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June 2004

             Guest Speaker, John Stevenson, from the Division of Transportation, City of Norfolk, At This Month's Meeting

CIVIC LEAGUE MEETING, Monday, June 14, 2004, 7:00 pm, Stuart Center, 411 Virginia Avenue. Use cafeteria entrance at school parking lot.

NEXT BOARD MEETING will be June 21, 2004, at 7:00 pm.

DEADLINE for the July issue is Tuesday, June 29, 2004.

THIS MONTH'S MEETING AGENDA:   Monthly police report - Code enforcement update - John Stevenson, Division of Transportation, City of Norfolk, will speak - Vote for League Officers.

Guest: John Stevenson
Division of Transportation
Department of Public Works
City of Norfolk

Mr. Stevenson will address the membership on Monday, June 14th. He is the City’s point of contact for Robin Huelsbeck, who chairs our ad hoc traffic committee. Mr. Stevenson will present the City’s current program for assessing traffic issues in Colonial Place/Riverview and will answer residents’ questions

Presidents Notes and Stuff
Craig Reilly

Quite refreshing is how I would have to describe our last meeting. We had the pleasure of hearing from the City of Norfolk’s Chief of Police, Bruce Marquis. His vision for our city is in line with our league vision that includes safety and security for our neighborhoods. Without a doubt Norfolk’s Finest are an exemplary force for our area, our state and our nation. Chief Marquis, we welcome you and your family to Norfolk!

Our next meeting should be very popular because the evening’s topic continues to bring out passionate opinions and sentiments. The subject is none other than our neighborhood traffic. I know many of you have expressed your opinions about neighborhood traffic to our new Ad Hoc committee chair Robin Huelsbeck. We now look forward to getting some feedback on those suggestions and opinions.

In addition to, actually even before our guest’s presentation, we must conduct some very important civic league business. We will be holding the election for our Civic League officers for the next year. The nominating committee has come up with a fine slate of officers committed to our neighborhood. Now it’s up to you. Be there and vote. It is important to cast your vote.

As I sign off…

As my terms as president come to an end, I turn over the helm of the finest Civic League in the City of Norfolk. Am I a wee bit biased? You bet I am! Nevertheless, it has been a pleasure and privilege to have been the President of the Colonial Place and Riverview Civic League. Each one of you can be proud to say you live in Riverview or Colonial Place. That simple statement says a lot. The most important of which is that, you care about what happens in the City of Norfolk. As a community we have accomplished many things and yet there are many more things we can accomplish.

Yet, in order to accomplish anything you must be willing to share some of your time and talent. If you are presently participating in the Civic League, stay involved! If you are not involved with the Civic League, NOW is the best time to get involved. That is what makes a civic league work!

I must THANK all the residents, volunteers, committees, officers, businesses, and city employees and personnel who have worked so hard over the last two years to make our neighborhoods a special part of what makes Norfolk great. Furthermore I ask you to please provide our new Civic League Officers the highest level of support in their endeavors to bolster our community. I hope to see everyone at our next meeting!

Crime Report
Amy Fant

Summer Vacation Plans? Let’s all make sure, when the “little ones” return to school next fall and give their report on what they did over summer vacation, that it does not include becoming a victim of robbery.

A great way to kick-off a safe summer vacation season would be to attend the next Neighborhood Watch meeting scheduled for Monday, June 28, 2004, at 6:30 in the Stuart Cafeteria. Barring emergencies, Officer Routon has committed one night each month (in addition to our monthly Civic League meeting), to work with our community for the sole purpose of Crime Prevention. We urge you to please attend, not only to show you care, but also because you will take away valuable information.

In conjunction with our PACE officer, your Crime Prevention Committee sends these helpful reminders on how you can protect your home and property while you are away:

You may contact our PACE officer [664-7000] and arrange to have an officer come to your home and perform a security survey. The specially trained officer will evaluate your present home security and recommend areas for improvement. Burglars want to get in and out of a home without being noticed and in a minimum amount of time. They will usually avoid a home that looks occupied or difficult to enter.

CPRV participates in Joint Operation Identification. There is an engraver available for your use in etching your valuables with an identifying number or password. Not only will your property be more likely to be traced and returned to you, if stolen, it will be less likely to be stolen in the first place. According to the police, items of property that are most desirable to a burglar are those that he can turned over to a “fence” for a quick profit. The “fence” does not want goods that are marked for identification because they can be easily traced to their rightful owner and are hard to sell. Most popular resalable items include DVD players, VCRs, televisions, stereos, and cameras. Contact your Neighborhood Watch block captain to borrow the engraver today!

If you have any questions, or need to know how to contact your block captain, please contact Malcolm Martin at

Election of Officers
David Block

As reported at last month’s league meeting, it is time to vote on the election of league officers. The following slate of officers was presented at the May membership meeting. Listed below are the offices for which they were nominated and tidbits about each nominee.

President: Andy Wallach. Andy is our current league Vice President. He lived in Ocean View and Larrymore Lawns before moving to Colonial Place fifteen years ago. Before retiring, he worked with Naval Intelligence and was a Captain in the Naval Reserves. He has an MBA degree from Old Dominion University and a BA degree in Economics from Johns Hopkins University. Andy has been married for “sixteen wonderful years” to Cynthia Faschini. He has two adult children, has been a member of the civic league for the past seven years, and acted as chair for the Oyster Float committee. He’s involved because he hopes to enhance our excellent neighborhoods and city.

Vice-President: Steve Earnhart, born in Roanoke, Virginia, and raised in Fairborn, Ohio, settled with his wife Jen Barbee (a Boulder, Colorado, native) in Colonial Place in 2001. Steve is a Social Studies teacher at Maury High School (currently teaching World History and Government). He served 5 years in the U.S. Army and has a B.A. in History from the University of Cincinnati and a Masters of Science in Education from Old Dominion University.  Steve has been involved with various CPRV activities including the Annual Spring Clean-up, some BoB plantings, and the February 2003 Community Charrette. When not grading papers, Steve enjoys walking the neighborhood with Jen and reading the newspaper to their two cats, Roberto and Little Bit.

Secretary: Susan Sussman: Susan has been Secretary of the Board since the Fall of 2003.  While she notes that she is a political person, she finds that being secretary and recording our history gives her the opportunity to participate in the Civic League and contribute to our community at the same time. Originally from New York City, she moved to Colonial Place in May 1998 with her husband Donald, a professor at TCC.   She has been a residential appraiser for eleven years, and opened her own business in 2002. Their son Mark is a composer/musician and is studying to be a sound engineer.  Her hobbies are relaxing, listening to jazz, watching romantic comedies and long walks on the beach (whoops, wrong bio). Her favorite quote is "The world is run by those who show up."

Treasurer: David Nye. David is acting League Treasurer. He has resided in Colonial Place for more than 2 years. A Virginia Wesleyan College graduate with a BA in Business & Economics, David is a staffing analyst for QVC. He loves carpentry and historic home restoration.

Nominations for each office will be closed and an election for that office will occur before proceeding to the next office. Each nominee will be afforded the opportunity to speak to the membership for two minutes prior to the vote being taken. The current slate of officers does not include a resident of Riverview, and; if after the elections at the June meeting there is no elected officer residing in Riverview then a "Riverview Representative" must be elected. One of you Riverview folks needs to contact David Block 624-1749 or Susan Sussman 627-5285 if you'd be willing to help "just a few minutes a month." See you at the meeting to thank the outgoing officers for a job well done and to welcome your new neighborhood leadership.

What's Up at
Jeanne Ullian

Real estate statistics for our neighborhoods first appeared on our website in the year 2000. At that time we only included the market from January through September because not many homes sold after school started. What a difference a few years makes! Market data for the period January through September 2003 have just been added to the chart found at Would it surprise you to know that the average sell price of a detached home in Colonial Place was $166,746--a 43% increase over that reported in 2000. For Riverview the 2003 average sell price was $215,262--a 56% increase over that reported in 2000. Thanks to Vicki Woody at Long & Foster for the new data.

New rules for sending email to
Jeanne Ullian and Susan Sussman

Our Civic League email address: is an easy and quick way to contact any member of the board or committees. It will be easier and quicker for the person receiving the emails (normally the Secretary) to sort out the real messages from the junk messages if you do the following. In the subject line use "CPRV" and a short, clear description of the subject of the email. This is not the time to be clever. Do not send attachments. If you don't follow this format chances are good that your message will be automatically deleted.

Meet the Neighbors
Sheila Janes

The Thomas Family
Meet Erich and Allison Thomas, who just recently moved into the beautiful pink Victorian on New York Avenue. Erich works with Franciscus, Inc, as a superintendent and is starting a contracting business doing small jobs. Allison has been a massage therapist for seven years and has her own private practice in Ghent. Both or them are from military families. Erich has lived all over the world as an army brat and Allison spent most of her life in Virginia Beach as a navy brat. Together they enjoy kayaking, camping, and chasing their dogs. Erich is an all around handy guy and enjoys challenging projects around the house. His specialty is building decks. Allison enjoys spending her free time with yoga and the beach whenever possible. You can find the Thomas Family at the dog park or down by the Haven Creek boat ramp launching their kayak.

Summer Safari 2004

Your child's summer can sizzle with an exciting week of animal-related activities, games and fun at Zoo Camp. One-on-one animal interactions will drive the desire to explore and experience the world of nature in your Virginia Zoo's Summer Safari Camps.

Included in the camp fees, every camper will receive a Summer Safari T-shirt. Classes will break each day for snacks and drinks provided by the zoo. Full day campers need to bring their own bag lunches. Dress appropriately for outdoor activities, rain or shine.

Space is limited and some camps are already filled, so call today. For more information, contact the Virginia Zoo at 441-2374 or visit their web site at

Summer Fun at the Norfolk Public Library

Grab your reading passport and STEP TO THE BEAT in the Norfolk Public Library’s exciting summer reading club. Don't miss the Rumplestiltskin puppet Show, an Old Fashion Sock Hop, the Tidewater Praise Dancers, the Reel Thing Irish Dancers, or the "Grand Electro Show" presented by Nauticus. Teens ask about our summer reading clubs designed especially for you. For more information, call 664-7323.

Save the date
Ice Cream Social
July 12, 2004

July 21, 2004
Summer Solstice

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