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July 2004

             Ice Cream Social At This Month's Meeting

CIVIC LEAGUE MEETING, Monday, July August 12, 2004, 7:00 pm, Stuart Center, 411 Virginia Avenue. Use cafeteria entrance at school parking lot.

NEXT BOARD MEETING will be July 19, 2004, at 7:00 pm.

DEADLINE for the August issue is Tuesday, July 27, 2004.


President’s Notes
Andy Wallach

I am honored that you elected me to lead our civic league. Working with all of you, I am sure that Colonial Pace and Riverview will become an even greater place to live. Many thanks to ex-president Craig Reilly for his outstanding job performance over the past two years. Hopefully, I’ll be able to come close to matching his abilities.

While I have my personal ideas of projects/actions that I feel would improve the neighborhood, I do not view my position as a license to promote my ideas. My job is to determine what YOU want and then to orchestrate actions to bring YOUR desires to fruition. Let me have your ideas. Call me at 622-8315 or email me at Luckily, we have a very strong civic league with many active participants. The City has been extremely attentive to our needs and requests. We can make things happen. Tell me and the other officers what you want done, and if there is community acquiescence/consensus, we will bring the request to fruition.

Thanks to John Stevenson from The City’s Division of Transporation for his traffic presentation at our June meeting. Also thanks to Robin Huelsbeck for arranging the presentation and heading our ad hoc traffic committee. Contact her, 466-9662 or, if you have any traffic questions or suggestions. She is currently working with Mr. Stevenson on the “No Parking to Corner” issues.

Come on out with your whole family for our Annual Ice Cream Social meeting on Monday, July 12th , 7:00 pm at the Stuart School. We have invited members from neighboring civic leagues to join us.

Don’t miss the annual
Ice Cream Social!
The sweetest meeting
of the year.

Free CPRV Stickers at the Ice Cream Social in July
Jeanne Ullian

Socialize with your neighbors, enjoy free ice cream, and go home with a free CPRV Sticker for your vehicle. At this meeting only stickers are free to all CPRV members who agree to display the sticker on their vehicle.

If your membership is not current bring along $10 per person ($5 if you are a senior) to capitalize on a rate that will carry you through until December 2005.

If you miss the meeting you can order stickers for $2.50 each. Get together with your neighbors and put in a group order. Just mail a check made out to CPRV to Jeanne Ullian, 4400 Mayflower Road, Norfolk 23508. All proceeds enhance our CPRV Treasury

Trent Gabriel

My name is Trent Gabriel. My wife, Amy, and I would first like to thank you for taking your time to read this short but worthwhile article. To get right to the point, I work for SECEP, a regional special education program that serves the public school systems of South Hampton Roads. In my position I serve a number of students with disabilities and right now am currently in need of your services.

A co-worker and I are proposing to initiate a recycling program within some of the public schools in the City of Norfolk for the 2004-2005 school year. The work for this pilot program is to be completed by our SECEP adolescent students. It is our hope that this program will teach our students much needed social, vocational, and behavioral skills.

We are currently gathering materials but what we truly need are the-soon-to-be-replaced SPSA bins. If you have already received your wheeled containers and have no use for you old bins, please consider donating them to me. They would be great assets to our project. You may call me at 892-6100 or 737-0642 to arrange for pick-up or to answer any questions.

Crime Report
Amy Fant

In May, there were 47 reported incidents reported to the Norfolk Police Department for CPRV. This is somewhat higher than the reported incidents in April. But 47 are way too many!

Of these 47 reported, the highest incidents were thefts from automobiles, many of which happen at night while we are sleeping. Please remember to never leave valuable items in your vehicle; leave them in your home or in a secure place. If you have valuable items in your vehicle, do not leave them in plain view; lock them in your trunk, or take them with you.

There were three residential burglaries, two stolen vehicles, seven reports of vandalism, and two narcotics violations - one that was a felony. In addition, there were simple assaults, and other unspecified incidents.

If you have any doubt about suspicious activity, the police urge you to call the non-emergency number (441-5610) to report your suspicions. They will send a patrol car around the neighborhood. This improves police presence in our neighborhood, letting criminals know we are watching and acting. Just remember that chances are, your suspicions are correct.

Suspicious Activity includes but is not limited to:

Meet the Neighbors...The Huelsbeck Family
Sheila Janes

Meet Harry and Robin Huelsbeck, who moved to Delaware Avenue in January 2002. Harry works as a computer network engineer, and Robin is a civil engineer specializing in traffic. Both work in Norfolk. Harry is originally from Pensacola, Florida, and came to this area when he was stationed here in the Navy. Robin has been in Norfolk most of her life, arriving here when her father joined the Navy. Her parents still live in Norfolk today. Together they enjoy going to weekend festivals all over Virginia. Harry is an avid saltwater fly fisherman. When he is not fishing, he can be found bent over his desk tying new lures. Robin enjoys knitting, painting and other craft projects. You can find the Huelsbecks launching their boat at the Haven Creek boat ramp and attending the monthly civic league meetings, where Robin is a member of the traffic committee.

This will be my last Meet the Neighbors column. Look for James Devlin's Meet the Neighbors column next month.

Views on an Evening Stroll
Kathy Stark

Walking in the evenings along the sidewalks located throughout our community is a favorite activity of mine and countless other neighbors. Some of our sidewalks, I've noticed in the course of taking a stroll, are in need of repair. Volunteers are needed to report needed repairs so the city can maintain our sidewalks. If you're interested in working to ensure that we have navigable sidewalks, please call me at 640-8938.

In addition, you can report needed sidewalk repairs to Norfolk's Public Works Department by logging onto the city's website at: to request a repair.

Haven Creek
Steve Tobias

Have you checked out the Haven Creek page recently on our CPRV web site? We are constantly adding info and photos to inspire new ideas for the Haven Creek project. Plus, we're always on the lookout for new creative energy from the landscape enthusiasts, architects, artists, and environmental scientists among us. Explore our website and share with us your unique ideas and talents for the western bank of Haven Creek. Get in touch with Steven at 627-8606 and come to our next meeting!

Pros and Cons of Traffic Control Devices
Wayne Johnson

Because of my work schedule, I was not able to attend the June Civic League meeting. But John Stevenson, of the Division of Transportation, was kind enough to send me a copy of the Power Point presentation that he presented to those in attendance. Below is an excerpt of that presentation which addresses some traffic calming measures which may, at some point, be in consideration for the neighborhood. I thought I would share this information with others who may also not have been able to attend the meeting, but may find this information helpful with their decision-making.
Engineering-Traffic Control Devices
Signs (such as stop signs) and Pavement Markings:
Reduces volumeDriver frustration
Speed restrictions at intersectionsSpeeding between signs
    Requires enforcement
Altered Traffic Patterns (such as no left turn restrictions):
Reduces volumeRise of traffic volume on other streets
Improves traffic safetyIncreases noise
   May create problems for emergency vehicles
Physical Devices (such as speed humps):
Effectively reduces speedRise of traffic volume on other streets
Reduces cut-through trafficIncreases noise
Self-enforcingMay create problems for emergency vehicles

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