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February 2004

             Guest Speaker, Ann Fitzgibbon on Bay Oaks Park, at This Month's Meeting

CIVIC LEAGUE MEETING, Monday, February 9, 2004, 7:00 pm, Stuart Center, 411 Virginia Avenue. Use cafeteria entrance at school parking lot.

NEXT BOARD MEETING will be February 16, 2004, at 7:00 pm.

DEADLINE for the March issue is Tuesday, February 24, 2004.

THIS MONTH'S MEETING AGENDA:   Monthly police report - Code enforcement update - Ann Fitzgibbon will speak on Bay Oaks Park - Report on the triangle at Granby and LaVallette.

Presidents Notes
Craig Reilly

It surely is easy to look forward to spring when you look at the snow on the ground and realize you need to shovel the walkway. With spring right around the corner, your Civic League is busy putting together an agenda for the year. What follows is a brief overview of some of these plans for the next three months.

This month, we will hear about enhancements for the triangle at Granby Street and LaValette Avenue. Then we will have a presentation by Ann Fitzgibbon that was postponed from last month. Ann is going to tell us about Bay Oaks Park in East Ocean View. Following that, as our meetings have grown in size and volume, there has been a recurring request to provide amplification so that everyone can hear our guest speakers. Therefore, we will take a vote on whether to spend approximately $450.00 to purchase a public address system for our civic league meetings.

The following month, March, we plan to provide a very short overview of preliminary plans for Haven Creek. There are plans to improve the boat ramp on Delaware Avenue and replace the bulkhead and pathway along Haven Creek. With the City of Norfolk now in the process of creating a budget for the next fiscal year, the CPRV Civic League is working to make sure that needed funding will be available and that we have input for this project. Expect a vote to be taken on supporting of these efforts.

In April we will have as our guest speaker the Honorable Barclay C. Winn. Councilman Winn is the representative for Superward 6, which includes Riverview and Colonial Place. Mr. Winn has recently announced that he will seek a second term on City Council, and he is campaigning for his re-election.

Remember, you make our CPRV Civic League effective, so plan to attend our meetings the second Monday of each month. See You There! you never heard back
Jeanne Ullian

Sometimes even in the best run organizations something slips through the cracks. Well, that's more or less what happened to our email account at president We thought it was being monitored.... By the time this newsletter reaches you we should have regained access to the account and reviewed all the old emails. From now on our secretary, Susan Sussman, will check the account on a weekly basis. If you have pressing concerns, contact an officer directly. Phone numbers are in every issue of the Community News.

Blood Drive

The Riverview Business Association will be sponsoring a Blood Drive on Wed., Feb. 11 at the Riverview Coffee Parlor. Please stop by or call Alice at 622-1365 to sign up.

The Riverview Triangle
Rosemary Zemanian

At the Midtown Commercial Revitalization Task Force meeting in January it was announced that the Riverview triangle at the junction of Granby Street and LaValette Avenue is scheduled for a much needed facelift. The loitering/trash issues of last spring prompted the city to meet with neighborhood representatives to discuss improving the situation at the corner. During an examination of the general area, a rat problem at the triangle also was discovered. Dean Bowles, of Parks and Forestry, promptly had the grass removed and agreed to replace it with something more attractive and suitable for the location.

Parks and Forestry has developed a plan for the entire triangle that will be an asset for the commercial corridor and the neighborhood, and is set to be implemented by the end of the planting season. The oak tree in the triangle will have to be removed to create a satisfactory planting area. When the tree was planted 25 years ago, the power lines directly overhead were not a major issue. This now-mature tree has experienced a variety of prunings that have resulted in lopsided appearance. In addition, utilities are located under the oak, and if utility repairs become necessary the tree is likely slated for removal anyway.

The plantings included in the project are: Happy Return Daylilies, Daffodils, Firepower Nandina, Hoogendorn Holly, Russian Sage and Red Flower Carpet Rose. These selections will provide a bit of color throughout all the seasons and are easy to maintain. They also are relatively resistant to dry spells, an important consideration for the project.

A sketch of the new design will be available at the February civic league meeting for anyone interested in reviewing the project.

Change of Address
Kelly Sorensen

The editor’s e-mail account for accepting articles has changed effective immediately. The new address is The old account is still active for a few months to allow time to update your address books.

February’s Speaker
Andy Wallach

Fellow resident Ann Fitzgibbon will address the membership regarding the parcel of land owned by Norfolk Redevelopment & Housing Authority (NRHA) located in East Ocean View between 3rd and 7th Bay Streets and Ocean View and Pretty Lakes Avenues. While the NHRA has not officially announced plans for the property, there is talk that the area will be developed with housing. There are citizens in Norfolk, led by residents in East Ocean View, who are working to have the land designated as a city park, i.e. “Bay Oaks Park.” Ms. Fitzgibbon, a conservationist and community activist, led in the fight to keep a high school stadium out of Lafayette Park.

Activity along Haven Creek
Steve Tobias

Along the northeastern border of Colonial Place the Lafayette River becomes Haven Creek. Sterling Place Company built a bulkhead separating water and land in our neighborhood shortly after the turn of the last century. Some years ago the city of Norfolk began renovating the bulkhead in Colonial Place, beginning with our northern border and now continuing the renovation along Knitting Mill Creek. It’s an ambitious project and very expensive—so expensive that the City can allocate only a small portion each year of what is needed. Meanwhile, time is catching up with Haven Creek, one of the last sections of our community bulkhead needing attention. For years there have been issues surrounding the repairs needed along Haven Creek that have left the project in limbo – most important being the expense of mitigating wetlands that will be lost as a result of renovating the path and bulkhead and the lack of funding to accomplish these projects.

The bulkhead along Haven Creek continues to deteriorate. A once useful pedestrian path for walking, jogging, and cycling has deteriorated as a result. The land behind the dilapidated path has reverted to wetlands with invasive non-indigenous vegetation growing in it. Neighbors who once watched their children playing in back yards, now find their properties wet and often flooded. The path is almost gone in one section. Property values are sure to reflect these circumstances.

A team of developers, Al Abiouness and Peter Decker, now appear ready to move forward with plans to build along the eastern side of Haven Creek. Their willingness to develop a residential condominium and townhouse community is intensifying the interest of the city and creating a window of opportunity for us. Plans have been drawn at the request of the City that could triple the size of our public boat ramp off Delaware Avenue. The time line has been moved up for the beginning of work on the west side of the creek, renovating both the bulkhead and pedestrian path. Chuck Joyner, lead city engineer for this project, is in the process of submitting a request for funding to begin the long awaited restoration. The council’s budget committee will meet in late March or April to consider the request. Our Civic League will discuss this issue in the March meeting. A group of neighbors are meeting now to encourage and work with the city and developers to help move this project forward with their vision, intelligence, and creativity. This is our opportunity to get the best ideas incorporated into the design of the boat ramp, bulkhead, and walking path. The time has come. The window will only be open briefly and the project results will last for generations. If you want to share your community vision, add your muscle, and have some fun along the way, check out our corner of the web page at “Haven Creek Project” and come to our meetings or call Steven Tobias at 627-8606. Remember, it is only by working together that we can successfully convey our vision of how we want one of the borders of our community to be used and appear. Let’s work together to create the vision and turn it into reality.

What's Up at
Jeanne Ullian

Thanks to Joanne Hickman the Holiday Decorations Contest "that almost wasn't" was. Take a peek at the winning entries and start planning your strategy for next year. Thanks to all participants for brightening up our neighborhood in December.

Several Civic League members are actively involved in a project to save the walking path on Haven Creek and to ensure the health of the creek. Follow this project on the Haven Creek page. Folks who are interested in the development on the eastern side of the creek will also find this page of interest. (There are links off the Home Page for all items mentioned in this article.)

Help Your Neighbor
Andy Wallach

Do you need help maintaining the exterior of your home or your yard due to financial or physical limitations? Do you have a neighbor who is elderly or disabled who cannot physically or financially afford to maintain the exterior of their home or yard? Do you want to help a fellow resident? Envisioned is a “Help Your Neighbor” program which would enhance the appearance of our neighborhood while assisting our fellow residents. I am looking for projects and volunteers. Please contact me if you need some help, know someone in Colonial Place/Riverview who you know or believe needs help, and/or want to be on the “Volunteer List” to be contacted when we have projects. Andy Wallach, 622-8315,

National Spay Day

In celebration of the national Spay Day, the Norfolk SPCA will offer Norfolk residents who are on financial assistance and meet the requirements $10 spay/neuter surgeries for their cats (limit 2 per household) during Operation Cat Snip. Applications are being accepted now, and surgeries will begin on Spay Day--Tuesday, February 24 and continue until 100 surgeries are performed.

Why spay/neuter? It's Good for Your Pets

The $10 fee includes spay/neuter surgery, feline combo test for Feline Leukemia and FIV and a Rabies vaccination. Other low-cost services that will be offered include: For more information or to apply for Operation Cat Snip ($10 spay/neuter), call 622-3319 or print out an application and mail to:
Spay Day 916 Ballentine Blvd Norfolk, VA 23504 or email to:


The 6th Annual Maury High School Athletic Auction will be held on Saturday, March 27, beginning at 6:00 P.M., at the Norfolk Yacht and Country Club.

Guests will be treated to heavy hors d’oeuvres, beverages, and silent and live auctions featuring vacation packages, art, jewelry, gift certificates and countless other donated items. Tickets are $35 per person and may be purchased in advance. All proceeds will benefit Maury High School athletic teams. To make a donation, purchase tickets or get further information, contact Susan Nottingham (757/623-3439) or John O’Hara, Maury High School Athletic Director, (757/622-3956).

FYI Disposal of Used Motor Oil & Hazardous Waste
Audrey Webb

Residents may take household cleaners, solvents, paint products, pesticides, antifreeze, and other automotive products to the SPSA Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility. Disposal is free of charge. The facility is located at 3136 Woodland Avenue (behind the SPCA at Ballentine/Virginia Beach Boulevards). Hours of operation are: Every 2nd Saturday of the month, 9 a.m. - noon. Every 4th Wednesday of the month 9 a.m. - noon.

CPRV Email List--New instructions for joining
Jeanne Ullian

Thanks to David Francis (, who graciously hosts our web site (, you can now subscribe or change your subscription information to the CPRV Email List on the following web page: There is link to this subscription information on our web site. Check the alphabetical Site List under "Email list (CPRV)" for a direct link. Note that David has also started an archives so that you can access messages from the past six months.

Lost & Found

A power tool, still in its case, was found in the 4800 block of Gosnold Avenue on January 16, 2004. Please call 622-8747 to identify.

Traffic Committee
Andy Wallach

Various aspects of traffic are a continuing concern of many residents. Issues such as parking too close to the corners, speeding, congested streets, along with potential solutions such as signs, pavement marking, reduced speed limits, speed bumps, one-way streets, and parking on only one side of the street are often mentioned in discussions. In order to address these concerns, the CPRV Board of Directors at their January meeting decided to form an ad hoc Traffic Committee. The goal of this committee will be to recommend to the Civic League actions to be taken to assuage residents’ traffic concerns. It is envisioned that the committee will gather input from the community, study issues, establish contact with the appropriate City employees to determine potential feasible solutions, and make recommendations to the Civic League. If you are interested in chairing or serving on this committee, please contact Andy Wallach at 622-8315,

Concerned Citizen Speaks Out
Stephen Brown

Riverview and Colonial Place and all of Hampton Roads is not a wonderful place to live. How can it be wonderful when every hour, twenty-four hours a day at my home in Colonial Place, Ward’s Corner, Military Circle , Ocean View and even Downtown Norfolk, there is no enforcement of Norfolk city code section 26.1 - sound levels article J.

(J) Noise any sound which annoys or disturbs humans or which causes or tends to cause an adverse psychological effect on humans

(N) Real Property Boundary. An imaginary line along the ground and its vertical extension, which separates the Real Property owned by one person from that owned by another person, but not including intrabuilding Real Property divisions.

Section 26.3
It shall be unlawful for any person:
Article (A) to create or cause the creation of noise so as to disturb or disrupt the peace and quiet of any person in the City’s or (C) to engage in the following acts, among others, which are declared to be loud, disturbing an unnecessary noise in violation of this section, but such enumeration shall not be deemed to be exclusive:

(1) the playing of any television, radio, tape player, phonograph or any musical instrument in such a manner or with such volume as to annoy or disturb the quiet, comfort or repose of reasonable persons.

The problem is automobiles with the loud music and the “boom boom” sound disturbing everyone that’s driving near such a car, and driving through residential neighborhoods, shaking our houses, and disturbing the peace within our homes.

I feel that as citizens, we need to encourage the city to enforce these codes, to make our city a fine place to live - not just Colonial Place and Riverview.

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