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December 2003

             Special Guest at This Month's Meeting: Santa Claus

CIVIC LEAGUE MEETING, Monday, December 8, 2003, 7:00 pm, Stuart Center, 411 Virginia Avenue. Use cafeteria entrance at school parking lot.

NEXT BOARD MEETING will be January 19, 2004, at 7:00 pm.

DEADLINE for the January issue is Tuesday, December 30, 2003.

THIS MONTH'S MEETING AGENDA:   Santa Claus - Holiday Refreshments.

Vice President's Notes
Andy Wallach

Happy Holidays. Please bring your children to join your neighbors at our next meeting on Monday, December 8th, to share refreshments. Our special guest visitor is Santa Claus.

I want to take this opportunity to thank our President, Craig Reilly for all he has done this past year. He and our other officers and committee heads have done a great job in bettering our neighborhood. There are many things happening in our community and in the City of Norfolk. Most of what I see is beneficial Ö but not all. There are things that would benefit our neighborhood that need to be done. There are over 100 civic leagues in the city competing for the attention of the City Council and the City Manager. To be heard, we must be active. Make it a New Yearís resolution that you will be more involved in making our community and our city better. As demonstrated this year in the stadium controversy, a few people working together can quickly change the mind of City Council. In our neighborhood we have people concerned with the walking/bicycle path along Haven Creek, others are interested in water view/access in Riverview. In East Ocean View, there is a movement underway, supported by members in our community, to make a new park. Think and act. Decide what you believe will better our neighborhood/city and then act to make it happen.

The Civic League is in urgent need for a volunteer to replace Membership Committee head, Bob Reardon. He has done an outstanding job but must resign due to travel. He has already sent out the membership renewal requests for next year. Duties involve collecting applications and dues, issuing membership cards, maintaining the membership roster, and mailing out the annual renewal notices. Bob is back for a short while before he leaves in January for three months. We need someone now in order to have a good turnover. Call me or Craig Reilly.

I wish you happy holidays and a wonderful new year. May we all do an unexpected kind act for someone we do not even know.

Meet the Neighbors
The Kennedys
Sheila Janes

I would like to introduce you to Jack and Betsy Rivers-Kennedy of Riverview. The Kennedys moved to Riverview in 1969. Jack is retired from being an architect with the Army Corp of Engineers. He last served as the design team leader for the Virginia Beach hurricane protection project and new boardwalk. Betsy is an artist/calligrapher. You can find her at Studio 22 in the D'Art Center on Wednesdays and Thursdays working or teaching. She has had her art displayed in the Chrysler Museum and the National Cathedral and was awarded best-in-show at an annual juried show of the Tidewater Artists Association. Both Jack and Betsy are alumni of VPI (10 years apart) where she was a cheerleader, Both are active in the community. Betsy has been a regular exhibitor at the Front Porch Art Walk and Jack is largely responsible for the community garden's shed and Riverview's Historic Marker. He also served as CPRV Secretary.† You may see him cycling around Riverview delivering the newsletter, watering flowers at the historic marker or, in season, gathering pecans from behind the Subway with his favorite dog Angel. Angel's sister Abigail is a therapy dog Betsy takes regularly to visit those in nursing homes. Together, Jack and Betsy share a love of their Beach Avenue home and of Riverview, which stems from "the view of nature as it exists along the Lafayette River". Between the two of them they have 9 children and 9 grandchildren. E-mail at We wish them a happy 14th anniversary in December.

Shop The Neighborhood First!

Remember to support our neighborhood merchants this holiday season.

Youíll find much of what need this year at the many fine merchants along North Colley Avenue and in Riverview Village.

Volunteers Needed and Wanted

The Civic League has several volunteer opportunities available for those who would like to get more involved in their community.

The Publicity Committee is looking for volunteers to form a special events sub-committee. These volunteers will help in planning special events, such as the Back Yard Tour, which took a hiatus this year. Contact Ann Fitzgibbon to help.

The Membership Committee needs a new chairperson, with Bob Reardonís retirement from the position. Contact Craig Reilly if youíre interested in this important position.

Our Crime Prevention committee needs volunteer block captains, and our Community Improvement Committee always has a long list of volunteer opportunities. Contact Malcolm Martin and Kathy Stark to help.

Something New At The Zoo

Billy, Masai Giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis) at Your Virginia Zoo, has two new mates! Keana, born 4/16/02 and Imara, born 4/4/02 met Billy approximately a month ago. Recently, they were introduced for the very first time together! Introductions were rather uneventful - some sniffing, frockling around and rubbing necks. Keana and Imara were very cautious at first but Zookeepers enticed them into their new digs by offering sweet potato vines placed in piles throughout their habitat. Keana ran from pile to pile, munching down on her favorite treat!

Keana, (Hawaiian for Cool Breeze) is very shy, eats constantly and loves sweet potato vines! Imara (Swahili for Strong) is very curious and not timid at all. She's a little ornery and sometimes gets into trouble. Tallest of all mammals, male giraffe attain an overall height of 18 feet with the female at 16 feet. Both male and female have the same size legs.

Virginia Zoo is open every day from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Admission prices are $5.00 for adults, $4.00 for seniors and $2.00 for children (2 and under - free).

POPPS Wins Environmental Award

Preserve Our Public Park Spaces, the grass roots effort that brought many Norfolk citizens together the past summer to fight a proposed stadium in Lafayette Park was given an Award of Merit by the Norfolk Environmental Commission. The award was given for outstanding environmental stewardship during the Commissionís annual awards luncheon in November.

Congratulations to all the Norfolk citizens who worked diligently, and in the true spirit of Jefferson, this past summer to save Lafayette Park!

The Work Goes On at

Meanwhile, out in East Ocean View, a group of Norfolk citizens are trying to save the last piece of open green space in the area. The property is located along Ocean View Avenue, between 3rd Bay and 5th Bay Streets. The Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority owns approximately 25 acres of land that currently provides beautiful open green space and is home to more than 1,000 trees, including dozens of mature live oak trees.

Check out the web site at A new large city park would be a treasure for all Norfolk residents.

Donít Give Criminals A Happy Holiday Season

Remember, at this busy time of year, criminals are busy too. Donít give them easy opportunities to ruin your holidays. Here are some tips to stay safe.

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