Colonial Place/Riverview Civic League

March 2003

             Guest Speaker, Tim Polk, Director of the Department of Planning and Community Development for the City of Norfolk

CIVIC LEAGUE MEETING, Monday, March 10, 2003, 7:00 pm, Stuart Center, 411 Virginia Avenue. Use cafeteria entrance at school parking lot.

NEXT BOARD MEETING will be March 17, 2003, at 7:00 pm.

DEADLINE for the April issue is Tuesday, March 25, 2003.

THIS MONTH'S MEETING AGENDA:   Monthly police report - Code enforcement update - Tim Polk, Director of the Department of Planning and Community Development for the City of Norfolk.

Guest Speaker: Tim Polk

Tim Polk, Director of Department of Planning and Community Development, oversees two functional divisions, the first being the Division of Planning and the second being the Division of Building Services. Within his department are the following managers: Environmental Services, Zoning Services, Neighborhood Services, Transportation Services, and Housing Services. Mr. Polk attended our charette on February 1, and he is a key player as we plan the future of Colonial Place/Riverview.

President’s Notes ‘n’ Stuff
Craig Reilly

March is here, the flowers are starting to grow and I know we are all looking forward to spring. With all the rain we’ve had, I doubt there will be any special instructions about watering during drought conditions this year. The roadwork at Delaware Avenue is complete, making entry to Colonial Place and access to the Dog Park so much easier.

The Civic League is busy getting ready to help us all with our spring-cleaning. Make sure you read the notice below about our upcoming Neighborhood Cleanup Day that we have scheduled. And as promised last month we have included a list of all the people and businesses that sponsored our Charette. On the other side of the list of sponsors is a Civic League Calendar of Events that was asked for at the last meeting. You will be able to tear off the last page of our Newsletter this month and have a handy reference for trash & recycling pickups, as well as Civic League meetings and other useful information.

Finally, I want everyone to know that we are running a bit behind getting the information and paperwork processed for our membership cards. Our membership chair has taken a much-deserved vacation, putting us a bit behind the curve. We are processing the cards as fast as possible and will send them out as soon as we can. Thanks to all of our residents for helping to make Riverview and Colonial Place two of the most desirable neighborhoods in the city of Norfolk.

P. S. Our Treasurer position is still open waiting for you. Just contact one of our board member to let them know you want to help.

Clean-Up the Neighborhood
Audrey Webb

Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 26, 2003, 10am to noon, for our next "clean-up the neighborhood" event. Volunteers are needed; call Audrey Webb at 623-1197.

Preserving Our Concrete Tile Roofs
Andy Wallach

Throughout our neighborhood you will see many houses with concrete tile roofs. Unfortunately some homeowners, when faced with leaks or aesthetic concerns, call a roofer, unfamiliar with tiles, who advises them to rip the tiles off and install asphalt shingles. Rip off and replace is not the only answer nor necessarily the least expensive. A leak due to a broken tile may be easily and cheaply fixed by just removing the broken tile and installing a replacement.

First some background. Concrete tiles were made locally at least at two plants, one in Norfolk and one in Berkeley and in at least two different sizes. Most of the tiles were painted red at the factory. While concrete tiles are no longer made locally, used original tiles are available and new tiles with the same design, though probably not the same dimensions, are available from various manufacturers. Most concrete tiles are not nailed. They have cleats on the bottom that hook onto batten boards nailed to the roof sheathing which has been covered with tar paper. The weight of the tile and the overlapping tile on top keep the tiles in place. Over the years the tar paper becomes brittle due to heat and cracks. Then when a tile is cracked, water leaks through, and instead of running down the tarpaper, leaks between the seams of the wood roof sheathing and into the house.

One should avoid walking on concrete tiles. If necessary, to prevent cracking and breaking, it is best to distribute one’s weight by using a piece of plywood or walking on a ladder that is hooked over the roof peak. If walking directly on the tiles, one should avoid the more fragile tile edges and instead walk on the bottom three inches or "butt" of the tile that overlaps with adjacent tiles.

Concrete tile roofs can be cleaned by pressure washing or scrubbing. They can also be repainted. While the original tile used in our neighborhood were surface painted, new tile is available with color all the way through. If you have many leaks or your wood sheathing is damaged, you can remove the tiles and battens; fix your sheathing; cover the roof with ice and water shield, install new battens, and reinstall your shingles.

There are many information sources on the Internet. For background information see For a description and illustrations of how to replace a tile see

Gary and Margaret Bright at 530 Rhode Island and Andy Wallach at 545 Mayflower have experience maintaining their concrete tile roofs and are willing to provide advice.

What's up at
Jeanne Ullian

Did Norman Pollock's presentation at our Neighborhood Charette pique your interest to learn more about the history of our neighborhoods? I recommend you take a look at these four links found in the Site Index of

1. History, Civic League: Article from the 1969-1999 Anniversary edition of the CPRV Community News.
2. History, Detailed: Series of articles written by Norman Pollock for the CPRV Community News.
3. Evolution of an Urban Neighborhood: Text of the chapter in this book written by Norman Pollock.
4. National Register of Historic Places: Full text of the NRHP electronic files for Colonial Place.
With these resources it would be an easy task for someone with a little time to put together a wonderful historic tour of our neighborhoods. I am particularly fond of the articles in the History, Detailed link. They describe daily life in our neighborhoods circa 1915-when women put on their hats and white gloves before boarding the trolley for lunch or shopping in downtown Norfolk-as well as describing specific homes and their occupants in the same era. Who knows-your house could be one of the houses mentioned.

Missed your newsletter? The electronic version of the CPRV Community News is usually posted on our Web site the Tuesday or Wednesday of the week before the monthly Civic League meeting. There is a link off the home page. Past issues are available in the Newsletter Archive. (Check the Site Index.)

Our unofficial Community E-mail Group is another good way to keep tabs and participate in the neighborhood. Again, check the Site Index for E-Mail Group-CPRV to get instructions for joining.

Gardening Season Again!
Becky Kiser

The daffodils are coming up and the trees are budding out, so it's time to think about the Community Garden! The Spring Organizing Meeting will be held on Saturday, March 22, 2003, at 12 noon, at the garden site behind Fellini’s. In case of rain, we will meet at the Knox Presbyterian Church on Colonial & 37th, in the Fellowship Hall. All interested folks are welcome and all kinds of skills are appreciated (including strong folks for turning compost). There are individual plots available (with some effort towards the whole as well) and room for your creativity. We do garden “organically”, i.e., chemical-free and composting, and we love flowers as well as herbs. This year’s goals, besides keeping the beautiful Georgia Ave. entrance going, will include working more on the Michigan Ave. end, and completing the border along Fellini’s parking lot. FMI - Becky Kiser 489-0088 or

Thank You!              Thank You!              Thank You!

The organizers of the Colonial Place and Riverview Community Charette would
like to thank the following people and organizations for their outstanding support!

Citizen Volunteers

Planning Committee
Michael Fitzgibbon, Chairman
Carol Wilson-Glenn, Secretary
David Block, Sponsorship Committee Chair
Margaret Bright, Registration Committee Chair
Steve Earnhart, Publicity Committee Chair
David McDonald, Facilities Committee Chair
Steven Tobias, Food Committee Chair
Jennifer Barbee, Publicity Committee
Buz Jones
Karen Priest, NoCo Business Partnership
Theresa Nock, Publicity Committee
Kathy Stark

Our Generous Financial Sponsors

Diamond Sponsors ($500)
William E. Wood and Associates Realtors
Levin's of Virginia

Gold Sponsors ($250)
Nancy Chandler Associates Realtors
Heritage Bank and Trust
Long and Foster Realtors

Bronze Sponsors ($100)
Lafayette River Consulting
Bruce H. Gould Attorney, P.C.

Craig Reilly, CPRV Civic League President
Dr. Norman Pollock, Cicerone Extraordinaire
David Block, CPRV Immediate Past President
Jim Prentice, PACE Officer, Norfolk Police Department

Jeanne Ullian

Site Support
John Stewart
Artemis Stoll

Flyer Distribution
Cheryl Copper
Christine Hoppe
Buzz Jones
Sonya Mounts
Bill Nusbaum

Charette Break Out
Group Facilitators

Cheryl Copper
Steve Earnhart
Chris Gray
Sheila Jones
Dave McDonald
Lisa Murray
Kelly Sorensen
Kathy Stark

Please use the full-page
pullout to
“shop the neighborhood first”
and support our
CPRV Community Charette sponsors
Door prize Donors

Aardvark Glass
Changes Hairstyling and Day Spa
Daniel’s Lawn and Garden Center
Enrico’s Ristorante
O’Sullivan’s Wharf Restaurant
Premier Soccer
Sandy Point Tackle and Marine
Seeley’s Florist
Wildfire Communications

Our wonderful neighborhood Restaurants, Businesses & Friends who contributed food, beverages, decorations and supplies for our Charette

O'Sullivan’s Wharf Restaurant
Family owned pub and seafood/steak restaurant restaurant; truly a "local's locale".
Their pasta was a huge hit at the Charette!

Greater Grinders
Hot oven baked subs, salads, and seasonal soups.
Their "party subs" were a sight to behold!

The Pizza Inn Restaurant
A tasty new addition to the Northern Colley (“NoCo”) restaurant scene.
Their delicious pizza made many stomachs happy!

Tabb's at Riverview Restaurant
The place for seafood on Granby Street with a tasty Sunday brunch.
Jeff and Kathy Tabb were on hand at the Charette to serve up some of their scrumptious soup.

Mi Hogar Restaurant
Serves up wonderful Mexican food with outstanding daily specials.
The Mi Hogar table at the Charette was the place to be!

Everafter Flower Market
Patrice’s floral arrangements added that “flair” that is so often missing in February.
In addition to charettes, they also handle weddings, holidays or any other occasion that you might have.

Veneziano Italian Restaurant
Family-owned since 1947 and offering unique and traditional Italian dishes.
If you are hungry and cannot make it to Italy, Veneziano is the next best place.

Riverview Coffee Parlor
The CPRV Community Charette had need of strong and delicious coffee to keep the synapses firing, and Alice McCoy delivered!
Visit her cozy coffee parlor and enjoy coffees, homemade limeades, frozen smoothies, sandwiches, sweets and treats.

Subway at Riverview
The Riverview Subway really hit the spot with a generous offering of their submarine sandwiches.

The Retro Diner
Our diner on the corner of Colley and Virginia Avenue warmed many hearts and stomachs with their fabulous chili.
Be sure to visit them for lunch and dinner!

Fellini's Restaurant
Great food, great service and a unique setting for lunch and dinner.
Their salad was so good!

Uncle Louie's Restaurant
Our Ward’s Corner friend made a big hit with their plentiful & plenty good breakfast!
“Say Uncle” when you want breakfast, lunch, dinner or deli carryout.

Joanne Hickman
Our citizen baker rose to the task and wowed the entire community with her amazing baked goods.
Craig Reilly has not stopped talking about the coffee cake since.

Colley Avenue Copies
Ok, it is not food exactly, but Holly, Joaquin and Lucien donated time, talent and paper
to assist us in getting everyone to the Community Charette.

Patronize These Proud Supporters of Our Neighborhood Charette
William E. Wood and Associates Realtors
“Come Home to Norfolk”
(757) 625-2580
Levin’s of Virginia
Handcrafted Brass & Iron Beds
Custom Mattresses, Fine Italian Linens
(757) 623-7272
Nancy Chandler Associates Realtors
701 West 21st Street
(757) 623-2382
Heritage Bank & Trust
4815 Colley Avenue
(757) 423-5070
Long & Foster Realtors
2000 Colonial Avenue
(757) 623-2500
Lafayette River Consulting
(757) 628-8338
Bruce H. Gould Attorney, P.C.
(757) 627-7787
Buddy Caramillo
O’Sullivan’s Wharf Restaurant
4300 Colley Avenue
Ms. Alice J. McCoy
Riverview Coffee Parlor
4117 Granby Street
Mr. Louis Eisenberg
Uncle Louie’s Restaurant
132 E Little Creek Rd
Jeff and Kathy Tabb
Tabb’s at Riverview Restaurant
4019 Granby Street
Mr. James McCloud
Subway at Riverview
4140 Granby Street
Elizabeth Kloc
Fellini’s Restaurant
3910 Colley Avenue
Khyal Saeed
Pizza Inn Restaurant
5008 Colley Avenue
Keith Pearl
The Retro Diner
4110 Colley Avenue
Orlando and Angelo
Veneziano Italian Restaurant
4024 Granby
Mr. Armando Ayala
Mi Hogar Restaurant
4201 Granby Street
Ms. Ellen Schafer
Greater Grinders
4311 Colley Avenue
Ms. Joanne Hickman
Colonial Place Resident
John and Maggi Tsouris
Enrico’s Ristorante
4012 Colley Avenue
Tom Bashara
Premier Soccer
5000 Colley Avenue
Robert Parker
Seeley’s Florist
4301 Colley Avenue
Theresa Nock
Colonial Place Resident
Adam Brunner
Aardvark Glass
5111 Colley Avenue
Daniel Painter
Daniel’s Lawn and Garden Center
4900 Colley Avenue
Holly, Joaquin, & Lucien
Colley Avenue Copy Shop
4211 Colley Avenue
Norma Dorey
Changes Hairstyling and Day Spa
222 West 21st Street
Buddy Caramillo
O’Sullivan’s Wharf Restaurant
4300 Colley Avenue
Patrice Dupuis
Everafter Flower Market
4117 Granby Street
Ms. Athena O’Dea
Wildfire Communications
137 W. Little Creek Rd.
Malcolm Pine
Sandy Point Tackle and Marine
5015 Colley Avenue
David and Cathy Francis
Web Space
Harris Teeter
Colonial Avenue

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