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June 2003

             Guest Speaker, Paul D. Fraim, Mayor of the City of Norfolk

CIVIC LEAGUE MEETING, Monday, June 9, 2003, 7:00 pm, Stuart Center, 411 Virginia Avenue. Use cafeteria entrance at school parking lot.

NEXT BOARD MEETING will be Monday, June 16, 2003, at 7:00 pm.

DEADLINE for the July issue is Tuesday, June 24, 2003.

THIS MONTH'S MEETING AGENDA:   Monthly police report - Code enforcement update - Mayor Paul D. Fraim will speak - Election of Officers - Funding for the Ice Cream Social

President’s Notes ‘n’ Stuff
Craig Reilly

Is a 3000 seat Multi-Sport Complex the best use for our City’s Lafayette Park? This is the question we find ourselves asking after approximately $1.5 million dollars was added to the City Budget this year, for just this purpose. What the City of Norfolk is proposing is a multi sports complex and stadium to be shared by both Maury and Granby High Schools. In addition to the field, bleachers and other supporting facilities, a parking lot designed to accommodate 300 cars has been included in the “plans” and I use that term loosely.

The Lafayette Park Sports Complex is to be the home field of the two rival schools in the sports of football, soccer, field hockey, lacrosse and track. The proposed site location is within Lafayette Park, just south of 35th Street, where the children’s playground equipment and outdoor pavilions are presently located. I know some of our residents have been following this issue very closely, while others may be hearing about this proposal for the first time. Now is the time to ask serious and critical questions about our City Park and the future state that we envision for it. We must have quality answers, open dialogue and cooperation of all the stakeholders involved with this project.

Mayor Paul Fraim has requested time at our June Civic League to give a presentation about the City’s proposed plan to build a sports complex in the Lafayette Park. As this proposal greatly impacts the amount of green space contained in our City Park, I urge all interested Norfolk residents to attend this meeting. An issue as important as this should not be conceived, planned, budgeted and built without input and scrutiny of the citizens of Norfolk. The people that live in Norfolk are the people that care the most about our limited resources and how best to utilize them. Your voices need to be heard!

In addition to the discussion about the above-mentioned proposal we must vote for Civic League officers for the upcoming 2003-2004 term. In anticipation of the amount of time we will need for our agenda and the officer elections, next year’s budget presentation will be moved to next month.

See you June 9th!

Introducing Malcolm Martin
Our New Crime Prevention Chair

I have recently been appointed chair of the Crime Prevention Committee. My role, as I understand it, is to serve as a liaison between our Civic League and the Norfolk Police Department. I look forward to this task, for as a four-year resident of Colonial Place, I enjoy our neighborhood and want to make it a better place.

As you are probably aware, thefts from autos are still occurring frequently. I suspect that many of the other types of crime are ancillary to auto theft and thefts from autos. If we can get a handle on these crimes, we might go a long way toward eradicating vandalism, burglaries, bicycle thefts, etc. Those who steal cars or steal from cars notice vulnerable houses and unlocked bicycles, and perhaps commit acts of vandalism…you get the idea.

I would like to hear from you about what you feel are the most serious crime-related problems in Colonial Place and Riverview. Suggestions about what to do about these problems are also welcome, and while I can’t guarantee to be able to follow up on all suggestions, I promise to listen to them.

One thought is to revive the Neighborhood Watch. I have been conducting an informal poll on this subject for some months now, and have found little interest in doing so. However, I am open to persuasion in the matter if enough people come forward who would be willing to serve as block captains. In the meantime I can use all the help I can get, and would greatly appreciate hearing from people who have practical ideas for reducing crime in our neighborhood, particularly auto thefts and thefts from autos.

I definitely need at least one person living in the Riverview area to assist me, since I don’t get over there frequently and want to make sure that any problems occurring there aren’t overlooked.

Please feel free to contact me by phone at 625-8285 or e-mail at

See you around the neighborhood!

Lafayette Park .... A Ball Park?
Ann Fitzgibbon

Norfolk’s City Council has approved money to build a 3000-seat sports stadium in Lafayette Park, next to the Norfolk Zoo, using a significant portion of the green space in this historic public park! The project will cost the city $1.5 million, using funds from both the city and the school board budgets.

A grass roots effort to preserve this precious piece of urban green space is under way. POPPS, Preserve Our Public Park Spaces, is a group of concerned citizens from many Norfolk neighborhoods, not just Colonial Place and Riverview, who are working to prevent this project from claiming our City‘s central park space. Our goal is simple: NO Stadium In Lafayette Park.Our concerns include:

Once gone, the green space in Lafayette Park cannot be reclaimed or replaced. The area targeted for the proposed stadium contains mature live oak trees, a stream and a children’s play area. The zoo, a cemetery, and a fragile wetland, part of the Lafayette River, border the site.

Where was the process? The money to build a sports stadium and displace public park property was added to the city budget after the last public hearing (part of the usual budgeting process) was held.

We were denied due process to discuss this significant budget item. Most citizens first learned of the City’s intention to replace public park space with a multi-million dollar stadium and parking lot when they read an article in the Virginian-Pilot. The article appeared less than a week before the City Council voted on the budget. When several Norfolk citizens tried to speak to the City Council at the May 20th meeting regarding the budget item, their requests to formally state their opinions were denied by the Council. These residents were told the previous public hearings were the only times discussion of the budget would be heard by Council. This position was stated by the Mayor and supported by Council, despite the Mayor’s admission that the budget item was added after the public hearings.

Is the stadium necessary? No formal study or needs assessment was conducted to determine the facility needs for the two primary users of the proposed stadium - Granby and Maury High Schools. Nor was an environmental study conducted.

Find out how you can help in this grass roots effort to save Lafayette Park. Call 714-6815 or visit the web site at POPPS.ORG.

Meet The Janes
Sheila Janes

Welcome to the new column of getting to know your neighbor. Each month I will be featuring a different CPRV family. This month I will start with my family which consists of Ian, Nova, who is 6 years old, and Sean, who is almost 4 years old. We have two dogs, Coco and Cujo, and 3 cats. We have lived at 439 New York Avenue for six years and love it. Ian is an engineer at WHRO and I am the childcare director at CANDII house. Our passion is old Volkswagen buses and we started a bus club that meets at the Retro Diner each month. Ian builds and repairs computers on the side. I graduated from ODU this past December, so I now have more time to be a bookworm. We love Colonial Place because our neighbors are such a great group of people. We need more space in our home, but our neighbors are so wonderful that we hope to expand the attic instead of moving on. We love to sit out front on a Friday night and talk or debate about anything. Come join us. Contact us at Check back next month to be introduced to another household in your great community.

Coastal Cheer Sensation
Katina Ferguson

Coastal Cheer Sensation is a newly formed AAU competitive cheering squad currently practicing out of Norfolk Collegiate Lower School. We have openings on our Tiny Tots (3-5 yr olds), Pee-Wee (K-3rd), Youth (4th-6th), Junior (7th-9th) and Senior (10th-12th) squads.

TEAMWORK, DEDICATION and EXCELLENCE IN THE SPORT OF CHEERLEADING are just a few of the attributes taught at CCS. College scholarships are available at many universities - CCS is your first step in that process.

For information, please call Barryanne Markun at 681-6944 or Becky Burgess at 472-3079.

Promote CPRV...
The oval is coming
Look for it at the annual CPRV Ice Cream Social July 14

Election of Officers
David Block

As reported in last month’s newsletter, it is time to vote on the election of league officers. The following slate of officers was presented at the May membership meeting. Listed below are the offices for which they were nominated and tidbits about each nominee.

President: Craig Reilly. Craig is our current league President. He has resided in Colonial Place for the past seven years, is married to Laurie, and has two adult children. In the past, he served as an executive board member of the Maury High School PTA. While living in West Ghent, he joined their civic league and quickly learned the importance of being involved in the community. His desire is to encourage other residents to participate in community activities, provide a forum for them, and improve our two neighborhoods as well as the City.

Vice President: Andy Wallach. Andy is our current league Vice President. He lived in Ocean View and Larrymore Lawns before moving to Colonial Place fifteen years ago. Before retiring, he worked with Naval Intelligence and was a Captain in the Naval Reserves. He has an MBA degree from Old Dominion University and a BA degree in Economics from Johns Hopkins University. Andy has been married for “fifteen wonderful years” to Cynthia Faschini. He has two adult children, has been a member of the civic league for the past six years, and acted as chair for the Oyster Float committee. He’s involved because he hopes to enhance our excellent neighborhoods and city.

Secretary: As of press time we had no confirmed nominee.

Treasurer: David Nye. David is acting League Treasurer. He has resided in Colonial Placefor more than 2 years. A Virginia Wesleyan College graduate with a BA in Business & Economics, David is a staffing analyst for QVC. He loves carpentry and historic home restoration.

Nominations for each office will be closed, and an election for that office will occur before proceeding to the next office. Each nominee will be afforded the opportunity to speak to the membership for two minutes prior to the vote being taken.

What's up at
Jeanne Ullian

POP--Preserve Our Park (at least until we are informed!) is a new page on our Web site. Check it for the latest news on the proposed stadium complex on Granby. Scroll down the page for instructions on how to join the neighborhood email group where this issue is being discussed.

Beautifying Our Borders
Margaret Bright

The BOB committee has compromised on a plan to tend the Historic signs plantings. Your generous neighbors, Jack Kennedy and Bob Reardon , have volunteered to tend the three sites throughout the year. To supplement the care of the Colonial Place sites, Tanner’s Creek Gardening Center will water on an as-needed basis and will also do a twice-a-year maintenance. The cost will be covered by the Community Improvement allotment in the 2003 - 2004 Budget. If you have any questions concerning this plan, please call me at 627-2815. Stay tuned for future plans(tings) brought to you by the BOBs!

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