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October 2007

             Guest Speaker at the October Meeting: Chris Moore, the Science Advocate for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation

CIVIC LEAGUE MEETING, Monday, October 8, 2007, 7:00 pm, Knox Presbyterian Church, Colonial and 37th Street.

NEXT BOARD MEETING will be Monday, October 15, 2007, at 7:00 pm.

DEADLINE for the November issue is Tuesday, October 23, 2007.

THIS MONTH'S MEETING AGENDA:   Monthly police report - Code enforcement update - Chris Moore, the Science Advocate for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation will speak - CPRV photography contest - Update from Dave Pffifer on Haven Creek boat ramp and walking path improvments

President's Notes: Civic Humanism
Steve Earnhart, Civic League President

I am teaching European History this year and we are studying the Renaissance. My high school sophomores suffered through the Black Death, fought the Hundred Years War, endured the Great Schism, and now we have come to the rebirth of classical art and culture that we know as the Italian Renaissance. One of the ideas we discussed in class the other day was the concept of “Civic Humanism” as it relates to the ethos of the political and social atmosphere of the Italian city-states. In simple terms, this idea was centered around the acknowledgement that one should strive to educate themselves, to the best of their ability and means, in the 7 Liberal Arts and, once one had attained a certain level of education, it was one's duty to become engaged in the improvement of their city-state. It wasn't enough to be scholarly, you had to participate in the life of your community to be a fully realized individual. As a class, we tried to parlay this concept to our American civilization in 2007 A.D. (or C.E. for those who are of the “new school”). We had a great time mulling over avenues of civic humanism as it relates to the life of the typical teenager (who will be voting members of society in two years). It also helped me, as a teacher, think about what I am doing vis-à-vis my little city-state of Colonial Place and Riverview (I count us as one, not two). That's my new “mental sticky note” about doing my small part for the neighborhood (I stuck it right next to my other mental sticky note which my father often recited to me: no good deed goes unpunished).

The Renaissance is probably best known to us through its art. We think of the many painters and sculptors whose work continues to be part of our visual vocabulary. In this spirit, I encourage you to attend the CPRV Front Porch Art Walk on Sunday, October 14th (see the additional article for more information). I look forward to the Art Walk like some people look forward to their birthday. Please invite your family and friends to join you as you get to know our resident artists and their work. It's free to walk/bike around (but don't forget the cash or checkbook in case you spot something you must have), it's good exercise and it is the very synthesis of civic humanism and artistic endeavors.

Class has ended. Your homework is to attend both the next civic league meeting and our very own CPRV Front Porch Art Walk. If you are disappointed at either, I'll give you your money back or extra points on the next test.

It's not just a neighborhood, it's a lifestyle, and an art walk, and a city-state.

Steve Earnhart,

Rising Sea Levels in CPRV?
Sheila Janes, Civic League Vice President

Is that the smell of an algae bloom? Isn't there some way I can have a positive effect on these beautiful waters that surround our neighborhoods?

Come on out to October's CPRV Civic League meeting and let us ponder these questions. Chris Moore, the Science Advocate for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation will be on hand to speak to us about global warming effects on the Chesapeake Bay, algae blooms, and things we can do to protect the waterways that surround us. Don't miss this provocative night of science and our waterways!

CPRV Photography Contest
Sheila Janes, Civic League Vice President

We will also have our first CPRV photography contest. The power of a picture can be more illuminating than words. Please bring pictures that will help tell the story of CPRV. I hope that this will start a lively debate about what works in our neighborhoods and what doesn't.

I hope to see everyone come out for what might just be the most intellectual and artistic night of the week!

CPRV Stickers - Now in Two Sizes
Jeanne Ullian

CPRV stickers are now available in a mini version for the low, low price of two for $1.00 with regular size stickers now selling for $1.00 each. If your old sticker is looking a bit pale perhaps it is time to stick on a new one. Look for the sticker sales display at the October Civic League meeting. Please bring exact change or a check made out to CPRV.

Knitting Mill Creek Wetland: Plans Become Action
Lafayette Wetlands Partnership

The Lafayette Wetlands Partnership has completed work on a three year plan of action for the Knitting Mill Creek wetland located at 46th Street and Colley Avenue. The first phase of the plan will be completed over the next year. It calls for the removal of all remaining concrete debris, the re-grading and replanting of the affected area, the restoration of approximately 800 square feet of wetland soil, and the planting of new Spartina grass.

This first phase of work will cost approximately $4,500. The Partnership has initiated a vigorous fund raising campaign that is founded on local support augmented by grant funding. It is working in concert with the Friends of Norfolk's Environment and the Norfolk Environmental Commission in developing financial support for the program.

Colonial Place and Riverview neighbors are invited to support the preservation of the Knitting Mill Creek wetland. Members of the Partnership will be happy to visit with you or with a group with which you are associated to describe the three year plan, outline its costs and identify how you might become a part of the outcome. Call or email John Stewart for more information: 623-8127,

Colonial Place/Riverview Front Porch Art Walk

The 9th Annual Colonial Place/Riverview Front Porch Art Walk, an event showcasing the artists of our historic districts, will take place Sunday, October 14th from noon to 5pm. Come explore our neighborhoods while enjoying the creativity and craftsmanship of over 30 resident artists.

View art on display, art to purchase, art to wear and share. From watercolors to jewelry to mosaics to paper cut-outs, there's something for everyone--even the kids! On bike or on foot, visitors are welcome to tour the streets, visit our hospitality stops, and get to know our local artists and their work.

Guide maps will be available on the day of the show from any participating artists, as well as at the following locations: For more information and a list of participating artists, go to You may also contact Tara Sheldon (; Artemis Stoll (; or Suzanne Watson (

Volunteers Needed for Front Porch Art Walk

Do you love what Riverview and Colonial Place have to offer? Do you agree that we live in two of Norfolk's best neighborhoods? Have you often wondered how you could do more for your community? Well, wonder no more. The Front Porch Art Walk needs you! Won't you share your time and talent? We're looking for volunteers to help spread the word and get postcards/posters out to the public. We also need folks to offer a mere hour of their time (the day of the event) to greet visitors at the Lydia Roper Home, the Art Walk's official starting point. One hour shifts are available from noon to 5 pm. For more information please contact Artemis Stoll (

Head of the Lafayette : The Halloween Regatta
Freda Shaver

Last year, the wind blew us out of the water. This year, it's our turn to blow everyone away with an amazing display of rowing finesse and costumed finery. It's the 12th annual Head of the Lafayette Regatta, sponsored by the Hampton Roads Rowing Club, Sunday October 28th. Costumed rowers from novices to masters will be out on the water dressed in strange and fabulous array. The 5k course starts and ends at the Granby Street Bridge and you'll have a great view if you watch from Mayflower Avenue, beginning at 9:30. If you have any questions about the event e-mail See you there!

Village Crier
Riverview Village Business Association

The Riverview Village Businesses are proud to have a new neighbor, Crackers-Little Bar Bistro! They moved on September 18th to their new home at 4226 Granby Street. This date was the 9th anniversary of the opening of Crackers. Crackers serves tapas which are small portions intended to be shared with friends along with cocktails or wine. The bistro atmosphere is a lively but unpretentious neighborhood restaurant with a small, friendly staff that serves quality food and drinks at affordable prices. Crackers is owned by Chris and Bob Glover. The owners and staff are thrilled to be a part of the revival of Riverview Village and they couldn't be happier with the response they have had from the locals. They are looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Riverview.

CPRV Vegetarian Potluck
Tara & Kristie, 627-1176

The next CPRV Vegetarian Pot-luck will be on Saturday, October 20th @ 5 pm at the home of Rose and Wayne. Both vegetarian and vegan dishes welcome. Great food! Great company! For more info call Rose at 423-1451 or Tara and Kristie at 627-1176. To join the Veg Club list serv: go to: or go to

CPRV Crime Prevention Committee
Tara Sheldon & Kristie Davis, 627-1176,

Special thanks to Officer Jackson and Gary Chiaverotti who came out to register bikes and provide free helmets (courtesy of: Afterwards some folks joined the community bike ride. If you missed this opportunity to register your bike, you can contact Officer Jackson directly at 757-831-3484. The next CPRV bike registration event will likely be in early spring.

Crime Stats - September
Once again, most of the crimes in Colonial Place / Riverview we see on the City of Norfolk site for neighborhood offences are larceny from autos. Be sure to remove all valuables from your cars! You can find out more information about crimes in our community by visiting this web site:

Gun Detection System
We are continuing to research the benefits of having a gun detection system in our surrounding neighborhoods. During the upcoming months, we plan to reach out to our neighboring civic leagues and hope to generate more interest and support. Come to the October civic league meeting to find out more and see what you can do to help further this endeavor.

October Crime Prevention Tip
Help light up our neighborhood! Keep your porch lights on at night! Be sure all entrances are well-lit and any possible "hiding" places are illuminated. To keep costs down, use the energy efficient flourescent bulbs that not only use up less energy to burn, but last years longer than regular bulbs. Motion sensors and timers can also ensure your lights come on even when you are not home.

Up From The Soil
Jim Hoffmaster,

October is such a beautiful month! The oppressive summer heat has passed and the air is crisp and cool and full of Autumn colors and aromas. However, October is not the time to “rest on your laurels” with your landscape. The following is a quick check list for your lawn and garden for the month of October.

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