Colonial Place/Riverview Civic League

March 2007

             Guest Speakers at this Month's Meeting: Guzin Akan and John Stevenson from the City of Norfolk Department of Public Works, Division of Transportation

CIVIC LEAGUE MEETING, Monday, March 12, 2007, 7:00 pm, Knox Presbyterian Church, Colonial and 37th Street.

NEXT BOARD MEETING will be Monday, April 9, 2007, at 7:00 pm.

DEADLINE for the April issue is Tuesday, March 20, 2007.

THIS MONTH'S MEETING AGENDA:   Monthly police report - Code enforcement update - Guzin Akan and John Stevenson from the City of Norfolk Department of Public Works, Division of Transportation addressing neighborhood traffic issues.

President's Notes:
Signs of Change

March is here and the signs of change that Spring brings are manifesting themselves everywhere. Mother Nature provides her signs of the changing seasons – the buds on the trees, the flowers nudging themselves out of the ground. I would like to briefly note a couple of other positive changes happening in CPRV.

One very significant sign of positive change is the arrival of two art galleries in our neighborhood. Along Colley Avenue, we now have London Square Art Galleries and opening soon in the Riverview Business District will be One Eleven Art Gallery & Studios along Pennsylvania Avenue and Omohundro Avenue. Art is sprouting all around us and we are better for it.

Another sign of change is the Lafayette Wetlands Partnership's efforts to preserve and beautify a small but significant piece of wetland on Knitting Mill Creek. This effort, led by CPRV's John Stewart, is creating relationships among civic leagues, local businesses, non-profits and many departments in our City's government while helping to be good stewards of our environment. David Block, CPRV's Colley Avenue Business District Liaison, and Audrey Webb, CPRV's Beautification Committee Chair and myself, along with several other CPRV residents, have been involved in helping John move this project from vision to reality. This effort needs your involvement. Please see John's article for more about this project.

I also want to note a possible change that may occur at the foot of the Granby Street Bridge. At our February meeting, the civic league heard a presentation about, and discussed at length, the proposed development known as the River House Apartments. This development, to be built by principals of S. L. Nusbaum Realty Co. and managed by S.L. Nusbaum Realty Co., will be bounded by the Lafayette River, Haven Creek and Llewellyn Avenue. This development plan includes removal of the former Lafayette Motor Hotel, the construction of seven 5-story apartment buildings and a clubhouse. The civic league was very pleased to learn that public access along Haven Creek in the form of a walkway would be provided for and that the proposed development no longer includes plans for boat slips or marina facilities. Additionally, the league was pleased with the developer's plans to repair the bulkhead along the East side of Haven Creek and to protect existing wetlands on the North side of the property. The civic league discussed the development at length and voted (40-5) to support the proposed development with the condition that the City be strongly encouraged to regulate traffic at the intersection of Granby St. with Connecticut Ave./42nd St. by installing a traffic signal there. Taming the traffic on Llewellyn Avenue is an important piece of this as well. This signal will also relieve the already chronic traffic problems facing drivers at Granby and 42nd Streets (the other side of the same intersection), as they leave their homes in Riverview, the new Montessori School, the new Tanners Landing condos and the new Parallel 36 restaurant. The Riverview Village Business Association has long supported a traffic signal at this intersection, as well, as a means of calming traffic and making Riverview Village more pedestrian-friendly. We will talk more about traffic at our March CPRV Civic League meeting as we will hear from Dr. Guzin Akan, the City's Transportation Engineer.

Lastly, I would like to welcome two new neighbors to CPRV: Jessica and Robert Huntoon. I teach with Jessica at Maury High School and my wife Jen and I have spent the last year or so hounding the Huntoons into moving to CPRV. I am happy to report that they have purchased a house on New Jersey Avenue. After I finish writing this article, I am headed over to their new house to help with the move. This is a good spot to insert what my Father taught me: Always remember that no good deed goes unpunished. It's great to welcome this couple and all the families and individuals who are new to CPRV.

It's not just a neighborhood, it's a lifestyle.

[Steve Earnhart],

At This Month's Meeting
Dave Nye, Civic League VP

For our March general meeting, we will be welcoming Ms. Guzin Akan from the City of Norfolk's Division of Transportation. She has been invited to discuss with our membership the various concerns that have been presented recently through our listservs and our monthly meetings.

Ms. Akan is the City Transportation Engineer and oversees the day to day operation of the Division of Transportation, which operates under the Department of Public Works. Several programs function within her Division; Neighborhood Safety, Right-of-Way Management, Street Lighting, Traffic Signal Operation (Smart Traffic Center), and the Traffic Operations Center, which is responsible for the maintenance of traffic signals, signs, and pavement markings. Mr. John Stevenson, the manager of Norfolk's Neighborhood Safety program will join Ms. Akan for this presentation.

Several days ago, Steve Earnhart sent out a request via our listserv for feedback concerning our local traffic issues. I have been monitoring the responses and will be forwarding these on to our guests prior to our meeting so that they might be better prepared to answer our questions and concerns. If you have not had the opportunity to reply to the listserv, feel free to e-mail me directly at with any suggestions. With new businesses opening and the construction of additional residences that are expected to greatly impact our neighborhood, I ask you to please take this opportunity to have your concerns heard.

"Dog Days" of Summer... are fast approaching!
Dog Park Update

Buffy Masten, Dog Park Chair

As you may be aware, the water pump at the dog park is being replaced. Apparently, even though it was a winterized pump, it did freeze in the cold weather. The final date of repair is not known to me yet but hopefully will be done by the beginning of March. Until the pump is fixed, you may want to bring your own water for your dog. Even in cold weather dogs still can become dehydrated. I have also received some complaints that some dog parents are not keeping an eye on their pets and so are not scooping their poop. Please try to watch out and clean up after them. I know the dog park is a nice place to socialize but it is more important to watch your dogs in order to keep the park clean for everyone, and also to make sure that the dogs don't fight. I try to keep the poop bag containers full so that there will always be poop bags to use. Also, if you should see a stray poop please be kind enough to scoop it even if it doesn't belong to you own dog. Thanks.

Local Law
Amy Fant, Community Improvement Chair

Allowing animals to defecate on private property of other persons is against the law!

Accumulation of dog/animal droppings (feces) contributes to fly breeding, provides food for rodents, may cause disease, and is a public health nuisance. Please be respectful of our neighbors, waterways and environment and pick-up after your pets.

Sec. 6.1-72 Norfolk City Code:

It shall be unlawful for any owner or person in control of any animal to allow any animal to defecate on the property of other persons without their consent or that of the authorized agent or persons having control of the premises or on public property. Immediate removal and sanitary disposal of the defecated matter shall not constitute a violation of this section. The defecated matter shall be placed in a container and disposed of in a proper waste receptacle. A violation of this section shall constitute a class 3 misdemeanor.

Think Globally, Act Locally
Audrey Webb, Neighborhood Beautification Chair

Friends of Norfolk's Environment, 2nd Annual River Ride
This will take place on Friday, May 4th. Take a paddle along a scenic, historic waterway. Discover the history, commerce and ecology of the Lafayette River and learn how urban life impacts the river and what you can do to restore it. Time is 1:30 or 2:30 pm depending on the launch site. You can rent a kayak or bring your own and choose your paddle route. The ride ends at 4:30 pm at the Lafayette Park Boat Ramp followed by the Eco-Fiesta. For more information call 441-1347.

Neighborhood Clean Up
Saturday, March 24th from 8am until noon has been designated as Keep Norfolk Beautiful Day. Last year we had a great group of volunteers working throughout neighborhood. If you would like to volunteer to adopt a street or spot in CPRV for this year's litter clean-up event, please call me 623-1197. Thank you.

Electronics Recycling Day
The City of Norfolk is holding it's 2nd Electronics Recycling Day on Saturday, April 21st, 8am-4pm free (for Norfolk residents only). It will take place at the ODU parking lot corner of Hampton Blvd. and 49th Street. Media Swap: Bring in your old media items (DVDs VHS tapes, audio tapes, CDs and video games). Items can be donated, swapped out or claimed. Remaining items will be donated or recycled.

Up From The Soil
Jim Hoffmaster, Master Gardener

We have all heard the arguments about the greenhouse effect and global warming and being good stewards of the environment so I am not going to preach here. Instead, I want to try to provide some pointers and maybe steer people in the right direction for the information they need to become “responsible gardeners”. Even if you don't believe the climate change theories, what's wrong with still trying to be responsible gardeners! It may seem intimidating to get started in natural, responsible or organic gardening but the more you learn and practice, the easier it gets. It is simply a matter of learning a different way of gardening from what we might be used to. Right now, we have a very shot window of opportunity to make a saving impact on our environment. I am no scientist, but basically speaking, it's now … or never!

On a personal level, I can honestly say that I have not gone totally “organic” in my garden YET but I am on my way. It is a learning process. The first thing I did many years ago was to start composting. Then I got into the habit of recycling. Between just those two actions, my household has reduced the trash we take to the street by 50% or more! Also, when you use the compost on your lawn and in your garden that YOU produced for FREE, you eliminate the need for harsh fertilizers! Those, I think, are the three easiest things you can do to get started with so little effort, time and space!

Below are some links, addresses and resources for you to use as a guide. Do not limit yourself to just what you see here. Please take a moment to check into the resources below. Most garden centers are now carrying a full line of organic or environmentally safe products and if you don't see them, ask for them! You know, this is a great place we live in. Let's make it last.

On line composting guides:
Virginia recycling:
Department of Conservation and Recreation:
Chesapeake Bay Foundation:
NOAA information of global warming:
Organic gardening on the internet:
Friends of Norfolk's Environment:
(An excellent resource for all of Hampton Roads):
Ernie Morgan Environmental Center
(at the entrance to the Virginia Zoo) 3500-A Granby St. Norfolk, VA. 23504 441-1347
The Elizabeth River Project :
Admirals Landing 475 Water Street Suite 103-A Portsmouth, VA. 23704 399-7487

Lafayette Wetlands Partnership Comes to Life
John Stewart

The Lafayette Wetlands Partnership was formed to preserve and beautify the small urban wetland located along Knitting Mill Creek at 46th and Colley Avenue. It announced its formation at the January meeting of the Civic League. On March 24th it will be conducting its first clean-up activity as a part of Keep Norfolk Beautiful Day. Members of the Partnership, which includes representatives from our civic league, the Norfolk Environmental Commission, Wetlands Watch, Adams Advertising, Back East Landscaping, and the City of Norfolk, will be joined by ForKids, Inc. They will remove litter from the site and do a survey to determine the state of the plants and grasses in the wetland. This survey will become a benchmark from which work on maintenance and planting will proceed. If you'd like more information about the Partnership or the March 24th clean up, contact John Stewart at 623-8127 or

Crime Prevention
Sheila Janes, Crime Prevention Chair, 469-3531

Did you know that you can access the crime statistics for your neighborhood online? Simply go to and click on the handcuff link. This information is updated frequently throughout the month. Did you know that you can make a report of a neighborhood violation on the site also? Inoperable vehicles, accumulation of solid waste, tall weeds and grass, parking on grass, mosquito/insect breeding/rodents reports, etc... These reports can be made online and are confidential.

You can join the CPRV e-mail list and read about the CPRV Crime Prevention Committee by going to and clicking on the crime prevention link. This is an important tool in crime prevention as we are able to get alerts out to the neighborhood quickly for crime prevention issues. Recently, a young boy was able to get his bike returned after he had it physically taken from him by some bike stealing thugs. This was made possible through the help of the listserv, our community, and the principal of Blair Middle School, Mrs. McKown. Time is of the essence in most crime cases and the listserv is able to disperse information quickly to residents as opposed to waiting for a meeting or waiting for a monthly newsletter. Please don't hesitate to contact me with your crime concerns.

March Meetings and Activities
Colonial Place/Riverview & Beyond

Just For Kids CPRV Children’s Playgroup
Wednesdays at 10 a.m.
Call 624-6810 for details.

CPRV Vegetarian Pot-lucks
Sunday evenings, once a month
Call 627-1176 or email

CPRV Meetings
CPRV Civic League Meeting
Monday, March 12, 7 p.m.
*Knox Presbyterian Church*

CPRV Board Meeting
Monday, March 19
Call CPRV President for details.

CPRV Crime Prevention Meeting

Out & About
Norfolk Admirals vs Binghamton Senators
March 9 & 10, 7:15pm
Norfolk Scope, 671-8100

Ella Fitzgerald Music Festivaal: Irvin Mayfield & The New Orleans Jazz Orchestra
March 15, 8pm
Ferguson Center for the Arts, 594-8752

World Hunger Benefit Show
March 24
Relative Theory Records, 962-8052

Dates and times are subject to change without notice. Consult your local periodicals for additional information, costs and updates.

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