Colonial Place/Riverview Civic League

October 2008

             Guest Speaker, Mr. James Hinshaw, Chairman of the Norfolk Electoral Board, At This Month's Meeting

CIVIC LEAGUE MEETING, Monday, October 13, 2008, 7:00 pm, Knox Presbyterian Church, Colonial and 37th Street.

NEXT BOARD MEETING will be Monday, October 20, 2008, at 7:00 pm.

DEADLINE for the November issue is Tuesday, October 21, 2008.

THIS MONTH'S MEETING AGENDA:   Monthly police report - Mr. James Hinshaw, Chairman of the Norfolk Electoral Board, will speak - Vote on Bent Fork ABC license.

Fall Is In The Air
Sheila Janes, Civic League President, 469-3531,

October is one of my favorite months in Colonial Place and Riverview! The 10th Annual CPRV Front Porch Art Walk is upon us! I get to stroll around the neighborhood admiring all the art my talented neighbors have done all year long. This is a fabulous way to spend a Sunday!

October also means that neighbors go nuts decorating for Halloween! Halloween is on a Friday this year and with our reputation we are sure to have swarms of trick or treaters. Please be sure to drive extra careful though the neighborhood on the ghoulish night of the 31st. This will be the year for decorating because Mary Commander is organizing a Halloween Decorating Contest. See her article for all the details.

The Bent Fork restaurant at 4117-A Granby Street next to the Riverview Coffee Parlor is seeking the Civic League's approval for applying for an ABC license to serve beer and wine. Their normal hours of operation are 11am to 4pm Monday through Saturday; however, they are in the process of opening for breakfast Monday through Friday, 7am to 10am. If it is later determined that there is not enough clientele to warrant serving breakfast, they will return to their normal business hours of 11am to 4pm, Monday through Saturday. In either instance they will not be open at night. Expect a vote to be taken on whether to support the ABC license.

Note that the city took into consideration the letter sent by the board about moving street sweeping times to better reflect when most of the cars are gone from our neighborhood. They will now sweep our streets between 9am and 2pm!

History is being written in our country and the nation is in a whirlwind over upcoming elections. I can't stress to you how important it is to get out and vote! Getting involved and voting on a neighborhood level is most important too! Since our speaker this month will be focusing on voting, I will take the opportunity to review voting on a civic league level. For detailed bylaw information, please see All members of the civic league are entitled to one vote and only members actually present have the right to vote. As you check up on your voter registration for the national elections, make sure to check your membership on the neighborhood level as well. You can use the form at the back of this newsletter to become a member of the civic league. Make sure to show up to meetings and become involved. The civic league is made up of you and your neighbors, so come out and participate and bring a neighbor along with you!

Lots happens in our neighborhood between newsletters, so be sure to go to and sign up for the neighborhood e-mail list for up to date news on crime, lost dogs, and to find a neighbor who has that tool you need to borrow for the afternoon! Trick or Treat! The Future Looks Great in CPRV!

October's Guest Speaker
Artemis Stoll, Civic League Vice President

If you're like me and your high school government classes date back to ancient history, you're a bit fuzzy on minute details of the election process. Not to worry. Just in time for November's big showdown, our October meeting speaker will be Mr. James Hinshaw, Chairman of the Norfolk Electoral Board which is responsible for overseeing the election process. (Electoral Board members are chosen by Circuit Court judges for a term of three years.)

As a retired teacher, with forty years experience teaching (yes!) high school government, and several years' service on the Electoral Board, Mr. Hinshaw will offer a brief history on voting and the constitutional amendments awarding voting rights. He will discuss what voters will see on their ballots November 4th and explain the post-election audit of each of Norfolk's 55 precincts.

Mr. Hinshaw assures his “role is non-partisan.” He describes, “We're like umpires who are supposed to remain neutral in their duties.” He adds that Board members will refrain from making public statements that are Republican or Democratic.

So whether Obama's your guy or McCain's your man, Mr. Hinshaw will answer your general election questions and get you up to speed on all aspects of the Norfolk Electoral Board. Don't miss this sure-to-be informative presentation.

Hauntin' The Hood 2008
Mary Commander

Calling all fans of goblins on porches, ghosts in trees, huge inflated pumpkins in yards and witches falling from the sky. It is time for the CPRV HAUNTIN' THE HOOD 2008 competition for the BEST decorated Halloween building/yard. Participants are encouraged to use their imaginations and to appeal to all of the senses. Decorate your trees, shrubs, porches, driveways, yards, houses, pet and children! The GRAND PRIZE WINNER will be honored with a special ghoulish sign acknowledging this accomplishment, as well as prominent mention in the newsletter (as well as possible resume use). A cash prize may be awarded (but any extra candy will be given to the winner for sure). The prize will be awarded at midnight October 31, 2008.

September 2008 General Meeting Highlights
Sharon McGlone, Civic League Secretary

Guest Speaker:
Rick Wernicke, City Forester for Division of Park and Urban Forestry Department
Call 823-4024 if you notice a tree that needs to be examined for disease or to request pruning.
Residents can request a permit to prune trees on city property; however hand pruning at tree base is allowed and does not need permit. City request that no plants be planted around base of trees on city property.
Call office to request permit.
Arbor Day is October 4. 5000 to 8000 seedlings will be available
Crime Prevention:
PACE Officer Jackson reports that if we are NOSY neighbors, it deters crime in our neighborhood. Know what is going on in your neighborhood.
Block Captains are needed for each street. Contact Kristie Davis @ 627-1176 if you would like to be your block's captain.
Put your house address on your trash can as criminals have used the cans to transport items in the past.
The treasurer's report was given to the league.
New Business:
City Council's responded to neighborhood concerns: Dog Park Parking is now allowed at Haven Creek Boat Ramp, HRT website more user friendly
Discussion of "no right turn on Delaware." Suggestion made to look through old minutes for more information about Civic League's request for this sign.
CPRV won EARNN (Environmental Awards for Recycling) and received $400.00
Unfinished Business:
If you witness someone stealing plants, please get an eyewitness or take photographs. Do not go directly to person. It could be taken as harassment. Call police to file complaint 664-7038
Art Walk – Oct 12

Crime Prevention Update
Tara and Kristie Sheldon-Davis,627-1176,

To follow up with more tips from Officer Jackson, here are some things you can do:

CPRV Front Porch Art Walk 2008 Is HERE!
Sunday, October 12, 12 - 5 p.m.
Go to to download a brochure & map!

Tara Sheldon-Davis

Mark your calendars for Sunday, October 12th to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the CPRV Front Porch Art Walk! It will be from 12-5 and is rain or shine. **New this year** The brochure will be available a few days before the event on the CPRV website. Get a jump start on your holiday shopping - avoid the malls and save your gas. Enjoy a leisurely stroll through our neighborhood and support local artists instead!

For more information, contact Tara Sheldon-Davis ( or Kristin Bourcier (

Garden Corner
Becky Kiser, Community Garden Chair,

Down at our CPRV Community Garden, we've had a great summer of tomatoes, Ichiban eggplants, green beans, potatoes and peppers. And our fig bush had some great figs, too. Despite a couple of dry spells, its gone pretty well. We had a long spring, and August wasn't as hot & humid as usual for some reason. After doing this for 6 years now, it feels normal and natural to just pick stuff and take it home for dinner. Our local Five Points Farm Market ( for hours and available produce) has local things if you don't grow your own. Did you know: “If every U.S. citizen ate just one meal a week (any meal) composed of locally and organically raised meats and produce, we would reduce our country's oil consumption by over 1.1 million barrels of oil every week. That's not gallons, but barrels.” From Oily Food, by Steven Hopp

Fall Yard & Garden jobs: Now as fall sets in, its clean-up time for yards & gardens. Throw stuff in a compost pile (unless its diseased – that goes in the trash) - its amazing how it breaks down and feeds the soil next spring. You can cut the dead stuff under the daylilies if you want, or just leave it; and wait to prune lateblooming bushes like your butterfly bush or perennial lantana until the flowers are gone. Folks with St. Augustine grass can do the last, light feeding; Fescue's months are Sept., Oct and Dec. Fall is also a good time to move things around, but wait a bit until we have some cooler weather. Actually, fall is a good time to add bushes, too – the roots get a head start over the spring-planted bushes. I checked all this with our local experts at Gardens in a Flowerpot.

Fall Yard & Garden Plantings: Its also about time for fall veggies! Around here, we can get a second crop of potatoes; then there's kale and collards, greens of all kinds, cabbages, as well as lettuces, as things cool off. Flower-wise, mums are showing up in all kinds of great colors, and pansies will appear, too.

Cool website of the month: Check it out!

CPRV Vegetarian Potlucks - Great Food! Good Company!
Kristie & Tara Sheldon Davis

Every month some neighbors from CPRV get together to enjoy vegetarian and vegan dishes. You do not have to be vegetarian to come, in fact quite a few folks come just for the great food and company! The potlucks are usually on Sundays at 5 pm, but the day and time may vary depending on who is hosting. You can join the Veg Club listserv by going to: or sending an email to: If you would like to join us or have any questions, contact Tara or Kristie at 703-304-9428.

46th Street Wetland Project, Phase II - Sidewalk and Viewing Area
John D. Stewart, Lafayette Wetlands Partnership, or 757-623-8127

The Spartina grass and the high marsh plants that went into the 46th Street wetland off of Knitting Mill Creek on September 7th have added to its beauty while securing its ability to filter runoff and provide nutrients to wildlife. The Lafayette Wetlands Partnership is now turning its attention to the second phase of its work in this wetland: the construction of a sidewalk between 46th and 47th Streets along Colley Avenue, and the design and installation of a wetland viewing area at the corner of 46th Street.

The City of Norfolk will install the sidewalk as part of its overall capital improvement program. The Partnership is working with the Norfolk Botanical Garden on a design for the viewing area. It intends to use plants appropriate to a high marsh setting to create a focal point where signs can be installed to tell the wetland story. It is hoped that “our” wetland will ultimately become part of a “wetland trail” that connects and interprets the wetlands at The Hermitage Museum and Gardens, the Larchmont Library, the Virginia Zoo and at other wetland sites in Norfolk.

The next meeting of the Lafayette Wetlands Partnership will take place on Wednesday, October 22nd at 4 p.m. at the Ernie Morgan Center (Lafayette Park). Everyone is welcome to attend. For more information, contact John Stewart at

CPRV Newsletter Editor Search

Do you enjoy reading the CPRV newsletter? Would you like to try your hand at the layout and design? Here is your chance to get creative while helping to spread the word about the many happenings in CPRV and the City of Norfolk. You needn't have professional experience, only be willing to utilize your own computer and software to arrange the monthly layout. From start to finish, the newsletter responsibilities only take about eight hours per month.

If you are interested or have any questions, feel free to contact me at or call 622-6999.

Rental Properties
Rose Thornton, 615-7144

Residents of Colonial Place and Riverview are urged to contact the city when they become of aware of properties being offered for rent within our neighborhood. Call Rusty Masten at 664-6527 (City of Norfolk) and request an Occupancy Permit Inspection for the vacant or soon-to-be-vacated rental property.

Looking for Volunteers!
Sarah Sterzing, Executive Director, REACH

REACH (Reading Enriches All Children) will be holding a HUGE used book sale at the Riverview Coffee Parlor on Saturday, November 1st to raise much needed funding for our READ Aloud programs. We also continuously accept new and used children's books for the kids in REACH shelter programs, as well as other local programs working with at-risk children and teens. Any and all support is greatly appreciated. We are always looking for folks who can pick-up and deliver books to various book distribution outlets around town for us. Moms with mini-vans, strong backs and some extra time during the day welcome!

Contact the REACH office at (757) 627-4722 to find out more on helping to raise the literacy levels of the most fragile citizens in our community. Also visit us on the web at

CPRV Stickers
Jeanne Ullian

Promote CPRV by displaying the CPRV sticker. Stickers, when applied when the temperature is above 55 degrees, will stick to your car, truck, boat, bike and much more! The regular size black and white oval sticker costs just $1.00; the mini size goes for $.50. Even at these low prices the Civic League reaps some income. Get your “Stickers-by-Mail" by sending a check made out to CPRV to: Jeanne Ullian, 4400 Mayflower Road, Norfolk 23508. Be sure specify the number/size and your delivery address as I usually hand deliver these on my neighborhood walks.

The Village Crier: Mark Your Calendar!
Alice McCoy, Riverview Village Business Association President

The Riverview Coffee Parlor will hold an Open House on Saturday, November 8th. They will have a coffee tasting, free crab soup samples and a drawing for our popular 12 Coffees of the Season! Other Riverview Business Association businesses will also be having their Open House on this day! Please check November's Newsletter or your favorite businesses for more details! Hope to see you there and remember, to shop the neighborhood first!

Thank You!
to Knox Presbyterian Church
From the Colonial Place/Riverview Civic League and residents, for their generosity in allowing us to meet there for our monthly meetings.

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