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March 2004

             Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

CIVIC LEAGUE MEETING, Monday, March 8, 2004, 7:00 pm, Stuart Center, 411 Virginia Avenue. Use cafeteria entrance at school parking lot.

NEXT BOARD MEETING will be March 15, 2004, at 7:00 pm.

DEADLINE for the April issue is Tuesday, March 30, 2004.

THIS MONTH'S MEETING AGENDA:   Monthly police report - Code enforcement update - Haven Creek project overview and vote - Agnes Fleming, Norfolk Environmental Health Manager and Norman Grefe, Environmental Health Supervisor, Vector Program on the subject of rats.

President’s Notes…
Craig Reilly

Spring will be here March 20th and I know we are all looking forward to all that this wonderful new season brings. As you shake off some of those lingering winter doldrums, start thinking about spring-cleaning. Audrey Webb is busy with preparations for our Neighborhood Cleanup. This very popular event will be held on Saturday, April 24th , this year. So start making those clean-up plans now.

This month we are scheduling an overview of preliminary plans for the Haven Creek boat ramp, bulkhead and pathway. These improvements are badly needed and long overdue. The City of Norfolk is now in the process of creating a budget for the next fiscal year. The CPRV Civic League wants to make sure that the needed funding will be available and that we have community input for this project. After our presentation we will call for a vote to support these efforts. This is a very exciting and much anticipated project for our neighborhood and we want to hear your thoughts. I hope everybody can attend this meeting.

The Pied Piper of Hamelin
Audrey Webb

Agnes Fleming, Norfolk Environmental Health Manager and Norman Grefe, Environmental Health Supervisor, Vector Program will be making a presentation at the March meeting on the subject of rats. Not a very pleasant subject I know but we have been having serious problems with rats in our neighborhoods, not just outside but in houses and in attics. However we will not be hiring a musician to get rid of them by leading them to the Lafayette River with his piping. The Environmental Health Department will help us in other ways.

Street Cleaning in Riverview

Just after the 2004 Colonial Place/Riverview Calendar went to print I learned that the Norfolk street sweepers do not head over to Riverview after cleaning the streets in Colonial Place on the first Friday of the month. Riverview's day is the third Wednesday of the month. I will have updated calendars at the March meeting for Riverview residents in attendance.

Just a reminder...

the editor’s e-mail address for accepting articles has changed. Effective immediately the address is

It's Annual Clean-Up Time
Audrey Webb

Please mark your calendars for this year's Spring event on Saturday, April 24 from 10 am until noon. Dumpsters will be placed in the parking lot of the Haven Creek Boat Ramp, in the Circle where Newport and Rhode Island meet, Mayflower across from O'Sullivan's and the vacant lot behind the Subway at Columbus and 42nd Street.

The City requires that all items be placed in the dumpsters and not left outside, with the exception of tires which may be placed to the side and metal objects which should also be placed to the side for separate pick-up. PLEASE, no hazardous materials such as paint or garden chemicals.

Colonial Place and Riverview are proud to be acknowledged each year by Keep America Beautiful for our contribution to the annual Great American Clean-up. Volunteers are always needed and it is an easy two hours. You never know, you may find a treasure! So please call me at 623-1197. Thank you.

Help Your Neighbor Update
Andy Wallach

We have received several calls under the “Help Your Neighbor” program and are working with the residents who have requested assistance. One resident stated that she is physically unable to wheel out her trash bin. The City of Norfolk trash collectors will do this for you. To get assistance, call Norfolk Trash & Refuse at 461-5813 and tell them you want to be considered for the “Exempt Program.” Another resident, Rena Hudgins, needs someone to walk her dog and take it to the Dog Park. She is willing to pay. If you can help, call her at 625-6791. If you need assistance, know someone who needs assistance, or want to help your neighbors, let me know at 622-8315 or

Crime Report
Malcolm Martin

CPRV residents reported thirty-one incidents to the Norfolk Police last month. Not the worst month on record, but certainly we can do better.

Join your neighbors and P.A.C.E. officers at the Crime Prevention Committee meeting, held on the last Monday of each month at 6:30 pm at the Stuart Center cafeteria. (This is the same location that is used for the Civic League meetings.) We’ll be developing strategies for reducing crime in Colonial Place and Riverview, and we need your input!

The next meeting is on March 29th. Please mark your calendars!

Spring Fling Garden Clean-Up Day!
Becky Kiser

On Saturday, March 13, 2004, from 9a.m. - NOON (or whenever), please come out and help the Community Garden get ready for spring! Fling those weeds away! Lots of CPRV folks love to walk the winding paths of Knitting Mill Creek Community Garden and see what's in bloom - help make it happen again! There are lots of jobs for all strength levels: turning in that chickweed and rye, turning the compost, taking "cooked" compost to needy places, straightening the shed, moving some perennials to the borders, re-setting the bed borders, putting up a rail by the raspberries, cutting back overhanging limbs, adding some new plants - and more! (Since we don't use chemical weed-killers, there's a bit more dealing with weeds than otherwise.... ) WISH LIST: a circular saw to cut out the shed windows (and a person to hold it); another potential Eagle Scout to build a compost area and another arch for the Fellini's side; some shade plant donations for the area by the privacy fence.

WE WILL HAVE: Lots of water, coffee, fruit snacks.

WHAT TO BRING: Gardening gloves are pretty important. If you have your own tools, that would be handy - gas edger, hoe, hand tools, rake, wheelbarrow. Wear layers - who knows what the weather will bring!

RAIN DATE: Sunday Mar 14, 2 p.m. - 5 (If it’s just a rainy weekend, we'll have to go for the next Sat., March 20.) How to join the Knitting Mill Creek Garden: Basic membership - $15; for a personal plot (as available), an additional $20. Contact Becky Kiser at 627-7007 or Checks are made out to Knox Presbyterian Church, who holds our insurance.

Haven Creek Update
Steven Tobias

Our Haven Creek research and idea crunching committee met Tuesday, February 24th , in preparation for a general league discussion at March’s upcoming league meeting. Here is a preview from our sub-committees on what we will be talking about:

The New York Ave/Mayflower/Lafayette Towers point committee is moving forward. Residents of the 400 block of New York Avenue have expressed interest in closing off the end of their street and connecting the walking path with Delaware to the dog park to make the whole area much friendlier to pedestrians. Both Lafayette Towers and Norfolk Emergency Services have provided their input to help make this project a success. Come to the March meeting and hear all the details of how we would like to upgrade this area. (Sheila Janes)

Environmental and Engineering Subcommittee Progress: This subcommittee's job is to contact respected experts capable of assisting our community in evaluating and seeking innovative remedies to existing Haven Creek site conditions, and offer ideas on the implementation of new designs for the boat ramp, walking path, and bulkhead. So far I've talked with several board members (Ann Fitzgibbon and Pam Boatwright) of a local environmental group working to restore the Elizabeth River through partnerships with government, businesses, and the community, The Elizabeth River Project I've also had discussions with a marine scientist (Walter Priest) working for the Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences Center for Coastal Resources Management What they have all said is that this is a constrained site that doesn't lend itself to easy solutions. Despite that, they all offered some interesting and varied ideas on how this site might be redeveloped - which I will share with you at the March 8 civic league meeting. (Kathy Stark)

Improvements to the community path are conducive to recreational activities such as jogging, biking, walking and relaxing. Improvements will affect the aesthetic quality and usability of the path, sure to benefit all residents. Find out more at the next Colonial Place Civic League meeting. (Kay Corr)

This committee has also been working with Chuck Joyner, the Haven Creek Project Engineer for the City of Norfolk. We look forward to very successful working relationships with Mr. Joyner and the city, as well as the other parties we have contacted. Contact Steven Tobias at 478-7977 if you would like to be involved in moving this worthwhile project forward to a successful conclusion. Our next committee meeting is tentatively scheduled for March 30th.

Report Hurricane damaged to schedule debris pick-up

Norfolk Residents who want to report a sidewalk or curb that was damaged by Hurricane Isabel should call the Division of Streets and Bridges at (757)823-4050. Residents who want to obtain the repair status of a hurricane-damaged sidewalk or curb that has already been reported should also contact the Division of Streets and Bridges.

Norfolk residents who want to schedule hurricane-related debris for pickup should call the Division of Waste Management at (757)441-5813.

Pet Microchip ID and Rabies Clinic

The Norfolk Animal Management Center will be hosting a Rabies/Microchip clinic on Tuesday March 9, 2004, from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. The cost of the rabies vacine is $6.00, a microchip is $20.00, a rabies vaccine and microchip is $20.00. In order to get a three-year rabies vaccine, you must bring your current rabies certificate. The rabies vaccines are available for dogs, cats and ferrets. All animals must be on a leash or in a carrier. The Animal Management Center is located at 5585 Sabre Road. You can contact the shelter with any questions at (757)664-pets or

Traffic Committee Update
Andy Wallach

An Ad Hoc Traffic Committee has been formed. Robin Huelsbeck, Dave McDonald, and Steve Brown volunteered to be on the Traffic Committee. Robin Huelsbeck, a traffic engineer by profession, is chairing the committee and can be reached by email at Please contact Ms. Huelsbeck with your traffic concerns, suggestions, or if you want to volunteer to be on the Committee. The Committee will gather input from the community, study issues, establish contact with the appropriate City employees to determine potential feasible solutions, and make recommendations to the Civic League.

Meet Your Neighbor
Sheila Janes

Theresa Nock and Michael Leban have lived in Colonial Place for eighteen years. Their first home after they married, Theresa grew up in Virginia Beach while Michael hails from New York City (and remains a loyal Giants and Knicks fan). Michael says “Colonial Place is the best kept secret in Norfolk with its convenience to downtown, Ghent, and the arts.” They love the diversity here and living on the water. “We look out our window every morning and gauge the wind and weather by how smooth or rough the river is.” Michael graduated from Duke University Law School and has his own practice on Greenwich Road. He also teaches a business law class at Old Dominion. Theresa graduated from ODU with a degree in sociology and has worked as a probation officer. More recently, she’s been a development director for Norfolk Catholic High, the Jones Institute, and the Virginia Symphony. For the past seven years she’s enjoyed working as a Realtor for William E. Wood. One of their passions is gardening, where you can find one or both on weekends pruning and planting. They always have a surplus of plants and invite neighbors to stop by if you have a spot you want to fill. Michael also enjoys fresh-water fishing. They love entertaining in their beautiful home, but they also enjoy travelling and have been all through Western Europe, China, and the Middle East. Theresa’s on the board of The Dwelling Place, involved in Friends of the Norfolk Juvenile Court, and American Association of University Women and invites women to ask her about it. Finally, they have two wonderful sons and three precious grandchildren living in Denver. Theresa and Michael are part of what makes Colonial Place great.

Info For Spring Planting
Audrey Webb

Nature's Blend Compost from SPSA:
Nature's Blend Compost is a completely natural compost that contains a supply of plant nutrients and organic matter. It is 100% recycled compost made of leaves and grass. This product does not contain sewage sludge, animal carcass by-products or municipal waste. It is safe for all horticultural uses including lawns,trees, shrubs, flower gardens, fruit and vegetable crops.

Nature's Blend Mulch:
Nature's Blend Mulch is composed of brush, tree trimmings and other wooden materials. The mulch can also be used as a soil amendment because it decomposes and becomes part of the soil.

Compost can be purchased at several garden centers and nurseries throughout the Hampton Roads area. Our nearest supplier is Wedgewood Garden Centers - 40lb. bag for $2.99. At Mount Trashmore II and the Regional Landfill in Suffolk compost and mulch is available by the cubic yard or 1/2 cu.yd. It can also be delivered to you depending on the quantity required.

For delivery information or for further questions, please call (757) 424-4631.

Maintaining our Homes and Neighborhood
Andy Wallach

We all have the responsibility to keep the exteriors of our homes in good repair and our yards reasonably neat and clean. In fact, we are required by Norfolk City Code to do so. The following are excerpts from the Code which is available on the City’s website ( If you have a question or want the city to check on a possible code violation, contact Rusty Masten at 664-6527. Chapter 27 NUISANCES

Sec. 27-1. Violations.

Unless otherwise specified, any person violating any provision of this article shall be guilty of a Class 2 misdemeanor. Each day a violation continues shall be deemed a new and separate violation. In addition to any penalties imposed for each violation, a judge hearing the case shall order the person responsible for such condition to remove, restore, remediate or correct the violation or condition, and each day's default in such removal, restoration, remediation or correction after being so ordered shall constitute a violation of and a separate offense under this article.
Sec. 27-2. Definitions.
For purposes of this article, a "nuisance" is defined as any condition, substance, material or thing which may be annoying, obnoxious, offensive, irritating or detrimental or potentially hazardous or detrimental to the health, safety, comfort and general welfare of the public or the environment, including, but not limited to, refuse, trash, rubbish, debris, junk, garbage, containers, wire, glass, wood, ashes, animal matter, vegetable matter, human and animal wastes, and odors.

For purposes of this article, a "person" is defined as any individual, firm, owner, sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, unincorporated association, governmental body, municipal corporation, executor, administrator, trustee, guardian, agent, occupant or other legal entity.

For purposes of this article, "vegetable matter" is defined as any grass, weeds, bushes, underbrush, poison ivy, poison oak or any other vegetable matter which has grown to sufficient height and cover or to a height of more than twelve (12) inches or accumulated so as to provide cover or harborage or potential cover or harborage for rodents or vermin.

Sec. 27-9. Duty of owner or occupant of abutting land to remove solid waste and to cut grass, weeds and other vegetable matter between sidewalk and curb.
It shall be the duty of the owner or occupant of any land or premises abutting upon any public right of way, including between the sidewalk and curb, whether paved or not, and the duty of the owner of any unoccupied land or premises abutting upon any public right of way, including between the sidewalk and curb, whether paved or not, to remove solid waste (as defined in chapter 14.5 of the City Code), therefrom and to have any grass, weeds and other vegetable matter cut and removed, and at all times to prevent such area from becoming unsightly, impeded, or offensive by reason of failure to remove any such solid waste (as defined in chapter 14.5 of the City Code), or cut any such grass, weeds and vegetable matter. No grass, weeds or other vegetable matter so cut shall be deposited or piled in any gutter or street, or storm water system. The occupant or the owner, or if unoccupied, the owner, of any such land or premises in front of which any such solid waste (as defined in chapter 14.5 of the City Code) or any such grass, weeds or vegetable matter is found contrary to the provisions of this section shall be prima facie the person responsible therefor. Nothing in this section shall be construed as authorizing any person to cut or remove any city tree or bush without first obtaining a permit from the director of neighborhood and leisure services or his designee.
Sec. 41-35. Yard waste.
Any person receiving solid waste collection services by the city shall identify and separately package yard waste either in clear (not opaque) plastic bags, securely tied into bundles not more than four (4) feet in length and eighteen (18) inches in diameter nor weighing more than seventy-five (75) pounds, or placed in a yard waste container not to exceed thirty (30) gallons. No more than twenty (20) bundles, twenty (20) clear plastic bags or three (3) cubic yards of yard waste shall be picked up each collection day except as with director of public works. Trees and limbs in excess of six (6) inches in diameter will not be collected by city forces unless authorized by director of public works. Quantities in excess of limits of this section may be collected by city forces at the cost of one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00) per bulk truck load. Limits on excess may be waived by the director of public works in the event of special circumstances or natural disasters. Yard waste shall not be mixed with other solid waste. Yard waste shall be placed for collection only on days designated for yard waste pickup. The city shall not collect yard waste from persons receiving private collection. Persons receiving private collection shall provide for the removal of yard waste at no cost to the city. Yard waste shall not be placed for collection in an area that impedes vehicular or pedestrian traffic.
Sec. 41-20. Placement of containers at collection site and removal of same therefrom.
It shall be the responsibility of the property owner or user of a container, the contents of which are to be collected by the city forces, to:
Place the container at the edge of pavement of the public street, alley or area designated by the director of public works or his designee as the pickup area, so that there is no danger of the container being overturned and so that there is sufficient clearance to accommodate city collection equipment, vehicles and pedestrians. Placement shall not obstruct or interfere with use of any driveway.

For residents and businesses receiving regular weekly solid waste collection, place containers at the collection site no later than 7:00 a.m. on the day of collection and not earlier than 5:00 p.m. on the night prior to the day of collection.

For those designated shopping centers and the central business district receiving collection services on a regular three-day per week schedule, place containers at the collection site no earlier than 5:00 p.m. and no later than 7:00 a.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Recyclables may be placed out at the collection site no earlier than 5:00 p.m. and no later than 7:00 a.m. on Tuesday and Thursday. No nonrecyclables may be placed out for collection Tuesday and Thursday.

Remove all emptied containers from the alley, curbside, street or sidewalk as soon as practicable after they have been emptied, but in no case later than 11:30 p.m. of the collection day.

Containers shall be located five (5) feet behind the front plane of the building or structure on the premises or screened so as to not be visible from the street or public right-of-way except during the times prescribed for placement for collection. This provision applies to all residential and commercial locations. Where placement as described herein is not possible, an alternate location may be designated and approved by the director of public health.

When determined necessary by the director of public works, some residences serviced by automated collection containers shall be required to place the container on the opposite side of the street from their residence, or in the street at the street side edge of the parked car location, or at another location.

The provisions of this section shall apply when the city collects waste of the type described in article V of this chapter.

The provisions of this section shall apply to recycling containers.

Sec. 41-32. Bulk waste; collection.
It shall be unlawful to place bulk waste in the city right-of-way without contacting the division of waste management to schedule a special city collection in advance. Bulk waste shall be placed at the collection site no later than 7:00 a.m. on the scheduled day of collection and no earlier than 5:00 p.m. on the night prior to the scheduled pickup. The location and arrangement of bulk waste materials shall be as designated by the city division of waste management. A maximum of twelve (12) bulk waste collections will be provided by city forces except as authorized by the director of public works. A fee of one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00) per bulk truckload or portion thereof shall be charged for the bulk waste in excess of two cubic yards. This fee shall be placed on the public service bill or shall be billed to the owner.

For persons receiving private collection services bulk waste removal shall be done by the private collector at no cost to the city.

Tires: Collection of tires shall be limited to four (4) tires per collection day and twelve (12) tires per year. Tires shall be of non-commercial sizes.

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