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October 2003

             Candidates for Norfolk’s Circuit Court Clerk: Steven A. Mirman, George E. Schaefer and Sherry White-Battle at This Month's Meeting

CIVIC LEAGUE MEETING, Monday, October 13, 2003, 7:00 pm, Stuart Center, 411 Virginia Avenue. Use cafeteria entrance at school parking lot.

NEXT BOARD MEETING will be Monday, October 20, 2003, at 7:00 pm.

DEADLINE for the November issue is Tuesday, October 28, 2003.

THIS MONTH'S MEETING AGENDA:   Monthly police report - Code enforcement update - Guests: Candidates for Norfolk’s Circuit Court Clerk: Steven A. Mirman, George E. Schaefer and Sherry White-Battle

President’s Notes
By Craig Reilly

Oh what a storm! Isabel will surely be remembered for some time to come! I hope everyone survived with out too much damage. Looking back, it was very inspiring to see the teamwork and support that everyone had with his or her neighbors! All in all our neighborhoods could have had a lot more damage than we did, so let us be thankful.

Please mark your calendars for the following dates in October and November. The Riverview Village Business Association is sponsoring a Blood Drive October 22nd between 2:00 P.M. and 6:00 P.M. at the Riverview Coffee Parlor. Call or come into the Coffee Parlor (622-1365) to sign up or just show up if you want to donate blood for this worthy cause. Then next month the Riverview Village Business Association is sponsoring an Open House. Saturday November 8th between 10:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M. the businesses along Granby Street are holding an Open House and inviting everybody to come out and kick-off the Holiday Seasons. (See the Granby Street Beat article)

Next, the Colonial Place and Riverview Civic League (CPRV) is looking for a couple volunteers. The first position we need to fill is our Membership Chair. Bob Reardon after many years has decided to step aside and let someone else take over this important job. The other volunteer we are looking for is someone to coordinate the Christmas Decorating Contest. This event has always been a well-received neighborly competition that we would like to continue, but we must have help to do so. If you are interested in either of these assignments let any member of the CPRV Board know.

From the Crime Prevention Committee:
Malcolm Martin

Nearly 100% of Riverview is participating in the Neighborhood Watch Program, but Ethel Ave. and 41st Street still need volunteers to serve as block captains. If you are a Riverview resident and have not yet heard from a block captain, let me know, and I will get in touch with the volunteer for your block.

Colonial Place is proceeding more slowly, but 11 streets now have block captains, and we hope to have contact lists for those blocks in the near future.

The primary reason for developing contact lists is simple: in an emergency – a pattern of burglaries, an assault, etc. – the police contact me and the block captains, and we in turn contact those on the lists. In the upcoming months you can expect to find a Neighborhood Watch volunteer knocking on your door to explain the block security program and to request your contact information.

As always, we need more help. If you would be willing to be a block captain, please contact me at 625-8285 or at

We strongly recommend that you arrange for a security inspection of your property by the Norfolk Police. It is easy to do, and will give you valuable information about the vulnerable points on your property. Contact the Norfolk Crime Prevention Section at 664-6901 to make an appointment. It will take very little of your time – time that will be well spent to protect you and your property.

Meet your Neighbors, The Joneses
Sheila Janes

Meet Brian, Vicki and Maggie Jones. The Joneses have lived on the first block of Maryland Avenue for six years and in Colonial Place for ten years. Brian moved to Norfolk where his family is from to complete his studio art degree at Old Dominion University. He is a Volkswagen enthusiast and currently owns both a 1978 bus and a 1995 Jetta. Brian works for Global Spectrum and spends much of his time chasing after and enjoying three-year-old Maggie who started preschool this fall. Vicki, originally from Pennsylvania, has worked for the Norfolk Public School System for the past ten years. She works out of the central administration office as an instructional specialist. Vicki is also a reading specialist and avid reader who belongs to a book club currently reading Life of Pi by Yann Martel. The Joneses find Colonial Place to be a wonderful neighborhood for raising kids. In about seven months another Jones family member will make his or her debut! Look for the whole family walking and feeding the ducks on most evenings

October’s Speakers
Andy Wallach

The candidates in the November election for the Norfolk Circuit Court Clerk will appear and speak at the October meeting. CPRV residents will have an opportunity to ask the candidates questions. The Circuit Court Clerk maintains criminal and civil case records and also handles notary public, marriage licenses, fictitious name filings, DD214s, minister certificates, abstracts of judgments, land records/deeds, will probate, and concealed handgun permits. The term is for eight years and the annual salary is $107,875. The Circuit court has the broadest powers of all trial courts in Virginia. It hears civil cases with claims of more than $15,000, felonies, and misdemeanors that are appealed from the General District and Juvenile & Domestic Relations Courts. Family matters, including divorce, child support and custody are also handled in the Circuit Court. The candidates are Steven A. Mirman, George E. Schaefer, and Sherry White-Battle

Stuck on CPRV?
Jeanne Ullian

Fall is coming. When the temperature drops below 50 degrees it will be too cold to attach the CPRV Sticker to your vehicle. So don't delay. Purchase your stickers at the October Civic League meeting for only $2.50 each (exact change) or use our convenient Stickers-By-Mail program that includes free home delivery to residents of Colonial Place and Riverview.

Checks should be made out to CPRV and mailed to Jeanne Ullian, 4400 Mayflower Road, Norfolk, VA 23508. Before sealing the envelope make sure your address or the address to which the stickers should be delivered is inside.

this is FOR THE BIRDS!
Stephanie Gray

Consider being extra diligent about filling your bird feeders since hurricane Isabel. We not only were inconvenienced by the storm, but hundreds of our feathered friends in our neighborhoods are now homeless due to catastrophic loss of so many huge and long standing trees. Hurricanes often blow in birds not native to our area so you may even gain some notoriety by spotting a rare bird. This may be a hard season for the birds who pass here and stop while going to warmer climes. Many have made our trees their stop-over point to rest while passing through the area. If you do not have any feeders, this may be the time to consider getting one. Cardinals like Black Oil sunflower and Safflower seeds. Bird mixes with millet will mostly be wasted. Most birds sweep those seeds aside and leave them on the ground for the pigeons, which most of us would rather not encourage to stay.

Tis the Season.......BYOL
(Bring your own ladder)

The Riverview Village Business Association is looking for a few ladder-toting neighbors to assist in the hanging of the traditional holiday wreaths on Granby Street. Contrary to popular belief, city elves do not magically decorate Granby Street. So show your continued commitment to our neighborhood commercial district by helping out on Sunday, November 2. (We’ll assemble at 1pm at The Riverview Coffee Parlor.) Bring your ladder and wire cutters (or just your able-bodied self) and help decorate Granby Street.

Stephanie Gray

I am currently collecting new and gently used books for children ages 0-5 for the library on the newly commissioned USS Ronald Reagan CVN-76. These books will be used by ships crew to make video tapes of stories to be mailed to their children while the ship is away. This is a great way for the children and parent to stay in contact with each other while they are apart. The ship provides the video camera and tapes and is available for use by all when underway. Our goal is to collect 35 books from our neighborhood. There will be bookplates for donors to fill out so that the ships crew can have a special message on the jacket and the crew will know the source of the donations. Contact Stephanie Gray 533-9097 or at

The Granby Street Beat
Rosemary Zemanian

Riverview Village will kick off the holiday season with an Open House on Saturday, November 8, from 10am to 4pm. The Riverview Village Business Association’s Special Events Committee is hard at work planning an inaugural event that hopefully will become an annual tradition.

Alice McCoy, of The Riverview Coffee Parlor, held an open house last year with Patrice Dubois and Rebecca Howard of Bloom, and this year is committed to bringing the event to the entire business district. Kathy Tabb, from Tabb’s at Riverview, is organizing a progressive sampling from the village’s restaurants that is bound to keep shoppers energized. Each participating business will sponsor a raffle or other special event at their location. Gift certificates may be purchased for individual shops, restaurants, and service businesses providing a great way to introduce your friends and family to Riverview Village.

Transportation plans are being put in place that will allow shoppers to catch a ride throughout the area and also to visit the Virginia Zoo’s beautiful gift shop. As the date approaches look for additional publicity at the businesses, but be sure to save the date on your calendar now.

As always, shop the neighborhood first, especially on November 8th!


10. It gets you away from the kids for a few hours.
9. It gives you an opportunity to talk to adults (sort of!).
8. Since you’ll be rushed for time, you’ll have an excuse to eat out.
7. It provides an opportunity to show off your new wardrobe.
6. It gives you a chance to complain about the neighbor’s grass, fence, girlfriend, or anything else.
5. If you’re running for political office and need a block of votes.
4. It helps you learn if the flu shot really works.
3. It gives you a chance to miss “Survivor” and “Ozzie Osbourne.”
2. It provides you with stimulating dinner conversation.
1. It will make you feel like your voice counts and you will want to help maintain a cohesive neighborhood that supports good, clean living and a chance to influence the direction of the city.

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