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December 2007

             Annual Holiday Party

CIVIC LEAGUE MEETING, Monday, December 10, 2007, 7:00 pm, Tanner's Creek Garden Center, 249 La Valette

NEXT BOARD MEETING will be Monday, January, 14, 2008, at 7:00 pm.

DEADLINE for the January issue is Tuesday, December 18, 2007.


The Colonial Place / Riverview Civic League
cordially invites you to attend our
Annual CPRV Holiday Gathering
Monday, December 10, 2007 at 7 p.m.
Tanner's Creek Garden Center
249 La Valette Avenue
We will be hosting a toy drive for the ForKids Organization,
so please bring a toy for the children served by ForKids.
Riverview Businesses will be providing food and drinks for the evening
and we will have a DJ on hand to get us in the holiday swing!

Hello CPRV Neighbors!
Sheila Janes, Civic League Vice President

CPRV is hosting a holiday toy drive for a local charity that borders Colonial Place on Colley Avenue called ForKids. Their webpage link is and their goal is to help families who are homeless get back on their feet and become self-sufficient. They built two transitional homes on 800 block of 38th Street which not only help out their clients, but also have a positive impact on the neighborhood. Please visit their website and I'm confident that you will find this a worthy charity to give to this season. The new toys that you donate will go into a "store" and parents will earn points as they complete goals off of the plan that ForKids has helped them create. They are able to use these points to "buy" the toys you have donated. Please come to the annual CPRV holiday party on December 10th at the Tanner's Creek Garden Center and bring your toy along. If you can't make the CPRV Holiday Party, but would still like to participate in this toy drive, please call me at 469-3531 and I will arrange to pick up your toy! I'm excited about doing this toy drive this year and I hope all of you will be able to participate.

Holiday Lights/Decorating Contest
Mary Commander

Happy holidays everyone! Don't forget the CPRV Holiday Decoration Contest! Judging will be sometime during the week of December 10th through 19th. (Our judges are still juggling schedules.) Make it bright and have some fun! This is your chance to show off your holiday spirit and prizes WILL be awarded. Just for everyone's information, the judges come from outside Colonial Place and Riverview so it is fair to all who participate. Leave your lights on!

Crime Prevention Committee
Tara & Kristie Sheldon-Davis, 627-1176,

The Crime Prevention Committee is pleased to introduce a new project - "LIGHT UP CPRV!" We are in the process of giving away energy efficient fluorescent light bulbs in the hopes of encouraging our neighbors to keep their porch lights on from dusk to dawn. In addition to giving the light bulbs away during the civic meetings, we will be targeting the streets with the highest reported incidents of crime and the porches in greatest need of illumination!

If you are a block captain, or just interested in helping us deliver the bulbs, please contact us. We would love your help! About energy efficient fluorescent light bulbs:

Crime Prevention Tips:
Serial Numbers and Engravers: Be sure to write down serial numbers from electronic equipment and engrave an identification onto your equipment. Many Satellite Radios and GPS Systems have been stolen and are showing up at pawn shops. They can not be claimed without a serial number! To borrow the Civic League's engraver, call Tara and Kristie at 627-1176.

Holidays Are Upon Us!
Let's not invite thieves to do their holiday "shopping" in our neighborhood. Be sure to take all packages inside and not leave them in the car in plain view. When recycling the boxes for your family's new precious presents, break them down and put them IN the recycling bin. Don't advertise the new toys inside your home!

What's Up at
Jeanne Ullian

In the early 1900s, many wanna-be homeowners purchased kit homes from mail order catalogs. Shipped by boxcar, each kit contained about 30,000 pieces of house. Framing members were numbered to facilitate construction. Blueprints were drawn with the novice homebuilder in mind, listing each numbered framing member and its precise placement.

Rose Thornton, CPRV resident and author of "The House That Sears Built", has identified several kit homes in CPRV that she has photographed for a new set of web pages featuring not only several of our neighborhood homes, but also the original catalog pages advertising these homes for sale by four different kit home manufacturers. A few more photos depict the Gosnold Avenue (non-kit) home that Rose and her husband purchased in early 2007 and are dedicated to restoring to its original elegance.

Go to and look for a link to Kit Homes.

Colonial Place and Riverview: One Hundred Years of History
Susan VanHecke and Artemis Stoll, co-authors

The story of Colonial Place and Riverview is one of people--people caring for their community, their city, and each other.

Need a great holiday gift idea? Consider purchasing a copy (or several) of Colonial Place and Riverview: One Hundred Years of History

Since their early-twentieth-century beginnings as streetcar suburbs of Norfolk, Virginia, the adjoining historic neighborhoods of Colonial Place and Riverview have evolved into a vibrant, active community that a diverse citizenry now calls home. Colonial Place and Riverview: One Hundred Years of History, an elegant 8.5" x 11" hardcover volume, beautifully captures the neighborhoods' fascinating story in 72 pages, enhanced by 102 photographs.

Colonial Place and Riverview: One Hundred Years of History is a great family heritage piece, a wonderful gift, and a treasured keepsake for all. Only 1,000 copies of this limited edition pictorial were printed.

Cover price is $24.95
and copies are available at the following locations:
Mary Barnett Gifts, 4122 Granby Street
Bloom, 4212 Granby Street
McDonald Montessori, 4200 Granby Street
Riverview Coffee Parlor, 4117 Granby Street
Tanner's Creek Garden Center, 249 La Valette Ave
Prince Books, 109 East Main Street
and online at

Civic League Donation Supports Wetlands Initiative
John Stewart

The Lafayette Wetlands Partnership is deeply grateful to the members of the Colonial Place/Riverview Civic League for the $500 donation that it approved at its meeting on Monday, November 12th. The donation will be the foundation for the financial support needed to remove 40' of concrete from the north bank of the Knitting Mill Creek wetland and to re-grade and replant the area, and to reestablish approximately 800 square feet of wetland soil to support the planting of Spartina alterniflora. Total project cost is estimated to be $4,500. The Civic League is the lead donor in a fund raising campaign that will combine grant funding with local donations to get the job done.

Several members of the Civic League have made personal contributions toward a $200 matching grant challenge from Partnership member Mike O'Hearn. Neighborhood residents who want to contribute individually to the effort can do so by sending a check to The Friends of Norfolk's Environment, 3500 Granby Street, Norfolk, VA 23504 and indicating that the donation is intended for the Lafayette Wetlands Partnership. The Friends group is an arm of the Norfolk Environmental Commission and is assisting the Partnership in its fund raising initiative. All donations are tax deductible. For more information about becoming a part of the wetland preservation effort, contact John Stewart, 623-8127, .

Up From The Soil
Jim Hoffmaster, Certified Horticulturist

This month's edition is for all of the non-gardeners out there. Well, non-gardeners who plan to do some generous gift giving to the gardeners they know and love. The “grey thumbs” giving to the “green thumbs” with some inside help from a green thumb who loves to get gardening gifts!

Gardeners have a tendency to be practical when it comes to tending the earth and how they go about doing it. To the non-gardener, this may seem boring but if you want to please the gardener in your life, get them a nice garden tool. Yes, a tool. Nothing would make your gardener squeal in delight like a good quality set of Fiskars pruners, lobbers or trimmers. How about a couple pairs of garden gloves? We're always losing them and a gardener can never have too many. A new sprinkler with a handy timer. Hard to wrap but we usually don't care about the wrapping anyway. A new self contained composter. Yes, a gardener would be thrilled to have something that makes better compost. See how easy we are!

If that is just too boring for you and you want to get creative, how about a nice, well made birdhouse or bird feeder? While not digging, we love to watch nature at its best. There are many outdoor clocks and thermometers that most gardeners would appreciate. A bird bath, gazing ball, potting bench, portable greenhouse, herb starter kit, wind chimes, you just can't go wrong with wind chimes! … I need to stop, I feel dizzy.

Now if you really want to go “high end” in your gardener gift giving (and I highly recommend that you do!) you could spring for a new lawn mower or garden tiller. How about a beautiful patio set? That would benefit both of you! The ultimate gift would be tickets to the Chelsea Flower Show in England. OK, OK, TOO high end? How about a trip to the Philadelphia Flower Show which is the biggest in the country. Yeah, I'd like that … I mean, your gardener would love that!

OK, I've done the best I can to help you non-gardeners out but if the above suggestions were not helpful, there is always the beautiful gift card. I know this article is not about me but, personally speaking, I love a nice fully padded gift card! All joking aside, I can honestly say that most gardeners I know, including myself, would love nothing more than your love and friendship this holiday season. And they'll give it in return!

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