Colonial Place/Riverview Civic League

September 2001

             Meet the Candidates for Norfolk City Treasurer

CIVIC LEAGUE MEETING, Monday, September 10, 2001, 7:00 pm, Stuart Center, 411 Virginia Avenue. Use cafeteria entrance at school parking lot.

NEXT BOARD MEETING will be September 17, 2001, at 7:00 pm, 710 Georgia Avenue.

DEADLINE for the October issue is Tuesday, September 25, 2001.

THIS MONTH'S MEETING AGENDA:   Monthly reports - Meet the candidates for Norfolk City Treasurer - Special Election of Civic League Treasurer, Deborah Williams - And more. See President's Notes below.

Presidents Notes
David Block

A thank-you goes to all the terrific volunteers who do so much to make Colonial Place and Riverview a wonderful place to live. If you're not yet a volunteer, you are missing out on a lot of fun and great fellowship with very interesting people!!

It's official!! The Colonial Place Historic District was listed in The Virginia Landmarks Register on June 13, 2001. Now both Riverview and Colonial Place are classified as Historic Neighborhoods! As a result of this distinction, each neighborhood will have at least one historic sign provided to us by the City of Norfolk.

A Perimeter Committee is now forming to conduct a study to determine suitable locations for our historic signs as well as plan for future Gateway beautification projects. Come to Monday's meeting to join this committee and/or share your creative ideas. The long-term goal is to have all entryways to our neighborhoods inviting and attractive.

Dog owners and dog lovers come to this month's meeting with your checkbooks in hand. It's now time to properly fence the Dog Park on the Colonial Place Greenway, near the corner of Llewellyn and Delaware Avenues. In order to have the fence installed in time for the Dog Park Grand Opening on October 14, 2001, you must act now to show your support for a safe and secure playground for your pooch. The Civic League Board is prepared to bring before the membership a vote at this month's meeting a plan whereby the Civic League will match Dog Park donations dollar-for-dollar up to $500. These funds will be used for the purpose of buying the fencing material necessary to make our neighborhood the first in the City of Norfolk to have a fenced, dedicated Dog Park. The total cost for the fencing will be approximately $1,300. City crews will install the fencing at no additional cost to the community. Call Buffy Masten, Dog Park Committee Chair, at 622-6635, for details or to make your contribution to the Dog Park Fund!

Becky Kiser (Community Garden Chair) says, "Keep an eye out for the date of a good old fashioned Barn Raising to help Jack Kennedy put the Community Garden Storage Shed together."

Coming This Month
Craig Reilly

Labor Day is just past, which means summer is ending. As the fall season approaches, we must ready ourselves with information that we will need when we head to the voting booth on November 6th.

In order to provide you with some of the information that you are going to need to make that all-important decision about who to vote for, we have invited the candidates for the City Treasurer to our Civic League meeting. We have confirmation from Thomas Moss, the Democratic candidate, and from Robert Smith, the Republican candidate. An invitation has gone out to Darden Gillette, the Independent candidate, though we have not yet received a reply.

Please come and bring the questions you would like to have answered by the candidates for Treasurer. Take time out of your busy schedule to meet the men that want to work for you in the Treasurer's Office. It should be an outstanding meeting So, I'll see you there!

Web Page Update
Jeanne Ullian

Change your bookmark for the last time. The Colonial Place/Riverview Web site is now located under our own domain name at Please thank our neighbor, David Francis, at for providing guidance in securing our domain name and for moving the files. He also continues to host our site at no cost to the Civic League.

Now that we are more permanently situated, I have started "fall" housekeeping on the Web site, which will include not only checking the old links, but more importantly adding new pages. By the end of September you will be able to check the description of your home (Colonial Place only) as it is entered in the National Register of Historic Places along with all the other written documentation contained in our file. I think you will find the neighborhood history and summary description of our buildings interesting reading. I have created the file from the electronic records provided me by the NRHP so please do not send "corrections" except for formatting and link errors. A direct link will appear on the main Web site page when this section is ready.

Neighborhood history? Civic League bylaws? Current or historic photos? Board member names? Newsletter archives? Yes, these are all in our Web site. Just follow the links or use the Site Index if you prefer to navigate alphabetically.

Junior Girl Scout Troop 453
Diane Gibson

Girls who will be entering 4th, 5th, or 6th grade for the 2001-2002 school year are invited to join our troop. Currently, we have girls who attend Granby, Taylor, Norfolk Collegiate, and Willard. We meet twice per month at Knox Presbyterian Church from 3 pm until 5 pm. If you and/or your daughter are interested, please call me, Diane Gibson, at 627-8910.

Study On Reactions To Crime Seeks Participants
Nancy C. Duncan, Hampton University

This is a request for your assistance in a research project funded by the National Institute of Mental Health on how crime affects adults of all ages. We are seeking people 18 or older who have had a crime committed against them in the past five years to complete a survey on the effects of the crime on their lives. My own experiences with crime have made me curious about what happens to others who have had crime enter their lives. As a result I have begun research on the effects of crime.

Each person has a story to tell, and each person responds differently. So, if you were a crime victim, your story is important in developing the over-all picture of the effects of crime. This research can help provide documentation for the kind of services needed by those who have been victims of crime. The survey contains questions about your experience with crime as well as your emotional and physical reactions. All information will be kept strictly confidential; your name will not be associated with the information you provide.

There are several options for filling out the survey. If you call the Reactions to Crime Research Lab at Hampton University (727-5973), you can take the survey over the phone. Or a copy will be sent to you by either mail or by e-mail. If you have questions about the study you may reach us at 727-5973 or by e-mail at You will be paid a small amount for your participation in this project.

Wanted: Location for Historic Signs
Jeff Stark

I recently talked with Brian Townsend, of the City of Norfolk, about the status of historic signs for Colonial Place and Riverview. I was told that the Planning Department will be getting together in early September to start looking at signs for the historic neighborhoods in the City. The City has enough money to make some of the signs this year, but not all of them. Those neighborhoods who have expressed an interest in getting the signs and have locations picked out for them will be the first in line.

We can probably get one sign per neighborhood, and we can get more, but we will have to pay for them. Come to the meeting and help us decide where you would like to see the signs. We need a good representation of residents from both Riverview and Colonial Place so that each neighborhood can select its preference.

We will try to have a picture of what the signs will look like. If you can't make it to the meeting, but would like to let us know where you want the sign, call me, Jeff Stark, at 640-8938 and leave a message.

Top Ten Back-To-School Tips
Clyde Berry

With all of our kids back in school, I thought it might be helpful to mention a few easy ways to help ensure that your children do as well as they possibly can. Every year, I see some of my students start off with the best of intentions, and slowly slide away from developing good study habits. As a teacher, here are my top ten suggestions to make sure your children get the most from their education.

1. Make sure you children go to school! While this may seem like a rather obvious answer, many people often give their kids a "day off" for shopping, going to the beach, hunting, or even family vacations. Think about how behind you are when you miss a day of work. Your children cannot proceed with the new day's lessons without knowing the previous ones. Do they have the time to learn twice the material in one day? With only 180 days in the school year, and testing taking up a large chunk of that time, your children cannot afford to miss any time that is not necessary.

2. Make sure your children have ownership of their work. It is your children's duty to get missed make-up work and complete it. Your children need to schedule time to work on projects, go to the library, and study for tests. Check with your children to make sure assignments are being done. This prevents that last minute Wal-Mart run to finish a project due tomorrow but assigned three weeks ago. Panic is easy to spot.

3. Don't just do the work, do it well. Encourage your children, not just to do the assignments, but to try to apply what has been learned. What good is going to school if they're not going to use what they learn there? Simply doing the assignment does not mean an "A" has been earned.

4. Stay healthy. Make sure your children eat well and are properly dressed. A Multi-Vitamin wouldn't hurt either. When one child gets sick, I often see the whole row follow within the week. If children are sick, keep them home, and get their assignments for them. This way, they can return to class with an idea of what was done, and with their own questions.

5. School is a full-time job. Studies have shown that teens that work for more than 12 hours a week earn one to two grades lower on average than their non-working peers.

6. Sleeping is best done at home. Kids that stay up late watching TV or working aren't focused the next day. If children are not mentally in class, they may as well be absent.

7. Contact the teacher if you are concerned. If you have a concern, don't wait for the teacher to call you, call the teacher. However, don't show up for a visit without scheduling an appointment. Teachers have many after-school duties and do not have time to prepare for an effective conference with little or no notice.

8. Become involved! If you don't like a school policy or issue, ask yourself when you raised the issue for discussion at the last PTA meeting. A community that works together for school improvement shows our kids the importance of education. If you don't care what happens there, why should your children?

9. Crack the books! If you haven't seen your children's textbooks at home, chances are your children haven't either. When is the studying being done? Short study sessions are best, with small breaks in-between. Ask your children what they are doing, and get them to explain what they have learned. An empty notebook shows an empty mind encourage note taking!

10. Remember, the teachers, administrators, and staff are on your side. If you do have a concern, bring it straight to the teacher first. The vast majority of the time the problem is a simple miscommunication.

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