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January 2002

             Happy New Year

CIVIC LEAGUE MEETING, Monday, January 14, 2002, 7:00 pm, Stuart Center, 411 Virginia Avenue. Use cafeteria entrance at school parking lot.

DEADLINE for the February issue is Tuesday, January 29, 2002.

THIS MONTH'S MEETING AGENDA:   Monthly police and code enforcement reports - Major topic to be announced - Time to renew memberships!

Dogpark News
Buffy Masten

The dogpark is a HUGE success! We are hearing from people all over town about how much they are enjoying it.

In the next few newsletters, I will be bringing everyone up to date on the rules and regulations for the dogpark. I will start with the Virginia State codes, then the City codes and ordinances, and then general guidelines with doggie do's-and-don't's.

State code 15.2-1809 - Liability of localities in the operation of parks, recreational facilities, and playgrounds: No city or town which operates any park, recreational facility, or playground shall be liable in any civil action or proceeding for damages resulting from any injury to the person or from the loss of or damage to the property of any person by an act of omission constituting ordinary negligence on the part of any officer or agent of such city or town in the maintenance or operation of any such park, recreational facility, or playground. Every such city or town shall, however, be liable in damages for the gross negligence of any of its officers or agents in the maintenance or operation of any such park, recreational facility, or playground.

In other words, it is up to each dog owner to be responsible for his or her animal. Please keep an eye on your dogs while you are in the park. If a fight should break out, pull the dogs apart from the back to avoid being bitten. If your dog should be injured, either in a fight or by just general rough play, the city is not liable. Get the name of the owner of the other dog to verify that the dog has been immunized against rabies. If your dog should need veterinary care, the two of you will have to work out payment for this care. If your dog is deemed too vicious to play with other dogs, you will be asked to refrain from bringing your dog into the park. If we all work to be good park users and watch our dogs while in the park, we should, hopefully, be able to avoid such problems.

I met with Norfolk City Maintenance recently, and they informed me that the City will put in a water faucet for the dogs and lights around the dogpark. This will be funded by the $2300 we have already raised. They have already roped off the area in the park for the water, and should begin construction soon. We owe gratitude to Barclay Winn and the City Council. They told me that the City is more than happy to help neighborhood projects as long as the citizens show an effort to help themselves. This has been the case with the Colonial Place and Riverview residents. We are proud to see such tremendous support from our neighbors and dog companions.

Deck the Halls, Doors and Yards!
Audrey Webb

And The Winners Are!....

Best Group              500 Block of Connecticut
Best Lighting               4612 Gosnold
Best Door              3811 Columbus
Best Yard Display              4213 Gosnold
Best Use of Natural Materials              5009 Newport
Most Original              4915 Gosnold
Judges' Favorite              549 Mayflower
Honorable Mention              4507 Colonial

Be sure to check our web site to see photographs of these lovely, prize-winning decorations.

Listed below are the sponsors who so generously donated prizes and gift certificates for the 2001 contest. As you can see, our merchant neighbors were most supportive and our special thanks go to them for their assistance in making our annual event such a happy one. Please show your appreciation by shopping our neighborhood merchants first.

Mary Barnett Decorative Accessories, 4122 Granby St., 622-1100
Batterson's Steak House, at 51st St. & Colley Ave., 451-1190
Coastal Import Repair Ltd., 422 W. 21st. St., 627-4630
Daniel's Lawn & Garden Center, 4900 Colley Ave., 423-7332
Enrico's Ristorante, 4012 Colley Ave., 423-2700
Fellini's Gourmet Pizza Café, 3910 Colley Ave., 625-3000
Granby Mobil/Texaco, 4225 & 4002 Granby St., 625-5586
Greater Grinders, 4311 Colley Ave., 451-4512
Levin's of Virginia, 122 W. 21st. St., 623-7272
Mi Hogar Mexican Restaurant, 4201 Granby St., 640-7705
O'Sullivan's Wharf, 4300 Colley Ave., 423-3746
Sandy Point Tackle & Marine, 5015 Colley Ave., 440-7696
Seeley Florist, 4301 Colley Ave., 440-0414
Subway Sandwiches & Salads, Granby & 42nd St.
Tabb's at Riverview, 4019 Granby St., 626-0871
Yukon Lumber Company, 520 W. 22nd. St., 625-7131.

Hello, Garden Friends!
Becky Kiser

It's been a second, "fruitful" summer at the Knitting Mill Creek Community Garden. We expanded a bit more on the lot, and we added fruit trees and berries as perennials. Garden meetings will start up again in February, and we welcome new members who would like to join in. Membership is easy, just a little form and $15 signs you up. Your work hours earn your veggies! For more information call me, Becky Kiser, at 627-7007.

A big "Thank-You!" goes out to all the garden members and volunteers who have invested in the beautiful space at the end of Mayflower: Elaine and Andy Gordon, Rachel Maurelli, Milo McTavish & Susan Posey, Kip & Beth Gardner, Pam Martin, Anna Prather-Weber, Joy Brunkhorst, Don & Susan Sussman, Theresa Nock, Peter & Josie Bergstrom, Josie Rose, George Underwood, Kathleen Fogarty and Jack Callan. Jack Kennedy has been the chief shed builder with help from Ted Beiss, Jeff Stark set up a special account at Lowe's. Donations from Kyle Taylor, the Stowe family, and many others previously mentioned have been a great help. Jeanne Ullian keeps our web presence beautiful! I also have to thank David Block and Kathy Stark for their continuing support and encouragement. Thank you, Fellini's, for the water, and Knox Presbyterian Church for managing our funds, especially Nancy McKay.

Dogpark Song
Submitted by Bailey Sell & Baxter Reese

( to the tune of Take Me Out To The Ball Park)

Take me out to the Dogpark
Let me run & go play.
I'll be good & do what you say
If we go to the Dogpark today.

For it's Bark, Bark, Bark at the dogpark
If we don't go we'll be sad.
We can run jump roll in the grass
And be dog-gone glad!

Beat Winter Blues With Bowling!

A group of us are planning a bowling night, January 29, at the lanes on Military Highway. No league. No competition. Just a night out of the house for some all-American fun. If there's enough of us we get a discount! Want to go? Call me, Ann Fitzgibbon, at 628-8338.

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