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March 2002

             The Norfolk Diner Applies For ABC License – Come To The Meeting And Discuss

CIVIC LEAGUE MEETING, Monday, March 11, 2002, 7:00 pm, Stuart Center, 411 Virginia Avenue. Use cafeteria entrance at school parking lot.

NEXT BOARD MEETING will be March 18, 2002, at 7:00 pm.

DEADLINE for the April issue is Tuesday, March 26, 2002.

THIS MONTH'S MEETING AGENDA:   Monthly police and code enforcement reports - A vote will be taken to determine the League position regarding Norfolk Diner's application for an ABC license and Special Use Permit - There will also be a discussion about the use of the Stuart Center for The Boys and Girls Club.

President Notes
David Block

A special thank-you to all my wonderful neighbors who so generously give of their time and talent in support of our community. Neighborhoods all over the city look to Colonial Place and Riverview as a model for our community building efforts! Congratulations to our volunteers!! I'm so proud of every one of you. If you aren't already a volunteer, call one of your Civic Leaders today and offer to help. Just a few minutes a month can make a big difference in the continued success of our community!

At this month's meeting, representatives from the Norfolk Diner (located at 42nd and Colley Avenue) will come before the membership to seek our opinion regarding their application for a state ABC (liquor) license and Norfolk's required "Special Use Permit." The city government takes into consideration the wishes of the community when it comes to issues that may have an effect on the quality of life in that community. This meeting will be your opportunity to ask questions and make your voice heard. After discussion, League members will vote to determine the official League position regarding this application for an ABC license and Special Use Permit.

Also, a decision was made on February 20, 2002, by the Norfolk City School Board to house the former Colonial Boys and Girls Club Of America at Stuart School. We will invite representatives from both the school system and the Boys and Girls Club to be on hand to discuss their plans and how we may work together to build a neighborhood recreation center that best serves the youth in our community.

Bob Reardon

Much appreciation goes to all the members who so quickly renewed their memberships. The process was much easier and quicker this year. Additional renewals and many new memberships are coming in. I do not have a good count of the total membership yet. Most of you have received receipts and membership cards by now. If not, please let me know. Again, thank you.

The Membership Committee needs some helpers. The next project is to appeal to residents who have not been members. Perhaps a good letter explaining the benefits, a brochure, or person-to-person appeals would be the technique. A few of you indicated that you would like to work on the Membership Committee. I will contact you, but other volunteers are needed as well. Call me, Bob Reardon, 623-2478, or e-mail We will work on getting more people to attend the monthly meetings. Membership is a good way to get to know your neighbors and your community.

Norfolk Trolley Tour Schedule 2002

February 9             Original City Boundaries
March 9             Norfolk's 1887 Annexation
April 13             Norfolk's 1890 Annexation
May 11             Norfolk's 1902 Annexation
June 8             Norfolk's 1906 Annexation
July 13             Norfolk's 1911 Annexation
August 10             Norfolk's 1923 Annexation, Part I
September 14             Norfolk's 1923 Annexation, Part II
October 12             Norfolk's 1955 Annexation
November 9             Norfolk's 1959 Annexation

Most of these tours will be guided by long-time Colonial Place resident, Norman Pollock. For more information about these free and informative tours, call the Division of Neighborhood Services, 441-2400.

Newsletter Volunteer Needed
Wayne Johnson

The April issue of the newsletter will be my last.

I've edited the newsletter for nearly four years, and I enjoy doing it. But my current workload and other obligations require me to pass on my editing responsibility to someone else. If anyone is interested in contributing about three hours per month, call David Block, president, 624-1749. I'll be happy to help someone get started. Call me, Wayne Johnson, at 623-1078 if you have any questions.

Backyard Tour 2002
Ann Fitzgibbon

The daffodils are starting to bloom - a sure sign that spring is on the way. What a sunny reminder that the 2nd Annual Colonial Place/Riverview Backyard Tour is scheduled for May 4.

Last year's event was a big success and everyone who participated will tell you what fun it was to open up their back yards to visitors! The event also made a lot of new friends for the neighborhood.

Plan to be a part of this year's Backyard Tour, either by sharing your garden with visitors or by volunteering to help with the event. Call me, Ann Fitzgibbon, at 628-8338 to volunteer or for more information.

Granby Street Beat
Rosemary Zemanian

In 1994 when businesses, property owners, and residents joined forces to promote the Granby Street corridor (now known as Riverview Village ), it was the vision of the group to create a restaurant/shopping/service area that would serve not only Riverview and Colonial Place, but also such nearby neighborhoods as Lakewood, Lafayette Shores, and the Belvederes (East and West). Until recently we've measured progress in terms of new businesses and physical improvements to the buildings and streetscape. And we have been pleased with the results.

This month we encountered a different, more exciting measure of progress. The Lakewood Garden Club contacted area representatives with a gracious offer to donate a major portion of the proceeds of their Spring Garden and House Tour towards a project that would add a visual impact to central Granby Street and help connect the business corridor to the Virginia Zoo. Several options, such as banners and flowerpots, are under consideration. The garden group anticipates the project will be eligible for matching funds from the City of Norfolk's Aesthetic Improvement Grant Program.

The Lakewood Garden Club is taking a very bold and innovative step by investing their time and money in an area that does not physically abut their neighborhood. Although geographically separated by two bridges, Lakewood residents realize that the Riverview Village district does offer the convenience and enjoyment of nearby shopping and dining, and ultimately could even positively impact the property values of the Lakewood area. As Lauren Conner, President of the Lakewood Garden Club notes, "There is no reason that Riverview Village couldn't become like 21st Street—only surrounded by water. I know Lakewood residents would like to be able to walk across the bridges and shop or eat in an attractive area."

Please plan to attend the Lakewood Home and Garden Tour on Saturday, April 27 from 11:00 am until 5:00 pm. Tickets are available at Gardens in a Flowerpot, Mary Barnett's Gifts and The Garden Gate for $15 in advance. Tickets will be $18 on the day of the event.

House tours are already popular among many Colonial Place and Riverview residents and I encourage you to make a special effort to support the work of Lakewood residents who are so generously donating their homes and time to help make Riverview Village better for all of us. Business sponsorships are still available - call Lauren Conner at 853-1011.

A preliminary order of five long-awaited trashcans should appear in Riverview Village any day now. Another order will be placed when the new fiscal year begins.

As spring makes its way to Norfolk, remember to shop the neighborhood first.

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