our" city planner, Kent Main. After 4 1/2 years with the City of Norfolk, Kent has accepted a supervisory position with the city of Charlotte, N.C. Kent was instrumental in producing the Riverview Village marketing brochure, which is shown to prospective businesses and landowners. He was also a tireless contributor and ally in the rezoning of Riverview Village as a PCO (pedestrian commercial overlay district). Working with Kent has been a pleasure because of the expertise, honesty, and sense of humor he brought to the position. Best wishes to Kent and his wife Arlene.

As always, remember to shop the neighborhood first.

Growing Gardens
Becky Kiser

Our current project is an on-site, portable shed, so we can safely leave some supplies at the Community Garden. Several wonderful volunteers have drawn up plans and a supply list for the shed. The framing supplies have already been donated, but other supplies are needed as well. Any donations are greatly appreciated, and I can get a tax ID number for you if necessary. Please see the list below.

             Supplies needed
8             concrete foundation blocks
8             3/8'' x 5" galvanized bolts w/nuts and washers
1             small bag concrete mix
?             nails suitable for framing and sheathing 8d-12d
3             sheets " x 4' x 8' treated plywood flooring
3             sheets " x 4' x 8' CDX plywood roof sheathing
1             15# or 30# asphalt roof felt
4             aluminum edge strips
1             sq. cedar roof shingles
?             " & 1-1/4" roofing nails
9             5/8" x 4' x 8' texture 1-11 siding
?             4d or 4d galv. nails for siding
1             door, 3' x 6'8"
1             hardware set (hinges, lockset or hasp & padlock)
100             1" x 4" trim lumber
1             gal. exterior acrylic-latex solid color stain
1             qt. trim stain (exterior acrylic-latex solid color)
2             4' x 8' pegboard
2             pegboard hardware kits

Our next Second Saturday Workday is July 14, 10:00 am, and we are hoping to have enough supplies to go forward with the shed by then. Donations may be brought to my backyard. Please call 627-7007 ahead of time. Or let me know if you want to bring them on Saturday, July 14, so we don't purchase duplicates. Thanks!

For more information about the Community Garden or to join call me, Becky Kiser, at 627-7007.

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