Colonial Place/Riverview Civic League

February 2007

             Development Proposal for the Former Lafayette Yacht Club Property from Representatives of S.L. Nusbaum at this Month's Meeting

CIVIC LEAGUE MEETING, Monday, February 12, 2007, 7:00 pm, Knox Presbyterian Church, Colonial and 37th Street.

NEXT BOARD MEETING will be Monday, February 19, 2007, at 7:00 pm.

DEADLINE for the March issue is Tuesday, February 26, 2007.

THIS MONTH'S MEETING AGENDA:   Monthly police report - Code enforcement update - Representatives from S.L. Nusbaum concerning the land between Haven Creek and Llewellyn Avenue.

President's Notes: Membership has its privileges and responsibilities
Steve Earnhart

As we are now in a new year, it is time for all of us (unless you joined after July 1st of 2006) to renew our memberships in the CPRV Civic League and our resolve to get involved with our community. Membership, and active participation, in the CPRV Civic League is one of the ingredients that make our neighborhood what it is. In addition to the civic pride that comes with knowing you belong and participate in the league, your membership allows you to vote at our monthly meetings. If that was not good enough, well then here comes the fun stuff, and maybe just the start of the fun stuff. Take your 2007 CPRV Civic League membership card to Parallel 36 on Granby Street in Riverview Village and receive a free dessert with the purchase of any entrée. Oh, but it does not stop there. Take your CPRV membership card next door to Bloom (The art of flowers) and you will receive 10% off on flowers (except for weddings). I would like to thank these business owners for offering a small reward for eating and shopping in the neighborhood and I encourage other business owners in Riverview Village and in the Colley Business District to contact me with their ideas for making the card count outside of our monthly meeting. Email me at with any ideas.

If you have sent in a check or paid at the January meeting, watch the mail as Bob and Glenda are going to be sending you your card very soon.

Our February meeting will be very interesting. As Dave Nye's article mentions, we are going to hear a presentation from a developer about the land located between Haven Creek and Llewellyn Avenue. There will be some pros and some cons to this proposed development as one might imagine. It does not take a rocket scientist to tell us that traffic along Llewellyn and Granby needs to be part of the conversation. I have been in contact with the city to let them know that this has to be something we examine sooner than later. Please plan to attend and participate in this conversation about the future of our neighborhood. We will have our very popular book Colonial Place and Riverview: One Hundred Years of History available to purchase at the meeting. Speaking of the book, our neighbors and co-authors, Mrs. Susan VanHecke and Mrs. Artemis Stoll will be signing books at Broad Street Books on 21st Street on Saturday, February 10, from 1-2:30 p.m. Lastly, I want to thank our newsletter editor, Stephanie Hale, who completed editing January's newsletter in media res of the birthing of the Hale's second child, Avery. How is that for multi-tasking?

See you on Monday, February 12th at 7p.m. at Knox Church.

As always, it is not just a neighborhood, CPRV is a lifestyle.

Important February Meeting Announcements
Dave Nye

The property at the foot of the Granby Street Bridge surrounding the formerly “pink” hotel is again in the primary stages of development planning. The CPRV board received a visit from Mr. Taylor Franklin, Wendell Franklin, Michael Devine, Tom Johnston, and Brooks Smith representing S.L. Nusbaum, concerning a proposed apartment complex. The group asked to meet with our board prior to taking the plans to the city's design committee in order to field our concerns. Mr. Taylor presented the board with preliminary drawings of the site plan, which currently includes the possible purchase and razing of the hotel in order to allow more room for apartment units and parking.

The project currently consists of multiple buildings containing a total of 220 one, two, and three bedroom apartments ranging in size from around 900 to 1,400 square feet. The apartments will rent for $1,000 to $1,500 per month. As currently drawn, each of the buildings will be four stories in height, with parking on the ground level (making the overall height that of a five story building). The complex includes a 3,000 square foot clubhouse facing the Lafayette with an outdoor pool.

The development will require improvements to the bulkhead surrounding the property and will include as many as 99 private boat slips that will be available to both apartment renters and the public with weekly, monthly, and annual leases. There will be no fueling or services of any kind on site. Though the community will be gated to automobile traffic, the walking path adjacent to the bulkhead and docks will be considered public space and will be available to all area residents. Management and/or a dock master will be on site twenty-four hours a day.

The board brought several concerns up to the developers as well as our City Council Representative, Dr. Theresa Whibley. Additional traffic and traffic control, noise and pollution from the marina area, building architecture, landscaping, walking path access, and even the renovation of the hotel were all among the concerns noted. The representatives from S.L. Nusbaum will again be our guests at the February 12th general meeting. Realizing that this subject will likely draw numerous concerns and questions, they will be our only presenters for the evening.

Eventually, this prime piece of waterfront property will be developed. Whatever is chosen to be constructed on this site will be the first or last impression someone will receive as they travel Granby Street over the Lafayette River. We have an opportunity to influence the future of CPRV, please plan to attend.

Colonial Place’s Waterfront Construction Projects
Bill Nusbaum

As nearly everyone who exits Colonial Place via Delaware Avenue must have noticed by now, work began in December on the upgrading of the Haven Creek boat ramp. As reported at the January Civic League meeting, the exciting reconstruction at the boat ramp is proceeding just as previously presented to us by the City. Wayne Webster, a structural engineer with the City's Structural and Waterfront Bureau, and David Pfiffer of the City's Department of Recreation, Parks and Open Space confirmed in early January that our project still includes the replacement of the current single boat ramp with two, side-by-side boat ramps and the addition of finger piers and a floating small craft dock for use in launching canoes and kayaks. It also features the installation of a new bulkhead along Mayflower Road from the boat ramp up to the beginning of the pedestrian path, which should help flooding somewhat (not a whole lot, but any improvement is welcome). And, on top of the new bulkhead, an extension of the pedestrian path will be built, which will then continue along the median strip between Mayflower Road and the boat ramp parking lot all the way to Delaware Avenue, so pedestrians will be able to walk from New Hampshire Avenue to Delaware Avenue without having to cross a road or watch for cars. This work should be completed by the end of May, 2007.

As to the pedestrian path, I am pleased to report that promptly after being asked, the City sent a crew out to cut the spreading weeds blocking the path and growing up through the cracks in the asphalt, so that the path once again may safely be used by walkers, joggers and cyclists. In addition, Mr. Webster also confirmed in his January e-mail that the City has asked the architect/engineer to design an elevated walkway from New York Ave. to Rhode Island Ave., including a living shoreline, with an addition from Rhode Island Ave to Massachusetts Ave. This work will most likely require permission of the property owners along the path to permit the architect/engineer and the contractor access to their property. Once a determination is made as to the actual scope of the project, a presentation will be made by the architect/engineer to the Civic League. Design of the improved walkway is to be complete by the end of June, 2007, and a request for capital funds will be submitted this spring in the Capital Improvement Plan budget for FY 2008. Bids will be received by end of August, 2007, and the contractor will begin work in October, 2007, provided funds do get budgeted and appropriated and a joint permit has been received from the Virginia Marine Resources Commission, the Army Corps of Engineers, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality and the Virginia Institute of Marine Science.

Moving around to Knitting Mill Creek, Mr. Webster reconfirmed that the next phase of bulkhead work along Mayflower Road will be performed by the same contractor doing the boat ramp job, as a change order (i.e., an addition) to the boat ramp contract. The new section of bulkhead will extend from the current end of the bulkhead (at Connecticut Avenue) to approximately half-way between New York and New Jersey Avenues - including that low spot that floods so easily! This section of work is due to be completed in September 2007.

So, there's a lot of good news around our beautiful Colonial Place waterfront. Even in the dead of winter, get out and enjoy it, and get ready for wondrous improvements in the coming months!

Book Signing
Colonial Place and Riverview: One Hundred Years of History

Broad Street Books, your local source for literary enjoyment, is giving the community a chance to connect with a couple local authors sharing a bit of their neighborhood.

On Saturday, February 10, from 1 to 2:30 p.m., co-authors Artemis Stoll and Susan VanHecke will be in the store to sign copies of their book, Colonial Place and Riverview: One Hundred Years of History. A look back at the history of the two neighborhoods, from its beginnings as a streetcar suburb to Norfolk, to its distinction as the city's first successfully integrated neighborhood to placement in both the National Register of Historic Places and the Virginia Landmarks Register. Spend an afternoon sharing thoughts about the two neighborhoods, the community, the city, and most importantly, the people. Copies of Colonial Place and Riverview: One Hundred Years of History will be available for purchase for $24.95. Refreshments will be served.

Broad Street Books is a 2005 National Finalist for the Lucille Micheels Pannell Award for Excellence in Children's Bookselling. Locally owned and operated since 2002 by Matt and Susie Weaver, the store is located in the historic Ghent section of Norfolk at 517 W. 21st Street.

What’s Up At
Jeanne Ullian

Did you make the cut? From over 100 fabulous photos taken at the CPRV Holiday Social/Book Release Party, held in December at the New Belmont, I have carefully selected a few representative photos for a new page on our web site. If you attended you know it was a GREAT party; if you bought a copy(ies) of Colonial Place and Riverview: One Hundred Years of History you know it is a GREAT book. Look for a link on the homepage to this page as well as one to "Art by the Hearth." We hope this December event will join the Art Walk as an annual opportunity to showcase the artists in our neighborhoods.

Coming soon--updated photos on the Dog Park page showcasing the doggy portraits produced by artist Lynn Hembree that are now hanging on the fence surrounding the Colonial Place Dog Park.

Crime Prevention
Sheila Janes

This past year brought a decrease in crime in our neighborhoods. Our PACE Officer, Officer Jackson was very instrumental in taking care of specific problems in both Riverview and Colonial Place. He is truly an asset to our community!

Please, if you have not already signed up to the Colonial Place/Riverview community listserv, I urge you to do so! This is an important tool in crime prevention as we are able to get alerts out to the neighborhood quickly for crime prevention issues. This month, two girls were missing and after the recent issues of child abductions in the news, these moms were terrified. A resident read the missing girl alert that came in her e-mail and she happened to spot the two young girls and the police were able to reunite the the moms with the girls. The mothers are truly grateful to the neighborhood's help with this situation. Dogs have been reunited with owners, keys have been placed back in the hands of residents who have dropped them on their walks, and important neighborhood crime issues have been solved using the neighborhood listserv as a tool.

If you have not already signed up for the listserv, please take the time to do so by visiting the CPRV webpage at and clicking on the list halfway down the page that says "join the CPRV Email list." and follow the instructions. The next CPRV Crime Prevention meeting is on February 26th at the Riverview Coffee Parlor at 6:30pm.

Spotlight on O.P.’s
Occcupancy Permit (OP) Program

The Village Crier
Alice McCoy, Riverview Village Business Association

Bring your New CPRV Membership Card when you shop or dine in the Riverview Village Business District. Many of the businesses will have specials or discounts for you when you present the card!

And don't forget the Riverview Village when planning that Special Valentines Day! Flowers, cards, candy, great dining and more are just a few steps away.

Recycling for Cash
Audrey Webb

The Colonial Place/Riverview Civic League participates in the EARNN Program (Environmental Awards for Recycling In Norfolk's Neighborhoods). This enables us to be eligible to win monetary awards. Please spread the word to your neighbors so that we may continue to improve on our present record, thereby increasing our future cash awards while maintaining a clean and environmentally responsible neighborhood. Recycling reminder. Only boxes made of corrugated cardboard can be recycled; any other material is unacceptable. Also, these boxes should be flattened and put inside the blue cart, not placed at the side. Recycle cart lids should be closed, if not, the cart will not be emptied. An open lid causes the recyclable materials to fly out and litter the street. Any questions please call me 623-1197.

Education Dialogue
Sheila Janes

A group of passionate residents met at the Riverview Coffee Parlor to discuss issues regarding our neighborhood schools. The first meeting was productive with residents formulating questions & sharing ideas. The discussion will move online as questions get refined, researched, and reasoned for the next meeting. Please watch the Colonial Place listserv, check the webpage, or give me a call for updates on the next meeting date and time.

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