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April 2002

             This Month's Meeting Offers Much Variety

CIVIC LEAGUE MEETING, Monday, April 8, 2002, 7:00 pm, Stuart Center, 411 Virginia Avenue. Use cafeteria entrance at school parking lot.

NEXT BOARD MEETING will be April 15, 2002, at 7:00 pm.

DEADLINE for the May issue is Tuesday, April 30, 2002.

THIS MONTH'S MEETING AGENDA:   Monthly police and code enforcement reports - Hampton Roads Transit representatives will discuss light rail and other transportation issues - Brian Townsend, with Norfolk City Planning, will be present to give an update regarding the proposed closure of Llewellyn Avenue from the foot of the Granby Street bridge to Delaware Avenue - A vote will be taken to address Enrico's request for neighborhood support to extend the time for alcohol sales until 2:00 am - Several votes will be taken to approve funding for the following: Dogpark lighting, Backyard Tour expenses, and plantings surrounding historic designation signs.

President Notes
David Block

At the February Civic League meeting, a vote was taken to support Norfolk Diner's "Adult Use Special Exception Permit," allowing for the sale of alcoholic beverages until 11:00 pm, daily. In exchange for League support, Thomas Pruitt and James Freeman, owners of the Norfolk Diner, agreed to make certain aesthetic and landscaping improvements.

This month's meeting on Monday, April 8, at 7:00 pm, proves to be chock full of good information. We will hear from Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) representatives about the latest on light rail and other transportation issues affecting our area. On a related topic, Brian Townsend, with Norfolk City Planning, will be present to give an update regarding the proposed closure of Llewellyn Avenue from the foot of the Granby Street bridge to Delaware Ave.

John and Maggie Touris, owners of Enrico's Ristorante, at 4012 Colley Avenue, are requesting neighborhood support to extend the time for alcohol sales until 2:00 am. Members of the League will take a vote, and the result will be forwarded to the city for consideration.

It's time for you to participate in the continued success of our neighborhood. I will soon reach the end of my two-year term as President of the Civic League. At the June meeting, we will elect a new slate of Officers. I've had much fun and met many wonderful people. And I have had the pleasure of working with a talented group of board members. There will be several opportunities for you to give back to your community by sharing just a few minutes a month. Call a Board Member today to offer your talents. I guarantee you will receive more than you put in. Call today!

Dogpark News
Buffy Masten

Things are moving along at the dogpark. The city will be installing lights soon. I have received a bill from them for $1,192.06 to cover the costs. The funds are available, and a vote will be taken at the next Civic League meeting to authorize the payment of this bill. I encourage everyone to attend.

A few additional points are in order for the success of the dogpark: Owners are responsible for the actions and behavior of their dogs at all times. No dogs known to be aggressive toward other dogs or people, or exhibiting any threatening behavior, may enter the park. Any dogs who show aggression can and will be asked by other dog owners to leave the park. Please respect this. Please supervise your children to prevent injuries by not allowing them to run or scream around the dogs. In the fun and confusion some dogs may mistake a running or screaming child for another playing dog or even a wild animal. Following dogpark rules and guidelines will insure an enjoyable park.

Sprucing Up For Spring!
Ruth Martin

Spring has sprung. The signs are everywhere, from the sunny yellow daffodils to the bright green buds peeping from our tall trees. Have you noticed the new trees planted around the playground at the Colonial Place Greenway? We owe our thanks to Stephanie Gray, a resident, and Dean Bowles, the City's landscape architect, for taking the actions necessary to make this a reality.

The B.O.B. Committee (Beautify Our Borders) has new members and exciting new ideas, so let's improve our borders! Our new members hail from both neighborhoods and include Jack Kennedy, Deborah Williams, Ruth Martin, and Diane Brannon. Longtime members include Margaret Bright, Audrey Webb, Glen Sussman, Stephanie Gray, Melissa Johnson, Vivian Anderson, and Theresa Nock. If you would like to join too, give Kathy Stark a call, 640-8938.

On March 22, 2002, Kathy Stark, Jeff Stark, and Jack Kennedy met with Mr. Dean Bowles, the landscape architect for the City of Norfolk. Mr. Bowles presented the B.O.B. Committee members in attendance with three drawings for bed plantings to accent our historic designation signs. Ideally, with the efforts of B.O.B. folks, two of these beds should be planted in time for the Colonial Place/Riverview Backyard Tour, which takes place the first weekend in May. Two of the plantings will accent the Colonial Place signs and the other bed planting will frame the Riverview sign.

The B.O.B. Committee proposes that the matter of purchasing planting materials be placed before the Civic League members for a vote on Monday, April 8, 2002. The cost estimate to plant three beds is approximately $1900 dollars. Landscaping plans, a list of materials needed, and prices will be available for those attending the League meeting. Please give this matter careful consideration and think about the steps that we can take (and the wisest use of our funds) to reflect the beauty of our much-loved homes and neighborhoods.

Eliminating GRIME Helps Reduce CRIME
Audrey Webb

National trends indicate cleaner neighborhoods are subject to fewer criminal acts. Each spring and autumn, the Colonial Place/Riverview Civic League conducts a neighborhood cleanup. Please mark your calendars for this year's Spring event on Saturday, April 27, from 10:00 am until noon. Dumpsters will be placed in the parking lot of the Haven Creek Boat Ramp; in the Circle where Newport and Rhode Island meet; Mayflower across from O'Sullivan's; and the vacant lot behind the Subway at Columbus and 42nd Street. Blair and Maury students will assist us with Haven Creek and Knitting Mill Creek.

The City requires that all items be placed in the dumpsters and not left outside - with the exception of tires which may be placed to the side. PLEASE, no hazardous materials such as paint or garden chemicals. The SPSA Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility is located at 3135 Woodland Avenue, Norfolk - behind the SPCA at Ballentine and Virginia Beach Boulevards. The facility is open every second Saturday of the month from 9:00 am until noon and every fourth Wednesday of the month from 9:00 am until noon. CHKD clothing donations may be taken to the Haven Creek site.

Keep America Beautiful has designated the period of April 5 through May 31 as the Great American Cleanup. Colonial Place and Riverview are proud to be part of the nation's largest organized litter prevention and community improvement program.

Second Annual Colonial Place/Riverview Back Yard Tour
Ann Fitzgibbon

Saturday, May 4, 11:00 am - 4:00 pm
Tickets $5.00

The proceeds benefit the Colonial Place and Riverview Civic League.

Purchase tickets and tour guide at the Community Garden - Behind Fellini's at Mayflower Road and Georgia Avenue.

There's still time to be part of this community event. Contact Ann Fitzgibbon, 628-8338, if you'd like your backyard to be part of the Back Yard Tour.

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